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In Dwelling

Author : Peter King
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Using innovative theoretical concepts, this book develops a new approach to looking at dwelling and how we use it. Combining philosophical analysis and literary and film criticism, it puts forward an innovative and insightful new approach to looking at housing and explores issues of exclusion, isolation, anxiety, privacy and the relations between parent and child.

Dwelling Seeing and Designing

Author : David Seamon
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This volume focuses on the question of how people might see and understand the natural and built environments in a deeper, more perceptive way. Why are places important to people, and can designers and policy-makers create better places? Contributors include architects, philosophers and architects.

Dwelling Places

Author : James Procter
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Dwelling Places explores some of the key venues of black British literary and cultural production across the postwar period: bedsits and basements; streets and cafes; train stations and tourist landscapes; the suburbs and the city; the north and south. Extending from central London to the outskirts of Glasgow, the book pursues a "devolving" landscape in order to consider what an analysis of "dwelling" might contribute to the travelling theories of diaspora discourse. What happens, for example, when we "situate" literatures of movement and migration? There are fresh readings of work by some of the key literary figures of the postwar years, including Sam Selvon, George Lamming, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Farrukh Dhondy, Hanif Kureishi, Salman Rushdie, Meera Syal and Jackie Kay. These writings are explored alongside a range of non-literary material, including photography, painting and film, in order to consider their relation to broader shifts in the politics of black representation over the past fifty years. This book will appeal to students of British and postcolonial literature.

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place from Requiem

Author : Johannes Brahms
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Organ and piano duet teams will appreciate Billie Nastelin's skillful arrangement of the beautiful "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" from the Brahms Requiem. Each player has opportunities with both melody and accompaniment, and congregations and audiences will request this over and over. Two copies of the music are included. Also arranged for organ/piano duet by Nastelin: "And the Glory of the Lord," from Messiah (GOPD9901),

Fire Island Lighthouse and Keeper s Dwelling

Author : Carole L. Perrault
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Global Dwelling

Author : K. Hadjri
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A selection of papers from the proceedings of the Third OIKONET Conference is contained in this book. OIKONET is a European project co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) with the purpose of studying contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective by encompassing the multiple dimensions which condition the forms of dwelling in today’s societies: architectural, urban, environmental, economic, cultural and social. Following on from the first two OIKONET conferences held respectively in Barcelona, Spain in 2014 and Bratislava, Slovakia in 2015, the third conference took place in Manchester, the UK in 2016. Providing a valuable resource for students, lecturers, researchers and others with an interest in housing studies, the papers included in this book cover three themes, namely sustainability of housing environments, innovation in housing design and planning, and participation in housing design and construction.

The Meaning of Activities in the Dwelling and Residential Environment

Author : J. Meesters
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The dwelling is a central setting in people’s everyday life. People use their dwelling and residential environment for a large variety of activities and purposes. The Meaning of Activities in the Dwelling and Residential Environment systematically relates activities, settings and meanings to improve the insight into people-environment relations which is called a meaning structure approach. Over 600 people, living in either a city centre, suburban or rural type of residential environment were asked about their everyday activities and the meanings thereof. The results show that meanings are important for the way in which people use their dwelling and residential environment. The meaning structure approach allows for a high level of aggregation identifying general meanings of the dwelling, such as a place to be together with family and friends. It also allows for a low level of aggregation, for example, using internet at home has for many people become part of everyday life, providing them with easy access to a wide range of information. This illustrates the usefulness of meaning structures as a tool for investigating people-environment relations.

My Dwelling Place

Author : Glenda Vaughn
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This book was written to exemplify the greatness of God; without His loving mercy and grace, I would not have survived my life experiences. He has brought me through four cancer scares, abuse on many levels, and healed my ex-husband from an inoperable brain aneurysm. He has also healed all my children of serious illness, including a tumor on my son’s head. He brought me out of severe depression, addiction to prescription drugs and so many other things. My Dwelling Place tells the story of the God who is the Master of my fate and in whom I have learned to put my trust. Blessed be His holy name.

