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Drawing Geometric Solids

Author : Sympsionics Design
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In this book, you will find precise instructions with clear images on how to draw a range of geometric solids. The book includes both simple and more advanced drawings. Step-by-step instructional images are followed, in each case, by a full-colored picture of the finished solid, drawn with colored pencils. The instructions include those for drawing a tetrahedron, a tetrahedron inside a tetrahedron, a cube, a truncated cube, a cuboctahedron, a truncated octahedron, an octahedron inside a cube, a cube inside an octahedron, a stellated octahedron, a small stellated dodecahedron, a great stellated dodecahedron, a dodecahedron, an icosahedron, a dodecahedron inside an icosahedron, an icosahedron inside a dodecahedron, and the golden rectangles inside an icosahedron. There are also instructions on how to draw a golden ratio and a regular pentagon, hexagon and decagon with a ruler and compass.

Technical Drawing 1

Author : A. Bankole
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Technical Drawing 1: Plane and Solid Geometry is the first of three books which together provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of secondary school technical drawing syllabuses. The three books may be used together or separately to suit a variety of needs.

Images of Geometric Solids

Author : Nikolaĭ Mikhaĭlovich Beskin
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Drawing and Rendering for Theatre

Author : Clare P. Rowe
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Drawing and Rendering for Theatre, A Practical Course for Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Designers is designed for those of you who are theatrical designers and want to improve your drawing and rendering skills. This gorgeous full-color book includes many examples of student drawings, analyzed and critiqued for areas that need improvement. It also includes numerous examples of design renderings by professional theatrical designers. In addition to the general sections on drawing and painting, it includes separate chapters on costume, scenic, and lighting rendering that include information specific to these design areas.


Author : United States. Office of Education
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Statistics of Land grant Colleges and Universities

Author : United States. Office of Education
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Teacher s Manual for Freehand Drawing in Intermediate Schools

Author : Walter Smith
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Calendar McGill University

Author : McGill University
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Annual Calendar of McGill College and University Montreal

Author : McGill University
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Engineering Drawing Plane and Solid Geometry

Author : N. D. Bhatt
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Architectural Drawing

Author : Rendow Yee
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The classic architectural drawing compendium— now in a richly updated edition Today's most comprehensive compendium of architectural drawing types and methods, both hand drawn and computer generated, Architectural Drawing: A Visual Compendium of Types and Methods remains a one-of-a-kind visual reference and an outstanding source of guidance and inspiration for students and professionals at every level. This Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the growing influence of digital drawing. Features include: More than 1,500 drawings and photographs that demonstrate the various principles, methods, and types of architectural drawing Examples by an impressive array of notable architects and firms, including Tadao Ando, Asymptote, Santiago Calatrava, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Steven Holl, Arata Isozaki, Toyo Ito, Gudmundur Jonsson, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Ricardo Legorreta, Morphosis, Patkau Architects, Pei Partnership Architects LLP, Renzo Piano, Antoine Predock, SANAA, David Serero, Studio Daniel Libeskind, Studio Gang, Bing Thom, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, and UN Studio A brand new chapter, "Introduction to the Digital-Manual Interface" which covers how digital and traditional drawing techniques can be used in conjunction with each other A new chapter on guidelines for portfolio building Content organized in a streamlined, easy-to-use fashion Supplementary online instructor resources, including PowerPoint slides tied to the book "This volume reveals how architects approach drawing as a process wherein ideas are given form. As a tool for teaching, these examples become important in students' understanding of the formal and technical aspects of design thought. In an age of digital technologies, this work emphasizes the intimate relationship that exists between the drawing and its maker, the process between paper, hand, and mind." —LaRaine Papa Montgomery, Professor of Architecture/Graphics Coordinator, Savannah College of Art and Design "This book contains a wealth of information on architectural graphic communication. My students have found this to be an invaluable resource for graphic presentation techniques ranging from traditional hand drawing to advanced computer graphics. It features an amazingly wide range of examples including both student work and professional work by renowned architects. With the addition of a new chapter on portfolio design, this new edition illustrates the full gamut of graphic communication skills from the conceptual sketch through the documentation of the final portfolio." —Mark A. Pearson, AIA, LEED AP, Associate Professor of Architecture, College of DuPage "This book should be in the library of all architecture and design students as well as practicing professionals. The richness and variety of hand-drawn and digital illustrations by students and architects offers deep insight into the many drawing types and methods used today. The section on portfolios is a helpful and timely addition." —Professor Michael Hagge, Chair, Department of Architecture, The University of Memphis

