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Drums of Change

Author : Janette Oke
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Running Fawn's Blackfoot tribe is placed on a reservation where she questions her ability to adjust to a new life including the white man's God.

Drums of Change Women of the West Book 12

Author : Janette Oke
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An Indian girl is forced to go to a reservation with her people where she is confused by the white people's culture and their God.

The Drummer s Studio Survival Guide

Author : Mark H. Parsons
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The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide is an updated and expanded version of author Mark Parson's informative 13-part "In the Studio" series from Modern Drummer magazine. Topics include preparing one's drums for recording, drum miking, the use of outboard equipment, interacting with producers and engineers, and other information vital to any drummer entering the studio - whether for the first time or as a veteran.

Kick It

Author : Matt Brennan
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The drum kit has provided the pulse of popular music from before the dawn of jazz up to the present day pop charts. Kick It, a provocative social history of the instrument, looks closely at key innovators in the development of the drum kit: inventors and manufacturers like the Ludwig and Zildjian dynasties, jazz icons like Gene Krupa and Max Roach, rock stars from Ringo Starr to Keith Moon, and popular artists who haven't always got their dues as drummers, such as Karen Carpenter and J Dilla. Tackling the history of race relations, global migration, and the changing tension between high and low culture, author Matt Brennan makes the case for the drum kit's role as one of the most transformative musical inventions of the modern era. Kick It shows how the drum kit and drummers helped change modern music--and society as a whole--from the bottom up.

Greif Inc and Blagden Packaging Group

Author : Great Britain: Competition Commission
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Greif UK Ltd is the largest manufacture of new large steel drums in the UK. On 30 November 2006 Grief UK acquired the new steel drum and closure businesses of Blagden Group, which was the second-largest producer of new steel drums in the UK. The merged businesses' combined share of supply of new steel drums in the UK is 85 per cent. Steel drums are the most widely-used form of large rigid industrial packaging, used in a range of industry sectors to package, transport and store a variety of substances. Demand for them has been declining, due to demand for less packaging and competition from plastic drums and intermediate bulk containers. The merger has resulted in a highly concentrated market, and has removed the main competitive restraint on Greif's prices and future behaviour. The Commission then examined what other developments might prevent the merged entity from exploiting its market position and increasing prices to customers. Schètz Group in the Netherlands is building a new large steel drum line, and the Commission feels that imports from there could be competitive. Other entrants into the market are thought unlikely. Recent developments in multi-layer plastic extrusion and coating techniques could allow more products to be packed in plastic containers. Suppliers of alternative packaging have invested in increased capacity so this might be a stronger competitive restraint in future. The Commission does not expect a substantial lessening of competition (SLC) to result from the merger.

The Ojibwa Dance Drum

Author : Thomas Vennum
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Hiding in a lake under lily pads after fleeing U.S. soldiers, a Dakota woman was given a vision over the course of four days instructing her to build a large drum and teaching her the songs that would bring peace and end the killing of her people. From the Dakota, the "big drum" spread throughout the Algonquian-speaking tribes to the Ojibwe, becoming the centerpiece of their religious ceremonies. This edition of "The Ojibwe Dance Drum, "originally created through the collaboration of Ojibwe drum maker and singer William Bineshii Baker Sr. and folklorist Thomas Vennum, has a new introduction by history professor Rick St. Germaine that discusses the research behind this book and updates readers on the recent history of the Ojibwe Drum Dance.

Federal Register

Author :
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Jimbo Akira Fujiyama Drums

Author :
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Skole for trommesæt sammenkoblet med trommemaskiner ved hjælp af pickupper og et drum trigger system

The End of Drum time

Author : Håkan Rydving
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The Karen Bronze Drums of Burma

Author : Richard M. Cooler
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The persistence of ritualized hopes and beliefs expressed visually on Karen bronze drums is presented through an extended analysis of the motifs on the tympani of 370 drums. Numerical, configurational, and cultural arguments are supported by copious tables and illustrations.

