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Bedside Dream Dictionary

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The Illustrated Dream Dictionary

Author : Russell Grant
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Hundreds of precise definitions to help decode the messages received while sleeping.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Author : Raymond Buckland
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Buckland shows how to accurately interpret personal dreams and dreams of family and friends and learn how to interpret major symbols and main characters in order to decipher what the subconscious is trying to reveal.

Dream Dictionary For Dummies

Author : Penney Peirce
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Dreams! What do they mean? You probably recognize a connection between the dream world and the “real” world, but did you know that you can actually do things to nurture your dream life? Dream Dictionary For Dummies is the fun and fascinating guide that shows you not only how to decode your dreams, but how to remember them and even how to make a dream work for you. Whether you're already a prolific dreamer or are just peeking into the unknown, you're sure to get results from the insights, techniques, and tips provided in this unique and transforming guide. An A-to-Z list of dream symbols and their meanings helps you make sense of your dreams and harness them to increase your creativity, solve problems, find life purpose, and obtain accurate personal guidance. And, just by reading the dictionary definitions, you'll begin to understand symbology in a much deeper way. You’ll learn how to synchronize your body, emotions, mind, and soul to experience the full meaning of your dreams and, in some cases, make them your reality.Discover how to: Recognize your dream cycles Increase your ability to remember your dreams Keep and use a dream diary Notice your waking dreams Uncover hidden messages in your dreams Focus your dreams to solve problems or make decisions Form a dream support group So start dreaming and get back to reality with a little help from Dream Dictionary For Dummies.

Dream Dictionary

Author : Tony Crisp
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The ultimate Guide To Your Inner Self. Let dream therapist Tony Crisp be your guide on one of the most enlightened journeys you will ever take: into the world of your own subconcious mind. Based on material from thousands of dreams gathered during 22 years of research, Dream Dictionary is alphabetically organized to give you instant reference to: Dream Symbols and their meaning. Recurring dreams and their significance. Nightmares -- what they reveal and how to banish them. Sex, money, and color in your dreams. Health and your dreams. Dream archetypes -- what they mean and how to work with them. Problem solving -- how to unlock the extraordinary creative potential of your dreams, and much more! From Abandoned To Zoo, here is the unique encyclopedia handbook that provides an authoritative history of dreams and dream research as well as original insight and essential information that will allow you to understand and use the rich material of your dreams.

The Complete Idiot s Guide Dream Dictionary

Author : Dream Genie
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15,000 entries from abduction to zebra. Everybody dreams, and now there's a dream dictionary for everyone! With 15,000 entries, this reference showcases the most up-to-date vocabulary of dream symbols, such as cell phones. It also includes a dream thesaurus with handy list collections of entries by topic; a dream quiz that affers revealing insights into your dream personality; a section called, 'Tuck-in Time', which provides terrific strategies for inviting, inducing, and remembering dreams; and a dream interpretation checklist, helping readers interpret their dreams step-by-step. - Popular reference dictionary format - Focuses on symbols, meanings, and interpretations

The Complete Dream Dictionary

Author : Trish MacGregor
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If you've ever wondered why nightmarish spiders spook you or why you have such vivid dreams of losing your teeth, read on. Filled with detailed background information and an alphabetical listing of symbols, The Complete Dream Dictionary shows you how to pick up on broad context clues as well as decipher the deeper meaning of specific images that appear in your dreams. The Complete Dream Dictionary helps you: Improve your dream recall and incubation Spot the metaphors, puns, and archetypes in your dreams Recognize common as well as advanced dream types Create your own personal journal to record dream details Understand common dream themes, including flying, being chased, or giving birth Examine particular symbols in your dreams - from flowers to family members Whether you're delving into recurring themes such as falling, or simply wondering what an apple or an airport means in your dream, The Complete Dream Dictionary shows you how to put these subconscious messages to good use in your waking life.

The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary

Author : Cathleen O'Connor
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Turn dreams into goals and goals into reality with this dictionary! With this valuable guide you’ll learn to channel the power of the Law of Attraction as you sleep. You’ll identify your own symbolic dream language, and access the secrets of your subconscious. Once you realize your true desires, you can apply Law of Attraction principles and dream your way to: Create healthy relationships Attract success in your career Manifest an abundance of wealth Find--and keep--the perfect partner Eliminate stress and improve your health With more than 800 dream symbols and themes, this comprehensive resource is all you need to make your dreams come true!

The New American Dream Dictionary

Author : Joan Seaman
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While you sleep, your mind speaks. Wake up to your dream life with this easy-to-navigate A-to-Z guide to interpreting the subconscious visions that visit during your sleeping hours. The New American Ultimate Dream Dictionary provides an alphabetical listing of more than 3,000 of the most common images and feelings that appear in our dreams. With meanings taken from a variety of cultural traditions, as well as from such brilliant psychiatric minds as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, this book will help you explore the hidden symbolism of such images as broken teeth, careening vehicles, underwater monsters, and alluring vampires.

DreamMoods Com What s in Your Dream an A to Z Dream Dictionary

Author : Michael Vigo
File Size : 80.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Based on the #1 dream website,, this concise A to Z dream dictionary will help to make sense of your dreams and to achieve a better understanding of those confusing images that appear in your sleep. With nearly 3000 symbols, this dictionary features some of the most common dream symbols. So what are you waiting for? Find out what's in YOUR dream!