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Drug Addiction in Punjab

Author : Ranvinder Singh Sandhu
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Drug Addiction Human Rights and Criminal Justice

Author : Dr. Ashok Kumar
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Drug Addiction, Human Rights and Criminal Justice The book is written by the author to provide the relevant materials to the students because the students were facing a lot of problems in this regard. Drug abuse and drug addiction have become alarming problem all over the world. India has also been a victim of it for more than many decades. It is actually a curse on mankind. It has crippled or crippling life in several states and countries and is also causing economic breakdown leading to paralyzing the social and economic fabric of the society. It is like a cancer disease which is destroying the life of people. It has also taken the lives of a billion people. This book is divided into eleventh chapters. The first Chapter is related to Historical Perspective of Drug Abuse and Addiction.” In this chapter, an attempt has been made to give the detail of the history of drug addiction at the global level and national level. The Second Chapter is concerned to the “Meaning and Definition of Drug Abuse and Addiction”. An attempt has been made to analyze and understand the meaning and definition of drug abuse and addiction in detail. The Third Chapter deals with the “Kinds and Classification of Drug Addiction”. The Chapter Fourth is concerned “Methods and Effects of Drug Addiction” and an attempt has been made to find out the possible methods of taking the drugs. In addition, the Effects and the Consequences of drugs addiction are also discussed. Chapter Fifth is concerned with “Responsible Factors of Drug Addiction.” In the Sixth Chapter, “The Problem of Drug Addiction in Punjab and the Other States” is discussed. Special emphasis has been made regarding the Punjab, and Eastern States. The Seventh Chapter is devoted to “Drug Addiction and Human Rights” and an attempt has been made to clarify the concept of Human Rights and Violation of Human Rights by Enforcement Agencies and Governments of the Countries. The Eighth Chapter deals with “Drug Addiction and Laws” and it covers the critical appraisal of various anti-drugs laws passed by Parliament from time to time including the NDPS Act, 1988. Chapter Ninth is concerned with “Drug Addiction the International Conventions”. The Tenth Chapter is related to the “Drug Addiction and Judiciary”. The Eleventh Chapter deals with the “Prevention and Control of Drug Addiction”. At last, some sources of information are also duly recorded in this book.

Know Your State Punjab

Author : Arihant Experts
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Home to the wide population of Sikh community, Punjab is a state in north India sharing border with Pakistan. It is one of the most lively tourist places in the country with Chandigarh being its capital. Gaining an insightful knowledge about the state of Punjab helps you score good marks in Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) recruitment examinations or any other state government exams. To serve the above purpose, this book ‘Know Your State Punjab has been revised thoroughly. It includes the detailed study of history, geography, economy, polity, art and culture, center and state government welfare schemes and current affairs of Punjab. It also includes more than 1100 MCQs as a whole for self-evaluation. Easy-to read and systematically organized, it is a handy and perfect resource book to learn about Punjab in an easy-to-digest manner.

Drug Abuse

Author : Punit Puri
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Today's youth face many risks, including drug abuse, violence, and HIV/AIDS. Responding to these risks before they become problems can be difficult. One of the goals of writing this book is to help the public understand the causes of drug abuse and to prevent its onset. Drug abuse has serious consequences in our homes, schools, and communities. From this book’s perspective, the use of all illicit drugs and the inappropriate use of illicit drugs are considered drug abuse. Prevention science has made great progress in recent years. Many interventions are being tested in "real-world" settings, so they can be more easily adapted for community use. Scientists are studying a broader range of populations and topics. They have identified, for example, effective interventions with younger populations to help prevent risk behaviors before drug abuse occurs. Researchers are also studying older teens, which are already using drugs to find ways to prevent further abuse or addiction. Practical issues, such as cost-benefitanalyses, are being studied. Presenting these findings to the public through this book is the most important responsibilities. I am pleased to offer this First edition of the publication, DRUG ABUSE - PROBLEM MANAGEMENT AND PREVENTION First Edition. The first edition offers updated principles, new questions and answers, new program information, and expanded references. This edition summarizes sections of the guide for community use. This book is designed as per the latest syllabus of Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. I hope you will find this First edition useful and helpful. Prof. Punit [email protected]

Drug Abuse and Society

Author : Saroj Prashant
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Role and activities of nongovernmental voluntary organization in the field of prevention of drug abuse in India; a study.

