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Numerical Methods in Mechanics of Materials

Author : Ken P. Chong
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In the dynamic digital age, the widespread use of computers has transformed engineering and science. A realistic and successful solution of an engineering problem usually begins with an accurate physical model of the problem and a proper understanding of the assumptions employed. With computers and appropriate software we can model and analyze complex physical systems and problems. However, efficient and accurate use of numerical results obtained from computer programs requires considerable background and advanced working knowledge to avoid blunders and the blind acceptance of computer results. This book provides the background and knowledge necessary to avoid these pitfalls, especially the most commonly used numerical methods employed in the solution of physical problems. It offers an in-depth presentation of the numerical methods for scales from nano to macro in nine self-contained chapters with extensive problems and up-to-date references, covering: Trends and new developments in simulation and computation Weighted residuals methods Finite difference methods Finite element methods Finite strip/layer/prism methods Boundary element methods Meshless methods Molecular dynamics Multiphysics problems Multiscale methods

Approximate Solution Methods in Engineering Mechanics

Author : Arthur P. Boresi
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The only complete collection of prevalent approximation methods Unlike any other resource, Approximate Solution Methods in Engineering Mechanics, Second Edition offers in-depth coverage of the most common approximate numerical methods used in the solution of physical problems, including those used in popular computer modeling packages. Descriptions of each approximation method are presented with the latest relevant research and developments, providing thorough, working knowledge of the methods and their principles. Approximation methods covered include: * Boundary element method (BEM) * Weighted residuals method * Finite difference method (FDM) * Finite element method (FEM) * Finite strip/layer/prism methods * Meshless method Approximate Solution Methods in Engineering Mechanics, Second Edition is a valuable reference guide for mechanical, aerospace, and civil engineers, as well as students in these disciplines.

Applied Mechanics Reviews

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Computational Mechanics 95

Author : S.N. Atluri
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AI!, in the earlier conferences (Tokyo, 1986; Atlanta, 1988, Melbourne, 1991; and Hong Kong, 1992) the response to the call for presentations at ICES-95 in Hawaii has been overwhelming. A very careful screening of the extended abstracts resulted in about 500 paper being accepted for presentation. Out of these, written versions of about 480 papers reached the conference secretariat in Atlanta in time for inclusion in these proceedings. The topics covered at ICES-95 range over the broadest spectrum of computational engineering science. The editors thank the international scientific committee, for their advice and encouragement in making ICES-95 a successful scientific event. Special thanks are expressed to the International Association for Boundary Elements Methods for hosting IABEM-95 in conjunction with ICES-95. The editors here express their deepest gratitude to Ms. Stacy Morgan for her careful handling of a myriad of details of ICES-95, often times under severe time constraints. The editors hope that the readers of this proceedings will find a kaleidoscopic view of computational engineering in the year 1995, as practiced in various parts of the world. Satya N. Atluri Atlanta, Georgia, USA Genki Yagawa Tokyo,Japan Thomas A. Cruse Nashville, TN, USA Organizing Committee Professor Genki Yagawa, University of Tokyo, Japan, Chair Professor Satya Atluri, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

Computational Methods for Fracture

Author : Timon Rabczuk
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This book offers a collection of 17 scientific papers about the computational modeling of fracture. Some of the manuscripts propose new computational methods and/or how to improve existing cutting edge methods for fracture. These contributions can be classified into two categories: 1. Methods which treat the crack as strong discontinuity such as peridynamics, scaled boundary elements or specific versions of the smoothed finite element methods applied to fracture and 2. Continuous approaches to fracture based on, for instance, phase field models or continuum damage mechanics. On the other hand, the book also offers a wide range of applications where state-of-the-art techniques are employed to solve challenging engineering problems such as fractures in rock, glass, concrete. Also, larger systems such as fracture in subway stations due to fire, arch dams, or concrete decks are studied.

Computational Geomechanics and Hydraulic Structures

Author : Sheng-Hong Chen
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This book presents recent research into developing and applying computational tools to estimate the performance and safety of hydraulic structures from the planning and construction stage to the service period. Based on the results of a close collaboration between the author and his colleagues, friends, students and field engineers, it shows how to achieve a good correlation between numerical computation and the actual in situ behavior of hydraulic structures. The book’s heuristic and visualized style disseminates the philosophy and road map as well as the findings of the research. The chapters reflect the various aspects of the three typical and practical methods (the finite element method, the block element method, the composite element method) that the author has been working on and made essential contributions to since the 1980s. This book is an advanced continuation of Hydraulic Structures by the same author, published by Springer in 2015.

Proceedings of Crack Paths CP 2012 Gaeta Italy 2012

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International Aerospace Abstracts

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Comprehensive Structural Integrity

Author : Ian Milne
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The aim of this major reference work is to provide a first point of entry to the literature for the researchers in any field relating to structural integrity in the form of a definitive research/reference tool which links the various sub-disciplines that comprise the whole of structural integrity. Special emphasis will be given to the interaction between mechanics and materials and structural integrity applications. Because of the interdisciplinary and applied nature of the work, it will be of interest to mechanical engineers and materials scientists from both academic and industrial backgrounds including bioengineering, interface engineering and nanotechnology. The scope of this work encompasses, but is not restricted to: fracture mechanics, fatigue, creep, materials, dynamics, environmental degradation, numerical methods, failure mechanisms and damage mechanics, interfacial fracture and nano-technology, structural analysis, surface behaviour and heart valves. The structures under consideration include: pressure vessels and piping, off-shore structures, gas installations and pipelines, chemical plants, aircraft, railways, bridges, plates and shells, electronic circuits, interfaces, nanotechnology, artificial organs, biomaterial prostheses, cast structures, mining... and more. Case studies will form an integral part of the work.

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

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Lists citations with abstracts for aerospace related reports obtained from world wide sources and announces documents that have recently been entered into the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Database.