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Author : Annette Duburg
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Basics Fashion Design 06 Knitwear

Author : Juliana Sissons
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An introduction to the use of knitwear in fashion design. It provides readers with the skills and inspiration to design and create innovative knitted textiles.

Kinetic Garment Construction

Author : Rickard Lindqvist
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Fashion designers are presented with a range of methods and concepts for pattern cutting are presented, the main body of these methods, both traditional and contemporary, is predominately based on a theoretical approximation of the body that is derived from horizontal and vertical measurements of the body in an upright position: the tailoring matrix. As a consequence, there is a lack of interactive and dynamic qualities in methods connected to this paradigm of garment construction, from both expressional and functional perspectives. This work proposes and explores an alternative paradigm for pattern cutting that includes a new theoretical approximation of the body as well as a more kinetic method for garment construction that, unlike the prevalent theory and its related methods, takes as its point of origin the interaction between the anisotropic fabric and the biomechanical structure of the body. As such, the research conducted here is basic research, aiming to identify fundamental principles for garment construction. Based on some key principles found in the works of Geneviève Sevin-Doering and in pre-tailoring methods for constructing garments, the proposed theory for – and method of – garment construction was developed through concrete experiments by cutting and draping fabrics on live models. Instead of a static matrix of a non-moving body, the result is a kinetic construction theory of the body that is comprised of balance directions and key biomechanical points, along with an alternative draping method for dressmaking. This methodology challenges the fundamental relationship between dress, garment construction, and the body, working from the body outward, as opposed to the methods that are based on the prevalent paradigm of the tailoring matrix, which work from the outside toward the body. This alternative theory for understanding the body and the proposed method of working allows for diverse expressions and enhanced functional possibilities in dress.

Patternmaking for Jacket and Coat Design

Author : Pamela Vanderlinde
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Jacket design gives students and designers alike trouble, both technically and creatively; the technicality of their design and existing texts on the subject often leave novices and budding designers puzzled. Patternmaking for Jacket and Coat Design covers patternmaking techniques for seven iconic jacket and coat designs, focusing not only on the concepts needed to draft patterns, but also uniquely exploring the history of each garment design to reveal what lies behind their enduring appeal today. Each chapter provides easy-to-follow patterns for the blazer, tuxedo, military, motorcycle and Mao jackets, as well as the balmacaan and frock coats. Patternmaking for Jacket and Coat Design is an accessible, no-fuss, and visually stimulating manual for patterning iconic jackets and coats, providing a completely invaluable resource for both designers and amateur patternmakers.

Patternmaking for Dress Design

Author : Pamela Vanderlinde
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Patternmaking for Dress Design covers patternmaking techniques for 9 iconic dress designs, focusing not only on the concepts needed to draft patterns, but also uniquely exploring the history of each garment design to reveal what lies behind their enduring appeal today. Each chapter provides easy-to-follow patterns for the sheath, empire, shift, trapeze, wrap, strapless, shirtwaist, cheongsam and coatdress.

Crafting Anatomies

Author : Katherine Townsend
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The human body lies at the centre of our relationship to fashion and textiles. Crafting Anatomies explores how the body has become a catalyst for archival research, creative dialogues and hybrid fabrications in fashion design. Focusing on how our response to the corporeal has shifted over time, the book looks at how it is currently influencing design and socio-material practices. With contributions from a multidisciplinary range of scholars and researchers, Crafting Anatomies examines how new technologies have become integrated with traditional fashion and textiles techniques, bringing together art, science and biomedical approaches. Traversing the cutting-edge of design research, the chapters take us from the forgotten lives of historical garments to the potential of biofabrication to cross the boundaries between skin and textile. Illustrated with 120 images visualising original research, the book reveals how the human body continues to inspire future design, from historical wearables to prosthetic limbs and 3D-printed footwear. In doing so, it provides an inspiring account of how fashion and textile culture now impacts socio-creativity and the formation of contemporary identity.

Construction for Fashion Design

Author : Anette Fischer
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Construction is the foundation of fashion design; it takes passion and great skill to turn a two-dimensional drawing into a successful garment. Construction for Fashion Design guides readers through the process, teaching the theory, practical skills and techniques that they need to succeed. It leads readers through the essential stages of creating a garment, from pattern cutting and draping on the mannequin to sewing techniques and haberdashery. This fully revised and expanded second edition features insightful case studies with leading creative practitioners at the cutting edge of the fashion industry today, complete with detailed, step-by-step exercises that enable readers to contextualise their knowledge and put it into practise for the creation of their own successful projects.

Advanced Creative Draping

Author : Karolyn Kiisel
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Advanced Creative Draping teaches designers and students how to drape fashion-forward, conceptual designs that use elements of couture construction to elevate the work to the highest level of fashion. Five methods of draping are explored as well as draping using embellishments or particular surface designs. The final chapter demonstrates how to create a high quality heirloom garment. Featuring specially commissioned step-by-step photography, the book includes tips from designers working with draping methods today. Essentially an advanced textbook for the serious fashion student, it also serves as a workroom reference book for professional fashion and costume designers.


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Fashion Game Changers

Author : Karen Van Godtsenhoven
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Fashion Game Changers traces radical innovations in Western fashion design from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Challenging the traditional silhouettes of their day, fashion designers such as Madeleine Vionnet and Cristóbal Balenciaga began to liberate the female body from the close-fitting hourglass forms which dominated European and American fashion, instead enveloping bodies in more autonomous garments which often took inspiration from beyond the West. As the century progressed, new generations of avant-garde designers from Rei Kawakubo to Martin Margiela further developed the ideas instigated by their predecessors to defy established notions of femininity in dress, creating space between body and garment. This way, a new relationship between body and dress emerged for the 21st century. With over 200 images and commentaries from an international range of leading fashion curators and historians, this beautifully illustrated book showcases some of the most revolutionary silhouettes and innovative designs of over 100 years of fashion.