How to Write for Percussion

Author : Samuel Z. Solomon
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While composers and percussionists are working more closely than ever with one another, there are few resources that address this collaborative relationship in depth. However, Samuel Z. Solomon, himself a percussionist and teacher, offers a comprehensive examination of the issues that percussionists and composers encounter in How to Write for Percussion. The first edition, self-published in 2004, provided musicians and music programs the world over with practical and indispensible information about issues of notation, concert production, and much more. This new edition goes even further as Solomon offers more insights derived from his personal experience as a percussionist and teacher and from his collaborations with other musicians. The second edition of How to Write for Percussion expands the survey of behind-the-scenes processes-from instrument choice and notation to logistics, execution, and concert production-to uncover all the tools a composer needs to comfortably create innovative and skilled percussion composition. Solomon also includes more excerpts and performances as well as interviews with famous percussionists and composers that capture the intricacies of percussion composition. Moreover, the second edition features an expanded text with more instruments and more analysis, plus an extensive Online Video Companion containing over nine hours of videos with demonstrations, performances, interviews, and analysis to flesh out and clarify the material in the book. This updated edition of How to Write for Percussion will appeal to a wide swath of musicians including composers, arrangers, and percussionists. Those who have already utilized the first edition will welcome the upgrade, and those who have yet to benefit from Solomon's perspective will likewise find his insights illuminating.

You Can Teach Yourself Drums

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Drumming made accessible for the complete beginner! This easy to follow book teaches basic drum set percussion concepts progressively, so that is you stick with it, you will have a good foundation upon which to further build your musicianship. Four learning tracks are presented in the book: Technique- including the grip, sticking, and methods used to achieve musical sounds, as well as the principle of learning good habits from the beginning. Reading-basic reading principles are introduced in this book in logical sequence. Writing-By actually notating the rhythms you find challenging, you'll develop an increasingly intimate awareness of the note and rest values if which they are comprised. Application-after basic principles are introduced, you'll have the opportunity to apply them in musical context. an optional DVD or CD demonstrating the examples in the book is available.

Modern Drum Method Grade 2

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With the Modern Drum Method Grade 2, Steve Fidyk picks up where Grade 1 leaves off continuing his sequential teaching method and guiding the intermediate student through the most fundamental drumming concepts.The exercises in Grade 2 focus significantly on reading dotted note and rest values, rock, funk and swing beat variations, techniques for tuning the drum set, and a section featuring 2, 3 and 4 beat drum fill examples. the accompanying mp3 CD features every exercise covered in the text.A supplementary DVD entitled Modern Drum Method Grades 1-3 is also available and features many of the concepts and exercises introduced in all three method books.If you are a new drum student who has just purchased your first kit, or an experienced player looking for ways to improve your fundamentals and sound production, this book series can help clarify many of the mechanical and conceptual drumming skills for you. Throughout, Steve explains each drumming topic as if he were teaching a private lesson.• Reading exercises featuring dotted whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and rests

Keyboard For Dummies

Author : Jerry Kovarsky
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The easy way to get keyed up on the keyboard Where Piano For Dummies helps budding musicians to master the black-and-white musical keyboard, Keyboard For Dummies helps them understand the possibilities that unfold when those black-and-whites are connected to state-of-the-art music technology. Keyboard For Dummies explains the ins-and-outs of modern keyboards and helps you get the most out of their capabilities. Key content coverage includes: an overview of the types of keyboards available today and how they differ from acoustic pianos; expert advice on choosing the right keyboard for your wants/needs and how to shop and compare the various models; a close look at the types of sounds an electronic keyboard offers and how to achieve them; step-by-step instruction on how to use keyboards anywhere using external speakers, amps, home stereos, computers, and tablets; guidance on how to use keyboard software and applications to get the most out of keyboard technology; and much more. A multimedia component for this title will be hosted at and includes companion audio tracks that demonstrate techniques and sounds found in the book Step-by-step instructions make learning keyboard easy and fun Introduces you to the musical possibilities of the keyboard If you're new to the keyboard or looking to take your skills to the next level, Keyboard For Dummies is a thorough guide to the ins and outs of this popular instrument.

