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Do s and Don ts of Yesteryear

Author : Eric Sloane
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Combining two of Mr. Americana's popular little etiquette guides, this hardcover collection offers cozy, homespun advice that recalls a kindly, less hectic time. Culled from early American almanacs and diaries, hundreds of brief reflections cover proper behavior for "At the Table" and "In Dress and Habits" as well as tips on carpentry, housework, weather, and more.

Hairdo s and Don ts of Yesteryear

Author : Brenda Sullivan
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99 DOs and DON Ts with Open Adoption

Author : Russell Elkins
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Each installment of this four part series is designed to be easily ingested, usually readable in about half an hour. 10 Open Adoption Essentials: What Children Need Their Adoptive Parents & Birthparents to Know About Open Adoption Relationships After an infant is adopted, why is it so common for relationships to fall apart between adoptive parents and birthparents? One reason is because that relationship is so unique from any other relationship in this world that it is difficult for those involved to foresee what that could go wrong. It does not have to be this way. You owe it to yourself and others in your adoption triad (child, adoptive parents, birthparents) to learn as much as you can in order to sidestep some of the bumps you may experience along your journey. There are many factors that go into a healthy adoption triad, but it is always good to start out understanding the ten most essential ones! How to Create the Ideal Adoption Profile: How to Get Noticed by Potential Birthparents, Writing the Perfect “Dear Birthmother” Letter, Choosing the Right Profile Pictures, and More… Why is it that some couples are forced to wait many years before they are chosen to adopt while others are chosen quickly? One reason is that everyone needs to have a good profile listing with the adoption agency or any potential birthparent will browse right past them to the next couple hoping to adopt. Creating the ideal adoption profile can be hard, but it doesn’t need to be. Using the knowledge gained from his degree in Sociology as well as interviewing countless birthparents about why they chose whom they did to adopt their child, this little book will walk you through the process of choosing the right photographs, writing your profile/introductory letter, and doing what it takes to make sure you get noticed! How Open Should My Adoption Be? Understanding Open vs. Closed Adoption, Preparing for Possible Difficulties, Pros & Cons of Sharing Pictures & Updates, Visiting Birthparents, Social Media, Appropriate Gifts, & More... When planning to adopt an infant, how could you possibly know how open your adoption should be? No two adoptions are alike, so there cannot be a universal correct answer. Even when the same couple is involved in more than one adoption, each situation will require a different answer to that question. And to make a complicated question even more difficult, there are many layers to open adoption that will each require an answer in order to have a healthy adoption triad. How often should you share pictures and updates? What are the pros and cons of connecting with birthparents over social media? What risks are being taken by involving extended family members in your adoption relationships? What about visiting face-to-face? This book may not be able to answer the question for you about how open your adoption should be, but it will give you tools to help you answer it for yourself! 99 DOs and DON’Ts with Open Adoption: What Hopeful Adoptive Parents Need to Know Before Adopting a Baby After adopting an infant, what is the best way to navigate complicated open adoption relationships? You owe it to yourself and the others in your adoption triad to learn as much as you can in order to sidestep some of the bumps you may experience along your journey. This book might not go quite as deeply in depth as the others in this series regarding certain topics, but these are 99 essential things every adoptive couple needs to know regarding open adoption. Each bit of advice will get the wheels turning inside your mind regarding the intricate complexities of open adoption relationships and get you thinking more deeply about all aspects of your adoption triad—before, during and after the adoption takes place. If you read only one book from this series, make sure it is this one!

Secrets and Tips from Yesterday s Gardeners

Author : Reader's Digest (Australia) Pty, Limited
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Ahead of Her Time in Yesteryear

Author : Kibibi V. Mack-Shelton
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Born into a relatively privileged family, Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman earned a reputation as a maverick in her life-long home of Orangeburg, South Carolina, a semi-rural community where race and class were very much governed by the Jim Crow laws. Educated at Nashville’s Fisk University, Zimmerman returned to Orangeburg to teach school, serve her community, and champion equal rights for African Americans and women. She was a woman far ahead of her time. Kibibi V. Mack-Shelton offers a vivid portrayal of the kind of black family seldom recognized for its role in the development of the African American community after the Civil War. At a time when “separate-but-equal” usually meant suffering and injustice for the black community, South Carolina families such as the Tatnalls, Pierces, and Zimmermans achieved a level of financial and social success rivaling that of many white families. Drawing heavily on the oral accounts of Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman, Mack-Shelton draws the reader into the lives of the African American elite of the early twentieth century. Her captivating narrative style brings to life many complicated topics: how skin color affected interracial interactions and class distinctions within the black community itself, the role of education for women and for African Americans in general, and the ways in which cultural ideas about family and community are simultaneously preserved and transformed over the span of generations. Refreshing and engaging, Ahead of Her Time in Yesteryear is an important contribution to African American and women’s studies, as well as a fascinating biography for any reader interested in a new perspective on small town black culture in the Jim Crow South. Kibibi V. Mack-Shelton held the former Tyler and Alice Haynes Endowed Chair of American Studies at the University of Richmond. She currently teaches at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and is author and editor of numerous scholarly publications, including Parlor Ladies and Ebony Drudges: African American Women, Class, and Work in a South Carolina Community and History And Women, Culture And Faith: Selected Writings Of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Volume 2.

Classic Household Hints

Author : Susan Waggoner
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An illustrated, nostalgic how-to guide to achieving a clean, organized, and happy home—with over 500 retro tips and tricks! Return your household to the simpler times of yesteryear with this delightful guide full of time- and money-saving tips on everything from cleaning and organizing your home to buying and handling food. Even in an age of endless new household products and devices, these old-fashioned, tried-and-true methods can help any homeowner keep a cleaner, happier home. A thoroughly researched compendium of the best American home life tips from the 1920s through the ’60s, Classic Household Hints is filled with useful information, full-color illustrations, fascinating sidebars, and quotes—providing practical help as well as fun for housekeepers and neat freaks everywhere.

In Old New York

Author : Thomas A. Janvier
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This charming account of Manhattan's history extends from the arrival of Dutch colonists in the early 1600s through the late nineteenth century. Intriguing details, dozens of illustrations and maps, and historian Thomas A. Janvier's wry sense of humor combine for a vivid portrait of the metropolis in its early years. Sketches, diary excerpts, and scenes from daily life recapture some of the city's long-vanished features. Ranging all over the island, the survey explores the farms and waterways of Greenwich Village, the Battery's fortifications, and shacks, barns, and mansions of the Upper East and West sides. Thirteen maps chronicle the city's expansion, and etchings, line drawings, and other images depict Fort Amsterdam, Chelsea's gates and doorways, and other public and private buildings. Written in an engaging, easy-to-read style, this fascinating book will enchant history buffs, students of urban planning and architecture, and all lovers of New York stories.

Tips and Recipes from Yesteryear

Author :
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Postmarked Yesteryear

Author : Pamela Apkarian-Russell
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From naughty gnomes and dancing pumpkins to rabbits driving cars, postcards have marked time like no other form of art. Today these postcards are treasured artefacts as well as important historical documents from around the world.

The Good Book and Good Business

Author : Gary W. Hutto
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Guiding readers on how to handle key business issues while keeping biblical perspectives in mind, this consideration blends the realities of the workplace with the moral and ethical principles of the Bible. Concrete examples of faith, familiar biblical characters, and discussions of integrity are included in this dialogue of everyday business decisions. Employees looking for guidance—from upper management to interns—will benefit from this unique coupling of savvy business sense and biblical wisdom.