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Reflector based Poison drum Control on Equal size Reactor Cores Fueled with Uranium 233 and with Uranium 235

Author : Wendell Mayo
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Drum Armatures and Commutators theory and Practice

Author : F. Marten Weymouth
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The Tap of the Drum

Author : Anti-Junius (pseud.)
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Fort Drum Connector Route I 81 to Fort Drum North Gate New Construction Towns of Pamelia and Le Ray Jefferson County

Author :
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The Drum Major s Daughter

Author : Jacques Offenbach
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Portable Drum Dryer mixer for Maintenance

Author : Steven J. Mample
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Modern Drum Method Grade 1

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The Modern Drum Method takes the student measure by measure from the start with the most fundamental drumming concepts presented and demonstrated in a clear manner.The exercises in Grade One focus significantly on reading note and rest values, coordination of the hands and feet, simple quarter note beats with variations, and ideas on positioning and setting up your drum set ergonomically.If you are a new drum student who has just purchased your first kit, or an experienced player looking for ways to improve your fundamentals and sound production, this book and companion CD will help clarify the mechanical and conceptual drumming skills for you. Throughout, the author explains each drumming topic as if he were teaching a private lesson.• Fundamental techniques for the hands and feet

The Drum

Author : Matt Dean
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Explores the evolution of the drum across different cultures and over thousands of years, discussing how war, politics, and religion influenced its development, and addresses women drummers, education, and recording practices.

The Drum A Folktale from India

Author : Rob Cleveland
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Read Along or Enhanced eBook: In this story from India, a poor boy's dream of having a drum takes him on an unlikely journey of discovery. He meets several people who guide him along the way. In time, he learns to make his own "magic" in this world.

Naamiwan s Drum

Author : Maureen Matthews
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Naamiwan's Drum follows the story of a famous Ojibwe medicine man, his gifted grandson, and remarkable water drum. The book contains a powerful Anishinaabe interpretive perspective on repatriation and on anthropology itself.

I Drum Therefore I Am

Author : Dr Gareth Dylan Smith
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Despite their central role in many forms of music-making, drummers have been largely neglected in the scholarly literature on music and education. Drawing on data collected from in-depth interviews and questionnaires, Gareth Dylan Smith explores the identities, practices and learning of teenage and adult kit drummers in and around London. As a London-based drummer and teacher of drummers, Smith uses his own identity as participant-researcher to inform and interpret other drummers' accounts of their experiences. Drummers drum; therefore they are, they do, and they learn - in a rich tapestry of means and contexts.

The Chronicle of the Drum

Author : William Makepeace Thackeray
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Class book in Oratory

Author : Allen Ayrault Griffith
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The Cross on the Drum

Author : Hugh B. Cave
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A strange young man, Barry Clinton. Unlike most young missionaries, who came to the island to save souls, this one had come with a belligerent skepticism and a driving determination to battle sickness and starvation. He had come to the Ile du Vent with a Bible and a few meager medical supplies - ready to make the little Caribbean island a better place in which to live. The Cross on the Drum is the story of the strange friendship of Barry Clinton and Catus Laroche - high priest of vodun, the savage, ritualistic religion which no white man had ever dared defy. It tells of the tormented, embittered passions of the other islanders - white and black - and how they undermined the bond between these two men, changing their mutual respect into brooding, vengeful hatred, and turning the island's drowsy, sunlit tranquility into a feverish, drum-pounding battleground. Hugh B. Cave, whose knowledge and deep understanding of life and customs in the West Indies distinguished his earlier works, Haiti: Highroad to Adventure and Drums of Revolt, has written here an explosive, dramatic novel of Christianity and voodoo on a Caribbean island.

Drum Chavi Drum

Author : Mayra L. Dole
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Chavi's music teacher believes that only boys should play drums in Miami's Festival de Calle Ocho, but Chavi knows she is a good musician and looks for a way to prove it. 10,000 first printing.


Author : A.E.W. Mason
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The treacherous kingdom that lies between India and the Hindu Khush was marred by raids, blood feuds and a trade in slaves. When the Khan of Tokot invites the British Government to send a small mission to the region, Captain Frank Carruthers is considered the ideal candidate. Carruthers is made aware of the volatile atmosphere along the Kingdom’s borders. But he becomes intrigued by the legend of the Yudeni drum. According to local myth, the drum lies on the tower of the Khan’s fort and a phantom drummer can be heard beating a haunting rhythm. Disaster befalls all who see the ghostly beater. Captain Carruthers is unconvinced and determined to find out the truth behind the drum.


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A Wise Woman Once Said Fuck It I m Getting a Drum Horse and She Lived Happily Ever After

Author : Sandy D
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100 pages of high quality paper (50 sheets)It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book6" x 9" Paperback notebook, soft matte cover

DS Drum Session EN

Author :
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Daniel Schlep plays the Drums and the Cajon, is a teacher and author. He singlehandedly began his independent training at the age of 10 years. His playing combines different genres from Rock and Pop to Jazz and World. In his work, he unites the rhythm of A-Drums, E-Drums and the Cajon. In the drumbook “Drum-Session” Daniel Schlep offers students of all age groups and also future teachers the chance to get in touch with the beats and bytes and the groove of the world in a new and modern way, based on his philosophy. Info: Very simple. A book that redefines the term “session”. A book that connects rhythmical worlds. A book that opens your eyes for modern media. Very simple. A book for everyone. Features: One drumbook. The special notation offers an easy and free introduction to the world of music. The modern combination of A-Drums, E-Drums and Cajon illuminates rhythm at its core. The innovative integration of modern media (notebooks, tablet PCs, etc.) - next to classical media (pen, paper, etc.) - offers a totally new way to work as a realistic musician of our time, regardless if you’re a beginner or pro, a student or teacher. 1 book, 3 real life songs. 15 online videos. Join the session!

Pokko and the Drum

Author : Matthew Forsythe
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A Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Book for Fall 2019 “In embracing one’s own beat, Pokko discovers, extraordinary things can happen.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Forsythe's coy, playful writing is a wonder on its own, but the lush...illustrations beautifully elevate the tale...Inspirational.” —Booklist (starred review) “Celebrating both community and individuality, this droll, funny offering will tickle kids and adults alike.” —Kirkus Reviews “Has the feel of an instant classic, the kind of book you can easily convince yourself has been around forever, spreading joy.” —Quill & Quire (starred review) From E.B. White Read Aloud honor artist Matthew Forsythe comes a picture book about a magical drum, an emerald forest, and the little frog who dares to make her own music. The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her the drum. When Pokko takes the drum deep into the forest it is so quiet, so very quiet that Pokko decides to play. And before she knows it she is joined by a band of animals —first the raccoon, then the rabbit, then the wolf—and soon the entire forest is following her. Will Pokko hear her father’s voice when he calls her home? Pokko and the Drum is a story about art, persistence, and a family of frogs living in a mushroom.