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Soil Water Measurement Plant Responses and Breeding for Drought Resistance

Author : T.T. Kozlowski
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Water Deficits and Plant Growth, Volume IV: Soil Water Measurement, Plant Responses, and Breeding for Drought Resistance explores the physiological effects of water deficits on plants and their implications on crop yield, water use, and drought resistance. This book also considers drought-resistance measurements and their application to breeding programs. This volume is organized into eight chapters and begins with an overview of measurement of soil water content and the state of water in soils. Particular emphasis is placed on methods developed from technological advances. The next two chapters focus on the structure and functioning of stomata and stomatal conductance in control of gas exchange. The discussion then shifts to the effects of water supply on photosynthesis, leaf shedding, flow of latex, and nitrogen-fixing root nodules. The final chapter is a comprehensive treatment of plant breeding for drought resistance, emphasizing breeding and testing methods as well as parameters and application to breeding programs of drought resistance. This book is a valuable resource for scientists and investigators in fields such as botany, agronomy, forestry, agriculture, and biology.

Drought Resistant Planting

Author : Beth Chatto
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The story of how Beth Chatto created her gravel garden on 'possibly the driest, and the most windswept, piece of soil in England' has a message of hope for gardeners everywhere. At the outset she promised herself: 'This garden was not to be irrigated in times of drought. Once established the plants must fend for themselves or die.' The results, eloquently described by the author and beautifully portrayed in Steven Wooster's specially commissioned photographs taken through the seasons, testify to the triumphant outcome of the adventure. Showing how her principles can be applied on any scale, this book is an essential read for any gardener facing water shortages and poor soil. Rich with hard-won tips and expressed in Beth Chatto's matchless style, this is a gardening classic.

The Physiology and Biochemistry of Drought Resistance in Plants

Author : Leslie Godell Paleg
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Crop Breeding for Drought Resistance

Author : Lijun Luo
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This eBook is a collection of articles from a Frontiers Research Topic. Frontiers Research Topics are very popular trademarks of the Frontiers Journals Series: they are collections of at least ten articles, all centered on a particular subject. With their unique mix of varied contributions from Original Research to Review Articles, Frontiers Research Topics unify the most influential researchers, the latest key findings and historical advances in a hot research area! Find out more on how to host your own Frontiers Research Topic or contribute to one as an author by contacting the Frontiers Editorial Office:

Browse in Africa

Author :
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Drought resistant Soils

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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The conference was organised to identify, describe, discuss and promote actions that will assist farmers to improve water-use efficiency in rainfed agriculture and drought-proof their systems. The publication contains an analytical sumary of the conference discussions, abstracts of papers submitted during the conference and discussion papers prepared to introduce the different topics. The full document is included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Drought Stress Tolerance in Plants Vol 2

Author : Mohammad Anwar Hossain
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Drought is one of the most severe constraints to crop productivity worldwide, and thus it has become a major concern for global food security. Due to an increasing world population, droughts could lead to serious food shortages by 2050. The situation may worsen due to predicated climatic changes that may increase the frequency, duration and severity of droughts. Hence, there is an urgent need to improve our understanding of the complex mechanisms associated with drought tolerance and to develop modern crop varieties that are more resilient to drought. Identification of the genes responsible for drought tolerance in plants will contribute to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that could enable crop plants to respond to drought. The discovery of novel drought related genes, the analysis of their expression patterns in response to drought, and determination of the functions these genes play in drought adaptation will provide a base to develop effective strategies to enhance the drought tolerance of crop plants. Plant breeding efforts to increase crop yields in dry environments have been slow to date mainly due to our poor understanding of the molecular and genetic mechanisms involved in how plants respond to drought. In addition, when it comes to combining favourable alleles, there are practical obstacles to developing superior high yielding genotypes fit for drought prone environments. Drought Tolerance in Plants, Vol 2: Molecular and Genetic Perspectives combines novel topical findings, regarding the major molecular and genetic events associated with drought tolerance, with contemporary crop improvement approaches. This volume is unique as it makes available for its readers not only extensive reports of existing facts and data, but also practical knowledge and overviews of state-of-the-art technologies, across the biological fields, from plant breeding using classical and molecular genetic information, to the modern omic technologies, that are now being used in drought tolerance research to breed drought-related traits into modern crop varieties. This book is useful for teachers and researchers in the fields of plant breeding, molecular biology and biotechnology.

Drought Resistance of the Olive in the Southwestern States

Author : Silas Cheever Mason
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Drought Tolerant Plants

Author : Lucy Summers
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Drought Stress Tolerance in Plants Vol 1

Author : Mohammad Anwar Hossain
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Abiotic stress adversely affects crop production worldwide, decreasing average yields for most of the crops to 50%. Among various abiotic stresses affecting agricultural production, drought stress is considered to be the main source of yield reduction around the globe. Due to an increasing world population, drought stress will lead to a serious food shortage by 2050. The situation may become worse due to predicated global climate change that may multiply the frequency and duration and severity of such abiotic stresses. Hence, there is an urgent need to improve our understanding on complex mechanisms of drought stress tolerance and to develop modern varieties that are more resilient to drought stress. Identification of the potential novel genes responsible for drought tolerance in crop plants will contribute to understanding the molecular mechanism of crop responses to drought stress. The discovery of novel genes, the analysis of their expression patterns in response to drought stress, and the determination of their potential functions in drought stress adaptation will provide the basis of effective engineering strategies to enhance crop drought stress tolerance. Although the in-depth water stress tolerance mechanisms is still unclear, it can be to some extent explained on the basis of ion homeostasis mediated by stress adaptation effectors, toxic radical scavenging, osmolyte biosynthesis, water transport, and long distance signaling response coordination. Importantly, complete elucidation of the physiological, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms for drought stress, perception, transduction, and tolerance is still a challenge to the plant biologists. The findings presented in volume 1 call attention to the physiological and biochemical modalities of drought stress that influence crop productivity, whereas volume 2 summarizes our current understanding on the molecular and genetic mechanisms of drought stress resistance in plants.