Geometrical and Technical Drawing

Author : A... Yarwood
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The art of drawing in perspective from mathematical principles

Author : George Douglass (of Edinburgh.)
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Engineering Drawing And Graphics Autocad

Author : K. Venugopal
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This Book Provides A Systematic Account Of The Basic Principles Involved In Engineering Drawing. The Treatment Is Based On The First Angle Projection.Salient Features: * Nomography Explained In Detail. * 555 Self-Explanatory Solved University Problems. * Step-By-Step Procedures. * Side-By-Side Simplified Drawings. * Adopts B.I.S. And I.S.O. Standards. * 1200 Questions Included For Self Test.The Book Would Serve As An Excellent Text For B.E., B. Tech., B.Sc. (Ap. Science) Degree And Diploma Students Of Engineering. Amie Students Would Also Find It Extremely Useful.

Drawing Thinking

Author : Marc Treib
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Bringing together authors from the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and art, this book addresses the question ‘Why draw?’ by examining the various dynamic relationships between media, process, thought and environment.

Louis I Kahn Architect

Author : Charles E. Dagit, Jr.
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Few people in the history of art and architecture have planted a seed of inspiration that grew to become a towering oak of lasting influence. There are those, particularly colleagues and students of Louis I. Kahn, who would say that he was one of these people. Certainly Kahn was one of the foremost architects of the twentieth century, designing such famous landmarks as the National Assembly Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh; the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California; and the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. In this commemorative volume, Charles E. Dagit, Jr. shows the power and influence that Kahn displayed at the University of Pennsylvania department of architecture in the 1960s. Since Dagit knew Kahn personally, this is a factual history as well as a glimpse into Kahn’s personal wisdom and humanity. Beginning with a prelude that starts with the author’s undergraduate years at the University of Pennsylvania, Dagit launches readers on an intellectual journey of how he first met Kahn. From there he details his experiences with Kahn and explores Kahn’s interactions with Penn faculty members, including Mario Romanach, Robert Le Ricolet, and Aldo Giurgola. This first-hand account sheds fascinating new light on one of the most prominent architects of the twentieth century.

Engineering Drawings and Models Using AutoCAD Solid Modeling and Designer

Author : James M. Kirkpatrick
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This introduction to solid modelling uses the AutoCAD Advanced Modeling Extension and AutoCAD Designer to lead readers through the basics of 2-dimensional drawing into the 3-dimensional environment of solid modelling. The book includes an overview of what solid modelling is, how it is used, and the hardware and software necessary to use it efficiently. It provides a step-by-step user friendly prompt/response format that teaches all of AutoCAD's Solid Modeling commands and routines.

The Arithmetic Teacher

Author :
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Geometry Plane Solid and Spherical in Six Books

Author : Pierce Morton
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Classroom Mathematics Inventory for Grades K 6

Author : Andrea M. Guillaume
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The Classroom Mathematics Inventory, (CMI) is an informal assessment for use in evaluating students understanding and ability across the range of the elementary mathematics curriculum. Similar to an informal reading inventory, the CMI is an informal classroom assessment tool meant to spark conversations between teacher and student regarding the student's understanding, skills, and attitudes. Using the scripted protocols and included manipulatives, the CMI aids teachers in determining students' performance across the strands of mathematics including: number; extended work with number; algebra; geometry; measurement; and data analysis, statistics, and probability. Additionally, protocols address students' attitudes and mathematical dispositions, as well as their mathematical processes such as problem solving.