Myth Music and Dance of the American Indian

Author : Ruth De Cesare
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An introduction to the Native American culture. The Teacher's Resource Book provides pronunciations, tribe information, maps and instructions on making Indian instruments.

Science and Music

Author : Sir James H. Jeans
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Distinguished physicist describes the scientific principles of musical sound in a non-technical way: development of human hearing, properties of sound curves, transmission and reproduction of sound curves, more. Includes 75 illustrations.

Waste Minimizaton in the Oil Field

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This report will increase environmental protection by significantly reducing the potential for pollution of the State of Texas' land, water, & air in the exploration & production of oil & gas. Provides oil & gas operators with training & technical assistance on source reduction & recycling, also known as waste minimization. Includes: waste managment plans, & a list of hazardous & nonhazourdous oil & gas wastes. Provides success stories in drilling operations, oil field production operations, gas field production & gas plant operations. Glossary.

The Foundations of Rock

Author : Walter Everett
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A comprehensive introduction to the inner workings of rock music, The Foundations of Rock goes back to the heart of the music itself from the time of its birth through the end of classic rock. Walter Everett expertly takes readers through all aspects of the music and its lyrics, leading fans and listeners to new insights and new ways to develop their own interpretations of the aural landscapes of their lives. Written with style, Everett does not depend on musical notation nor professional jargon, but rather combines text with nearly 300 newly written audio examples (performed on the companion website) and more than 100 expertly chosen photographs, to offer a rich text-and-web experience that brings new meanings to songs that have dominated music for a half-century. Through careful illustration, frequently citing the most familiar and pertinent examples from throughout the 1955-1970 period, The Foundations of Rock covers the nature and use of all musical instruments and vocal qualities; reveals the many different ways that phrases and sections of songs can be combined; discusses the materials and patterns in melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic invention; explains the many important ways that producers and engineers add to the artistry; and finally suggests paths for combining an understanding of all of these elements with interpretations of a song's lyrics. This is all done in thorough detail, and always with an ear towards the possible meanings such techniques convey in a music that has had a profound impact upon our world. In doing so, Everett helps readers create new depths of understanding and appreciation. Hundreds of memorable hit songs are referred to in order to illustrate every individual point, while twenty-five diverse classics of the period have been chosen for very close hearing from multiple perspectives. The reader will come away with a much deeper appreciation of the music of the Beatles and the Stones, the Supremes and the Temptations, the Dead and Janis, Elvis and Buddy Holly, the Beach Boys and the Rascals.

A Change is Gonna Come

Author : Craig Hansen Werner
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is a comprehensive look at the various forms of black popular music, both as music and as seen in a larger social context. No one can do this better than Craig Werner. The author mastered the extremely difficult art of writing about music as both an aesthetic and social force that conveys, implies, symbolizes, and represents ideas as well as emotion, but without reducing its complexities and ambiguities to merely didactic categories. This is the story of more than four decades of enormously influential black music, from the hopeful, angry refrains of the Freedom movement, to the slick pop of Motown; from the disco inferno to the Million Man March; from Woodstock's Summer of Love to the war in Vietnam and the race riots that inspired Marvin Gaye to write What's Going On. This book drew the attention of scholars and general readers alike. This new edition, featuring four new and updated chapters, will reintroduce Werner's seminal study of black music to a new generation of readers.

Drummer s Cookbook Volume 2

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If you want to learn the art of trading fours, The Drummer's Cookbook Volume II will help you put it all together. This book takes you through the entire process, from developing a vocabulary to real world application. Today's working drummersare asked to play fills and fours at a variety of different tempos, each requiring a different vocabulary. The author breaks down the process into three generaltempo zones: moderate, bright and extreme. Develop your own musical vocabulary by studying the tools of the trade: uneven note groups, rhythm fragments, implied tempo changes, ghost notes, quarter note triplets, and more. Then put it all together by learning the format for fours. Learn to think in phrases:three beat groups, call and response, and symmetric and asymmetric phrases.Study the standard 32 bar AABA jazz format and learn the how, why and when of trading fours. Finally, all these skills can be practiced with several hundred two and four bar solos in each of the three tempo ranges