Dwelling in the Age of Climate Change

Author : Elaine Kelly
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Definitive modern edition of Stevenson's intriguing account of his emigration from Scotland to California

Multiple Dwelling and Tourism

Author : Norman McIntyre
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The movement of people, goods, capital and information is a central aspect of living in the inter-connected, globalised late-modern world. Although this broader view of mobility is recognized, this book focuses mainly on migration or the movement of people and examines multiple dwelling as a societal response to the major influences of increased mobility and amenity tourism (visiting or residing in high quality landscapes such as mountains, beaches and forests for leisure experiences). It considers the modern-day meaning of multiple dwelling, how it affects personal identity and the meaning of 'home' and its impacts on host communities and landscapes. This book is of significant interest to those working in the areas of tourism, leisure, geography, outdoor recreation, sociology and anthropology.

Crossing and Dwelling

Author : Thomas A. Tweed
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A deeply researched and vividly written study, this book depicts religion in place and in movement, dwelling and crossing. Drawing on insights from the natural and social sciences, Tweed's work is grounded in the gritty particulars of distinctive religious practices, even as it moves toward ideas about cross-cultural patterns. It offers a responsible way to think broadly about religion, a topic that is crucial for understanding the contemporary world.

Dwelling with Architecture

Author : Roderick Kemsley
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The dwelling is the most fundamental building type, nowhere more so than in the open landscape. This book can be read in a number of ways. It is first a book about houses and particularly the theme ‘dwelling and the land’. It examines the poetic and prosaic issues inherent in claiming a piece of the landscape to live on. It could also be seen as a kind of road map, full of both warnings and encouragements for all those involved with, or just interested in, the making of houses. That the domestic realm and the landscape can be vehicles for significant architectural insights is hardly an original observation. However this book seeks to bring the two topics together in a unique way. In exploring a building type that lies on the cusp of what is commonly understood as ‘building’ and ‘architecture’, it asks fundamental questions about what the very nature of architecture is. Who indeed is the architect and what is their role in the process of creating meaningful buildings?

Recommended Building Code Requirements for New Dwelling Construction with Special Reference to War Housing

Author :
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Dwelling Portably

Author : Bert Davis
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Full of information about living without a permanent residence, this complete collection contains helpful and informative tips for living far outside of cities and bereft of technology. All of the tips and advice have been edited down to what remains relevant in a technologically changing world, and it is crammed full of informative tips for biking, tents, showering, cooking, and living. Whether camping on the edges, living simply, or getting by on the road and loving it, this book is for modern nomads choosing alternative lifestyles to working 9–5 in the same place.

Dwelling Well

Author : Melissa Michaels
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Live a Different Story This Year Do you desire to do immeasurable good for yourself, your home, and others, but find it difficult to maintain daily habits that help you accomplish your goals? Here is your invitation to explore simple and practical ways to improve your well-being every day. Each month, you will be inspired to set a plan of action using the calendar pages, reflect daily on the special moments you are grateful for, and journal your thoughts using guided prompts. Dwell on blessings throughout your year and discover how the positive mind-set you’re cultivating will create lasting change in your home and body. You will become more mindful of and thankful for your time, your life, and your healthy choices. This journal is designed to be flexible, customizable, and personal. It can be used together with Melissa Michaels' book, Dwelling, or on its own. Let it be your companion on this journey. This is your story and your life—savor it, celebrate it, and nourish it.

The Dwelling

Author : Antoinette Kingsley
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The Dwelling place of God is a place where every believer should yearn and long for each waking day because God will lead you on the journey of love like you have never experienced before. That’s why his throne room is a place of abiding intimately with him holding back nothing because God is longing for a relationship with his children.

A Survey of Apartment Dwelling Operating Experience in Large American Cities

Author : United States. Federal Housing Administration
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The purpose of the study was to secure an accurate record of income and expenses of operating apartment houses and to ascertain the forces which determine income and expense of operation and net return. Trend data available for New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Some data available for Kansas City, Missouri.

Model Dwelling Houses

Author : James Gowans
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This guide was written to complement the architectural and engineering showpieces of Edinburgh's 1886 Exhibition of Industry Science and Art.

New Dwelling Units Authorized by Local Building Permits

Author :
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New Dwelling Units Authorized by Local Building Permits

Author : United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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