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DR SEBI Cell Food List and Products

Author : M S Greger
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The Most Complete Guide on Dr.Sebi Products & Food List! If you have thought about diving full force into Dr. Sebi's diet, then you are going to want to continue reading. To become healthy, you have to take things back to nature. This is the second book in Dr.Sebi's Cure Series. Dr. Sebi was very serious about health, and he knew the treatments and advice that modern medicine gave people didn't help fully. The majority of the medicines on the market will end up causing more problems for the body. Dr. Sebi realized that the cause of problems in the body was due to too much mucus, and food, medicines, and the way we lived caused this buildup of mucus. This book is here to teach you about Dr. Sebi's diet and the products he recommends for optimal health. Within these pages you will learn: The best Dr.Sebi products to take and how to take them in a detox plan The 10 biggest secrets about the Dr. Sebi diet The benefits of following Dr. Sebi's teachings Foods that you should never eat on Dr. Sebi's diet A sample menu to help you get started ... And much more By deciding to follow the Dr. Sebi diet, you are taking a huge step towards becoming healthy. If you suffer from diseases like diabetes, lupus, and more, then the Dr. Sebi diet can be extra helpful for you. In the 1980s, he proved that his diet could help heal people from "incurable" diseases. Even if you don't currently suffer from any diseases, his diet can help prevent the development of some of the most common diseases. Right now, you have to make a decision. Are you going to continue to live the way you are, possibly suffering from something your doctor says they can't do anything about, or are you going to change the way you eat and heal your body? The choice is yours, but if you want to change...

DR SEBI Recipe Book

Author : M. S. Greger
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DR.SEBI 100+ healthy and super easy recipes! Have you learned about Dr. Sebi's diet and ready to get started? Can't figure out what to cook? Well, you don't have to look any further. Continue reading, and you'll learn why. Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet can turn your unhealthy body into a health machine. Dr. Sebi learned that modern medicine wasn't curing diseases, but, instead, was creating more problems for people. He learned about herbalism from his grandmother and an herbalist in Mexico and realized that this was the key to a much better health. Through the herbalist in Mexico, he was able to heal all the health problems that he had been diagnosed with. While his diet will require you to cut out a lot of foods, a lot of people have found success with his teachings. This book is here to provide you recipes to help you get started on Dr. Sebi's diet. Within this book, you will find: Introduction to Dr. Sebi's diet How to use Dr. Sebi's diet of natural eating to become healthy The best alkaline meals that you can enjoy throughout the day Delicious smoothies that will nourish and heal your body Herb recipes that will leave you feeling good and healthy Over 100+ easy and tasty meals to prepare A wide variety of teas that will aid your daily health issues like : Respiratory Support Teas, Pregnancy Teas, Energizing Teas, Stomach soothing Teas, Teething Teas, Stress Teas , Pregnancy-Safe Headache Tea And much more A delicious selection of smoothies, desserts, cereals, wraps & sandwiches, pasta & pizza, soups, and salads Within these pages, you will find 100+ different recipes. You will find that the ingredients needed are all super easy to find. You don't need processed foods or a bunch of additives to make tasty meals. Foods in their natural state taste delicious on their own. If you pass on this book, you will regret it. Make the right decision to change your life for the better. Get this book today and start trying out these delicious recipes. Scroll up and click "Buy now" right now.