Human Behaviour at Work

Author : Dr. Agyajit Singh
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The present book entitled “Human Behaviour at Work” studies the various dimensions of man’s behavior during his professional life. It consists of 20 topics covering many aspects of human behavior, starting with the nature of behavioral science. It deals with behavioral effectiveness at workplace as well as work motivation and job satisfaction. The impact of emotional intelligence, emotional health, psychological well-being and mental health at work-place has also been discussed. How to develop social skills, relationship of self-esteem and positive-self as well as role of self-efficacy in everyday life have been described. Human factors of social engineering, job stress, stress in modern life and effect of environmental stress on psychosomatic health have also been narrated. Burn-out-a painful mental experience, anxiety and depression as well as anger and pain management have also been well illustrated. Topics like aggression and violence in public life, crime against women, the problem of drug use and abuse have been included. Lastly, Education for globalization; a challenging task has also found place in the contents of this book. The book has been written in a very simple and comprehensive language, so that a common man may easily understand the contents given in this book. It is a general book meant for the common man to understand the fabrics of human behavior at work-place. An effort has been made to give the information and knowledge regarding human behavior while he is working at his job. It is a unique attempt to write this book in a different way to make the people understand employees’ behaviour. It is hoped that readers will find this book very interesting, useful and worthwhile.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology Volume 3 Issue 4 No 60

Author : IJIP.In
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This gives me an immense pleasure to announce that ‘RED’SHINE Publication, Inc’ is coming out with its third volume of peer reviewed, international journal named as ‘The International Journal of Indian Psychology. IJIP Journal of Studies‘is a humble effort to come out with an affordable option of a low cost publication journal and high quality of publication services, at no profit no loss basis, with the objective of helping young, genius, scholars and seasoned academicians to show their psychological research works to the world at large and also to fulfill their academic aspirations.

The Punjab Borderland

Author : Ilyas Chattha
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The Punjab Borderland offers a fascinating insight into how the new international boundary between India and Pakistan was made, subverted, and transformed. Dispelling the established historiographical narratives of an increasingly militarised border that presents as the epitome of animosity and a classic example of inter-state tension, this book offers a corrective to these accounts by bringing out narratives of border crossings and social relations built on mutual benefit and trust. It conceptualises the making of the vast contraband as an analytical tool, not merely as borderland societies' modes for evading the state imposition of a partitioned geography on their local lifeworld, but as a catalyst for enabling social mobility and political empowerment for the population involved and a thriving market for consumption in the urban centres. It reveals a 'bottom-up' history of the Punjab border and the invention of the borderland society, narrating a story with local meanings and transnational dimensions.

Management of Criminal Propensity Among Drug Addicts Through Yoga Sports and Recreational Activity

Author : Singh Arjun
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Drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014). Substance abuse had spread epidemically in the beginning of the 21st century (MacNeil, Stewart, & Kaufman, 2000). As per World Drug Report 2017 globally, premature deaths due to drugs are estimated to be 1,90,000 out of which the majority is attributable to the opioids use. An estimated quarter of a billion people of the world adult population, used drug a minimum of one time in 2015. Even more worrisome statistics is that, about 29.5 million of drug users suffer from drug use disorders and out of this, 70 percent of the diseases were attributable to opioids, thus causing the highest negative impact on health (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [UNODC], 2017). India ranks third largest producer of synthetic opium after Pakistan and Burma (Paoli, Greenfield, Charles, & Reuter, 2009). The menace of drug abuse in Punjab is worse than the rest of the country. The total number of drug users in Punjab is 2,32,856 out of which, 99% are male (Phukan, 2017). In this regard, Singh (2010) reported that the opiates consumption in the state of Punjab is thrice as per national average report. In India there are about two lakh intravenous drug users (IDUS) out of which Punjab counts 26.1% (National AIDS Control Organisation [NACO], 2012). Furthermore, there is 200 to 250 billion dollar expenditure in treating drug abuse (UNODC, 2010). The review of existing literature shows that in India and specifically the state of Punjab has witnessed a gigantic use of drugs in the recent past years (Kalva and Bansal, 2012). Drugs are related to crime in many ways. To use, purchase, sold, manufacture or distribute illicit drug is considered as a crime. Propocyphene, methadone, opiates, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine are a few examples of these illicit drugs. Their intake changes the behaviour of an individual thus making them vulnerable to aggression, violence and mental illness. A high percentage of crime is being done under the influence of drugs or liquor. Literature shows the role of drugs and alcohols in proliferation of crime. The use of drugs, alcohol consumption and violent crime are closely linked with each other (Valdez, Kaplan, & Curtis, 2007). Regarding this, Mumola (1999) reported that 60% to 80% of crime is related to drug. Additionally, Singh and Singh (2011) observed that drug users are involved in crime and possess traits that predispose individuals to criminal behaviour such as antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Criminal propensity explains the various forms of antisocial behaviour. "Criminal propensity is genetic however these pathological traits interact and are often aggravated by environmental social conditions" (Delisi, 2005). In the similar vein, Singh and Sharma (2016) reviewed literature pertaining to crime, behaviour of criminals and drug addicts. They identified four dimensions viz., aggression, disobedience, anti social behaviour and drug abuse to measure criminal propensity among drug addicts. According to Nichols (1997) the effectiveness of sports and leisure activity in reducing crime has little evidence in the existing literature. In this regard, Smith and Waddington (2004) asserted that sporting schemes have shown little evidence of effectiveness in reducing the rate of crime and drug use. The existing literature examining the role of sports and recreational activity in the management of criminal propensity.

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT Disease to Addiction

Author : Tejinder pal singh Walia
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It's a book of an addict who has narrated what is the life of an addict before addiction and after recovery.. Life is beautiful live to the fullest