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Visions of a Star Traveler

Author : J.M. Vessard
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The author shares a large variety of experiences that include experiences from this dimension and other dimensions. There are experiences from childhood, ancient times, experiences of healing, experiences with angels, saints, and archangels. There are experiences with other star systems, galaxies, and dimensions. There are many experiences of creativity on many dimensions. There are also experiences with the ancient light group and the mentor of that ancient light group. The experiences with tha

Flower and Tree Magic

Author : Richard Webster
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Did you know that flowers have a unique language of their own? Or that the way you draw a tree reflects your life outlook and personality? Flowers and trees have long been celebrated as sacred and powerful. By learning to read the special messages they hold, plants can help us navigate our life path and reconnect with nature. In this comprehensive guide, bestselling author Richard Webster uncovers the hidden properties of every major type of tree, herb, and flower that we encounter in our daily lives. From protection and healing to divination and worship, this book shows you how to apply ancient spiritual practices from many cultures to modern life—attract your ideal mate with valerian and sage, ward off psychic attacks with a sprinkling of rose oil, restore positive energy with nature meditations, and more. Nature lovers, myth historians, and trivia lovers alike will embrace this all-encompassing guide to the vast history and extensive magic of flowers and trees.

Before It s Light

Author : Lyn Lifshin
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This collection contains direct, sparse, largely autobiographical poems drawn from childhood, marriage, unsparing love affairs, and the struggle for self-sufficiency after the wreckage of bad relationships.

Dreams of Lilacs

Author : Lynn Kurland
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Isabelle de Piaget is determined to elude her overprotective family by means of a hasty escape to France. But instead of making a surprise visit to her brother there, she winds up shipwrecked on the French coast with no memory of who she is or how she came to awaken in the dark and forbidding castle of an equally brooding lord. Gervase de Seger rescues—very reluctantly—the bedraggled urchin he finds on the road and puts her to work where he can ignore her. Unfortunately, he soon realizes that her brother is an intimidating lord who is going to be absolutely furious when he learns that his beloved sister has been laboring as a scullery maid. Yet Isabelle may be the one who holds the key to solving Gervase’s most pressing problem: that someone has been trying to finish the task of separating him from his title and his lands. Finding the truth propels Gervase and Isabelle from the buried secrets of half-ruined keeps to the glittering French court, and to the realization that love can blossom in the most perilous circumstances—and in the most unexpected places of the heart . . .

The Dream of Lilacs

Author : Rose Mary Prosen
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Dreams of Love

Author : Ivan Raykoff
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"Dreams of Love: Playing the Romantic Pianist explores the attractions of the concert pianist from an innovative interdisciplinary perspective, demonstrating how such meanings have evolved over two centuries through technology and the popular media, including literature and cinema. Author Ivan Raykoff uses romantic both as the label for a historical era and musical style, as well as the more colloquial adjective referring to love, desire, and sensual feeling. Through this two-fold interpretive approach, music history and cultural mythology are read alongside one another to reveal the interconnected processes of music's social mediation. The word playing also invites multiple readings: performance or practicing, as pastime or profession, as play-acting and other modes of representation, or reproduction like a player piano. The Romantic pianist signifies more than just music; through established rituals and familiar representations of practicing, performing, and listening, the pianist also plays within a larger system of cultural ideology linking music to aspects of gender, sexuality, personal identity and social relationships, and the politics of the body."

The New Secret Language of Dreams

Author : David Fontana
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Richly illustrated and highly informative, the best-selling Secret Language of Dreams has guided dreamers for over fifteen years. Now, this classic work has been completely rewritten and redesigned with a contemporary new look tooffer a fresh approach to dream interpretation. Dream expert David Fontana presents a comprehensive dictionary of common symbols and themes, and provides in-depth analyses of dozens of specific dreams, demonstrating key techniques for uncovering the hidden messages of the subconscious. Readers will also find useful tips for controlling and remembering their dreams, and keeping a dream diary.

Jacob s Dream

Author : Elizabeth W. Brewster
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Author : Mary Grace Zaccaria
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A compilation of poetry and prose with themes of: transcendence, love and rebirth... A serious journey through the life’s challenges in the twenty-first century, yet speaks to a universal audience in theme and meaning.

Dream House

Author : Catherine Armsden
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In this “vividly written” novel, an architect returns to her childhood home on the coast of Maine—where startling family secrets come out of the woodwork (Kirkus). Gina Gilbert has designed an ideal life for herself in San Francisco. But when a car accident takes her parents’ lives, she finds herself drawn back to the New England home where she was raised. Facing grief and painful memories of the past, Gina turn to her skills as an architect—dissecting her old home, and the generations of secrets it conceals. The Gilbert family’s story unfolds room by room: from the darkroom where Gina’s gentle but passive father ran his photography business to the kitchen where her volatile mother toiled under the weight of dashed dreams. But when Gina and her sister Cassie discover that a trove of historically significant letters have gone missing, long-buried truths are revealed, and family myths begin to unravel. To find the healing she needs, Gina must search the recesses of her heart, and reawaken her understanding of what makes a house a home.