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Dyslexia at College

Author : T. R. Miles
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Published in the year 2002, Dyslexia at College is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

Dyslexia at College

Author : Elizabeth A. Du Pré
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This fully updated third edition contains practical and useful advice that will be invaluable for students with dyslexia, their parents and all of those involved in teaching and supporting them in their studies. Including the latest research into dyslexia, changes in legislation and information technology and the real-life experiences of six former Bangor students this book will: • guide students through the process of applying for university, suggesting strategies for general organisation and for particular aspects of study • outline how to get the best personally and academically from higher education • give practical advice on setting up and using support facilities (both human and technological) • be an accessible text for mainstream lecturers and tutors who need to be aware of the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act. New chapters include 'Dyslexia plus', giving information on dyspraxia, attention disorders, Asperger's syndrome, and the more controversial 'dyscalculia'. 'Out of College and into Work' gives advice for students on the challenges they face after graduation.


Author : Sylvia Moody
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This practical guide for dyslexic and dyspraxic students gives advice and tips on how to cope with college life. Clearly and simply written, it addresses not just study skills, but all aspects of student life, such as finding your way around campus, dealing with unsympathetic tutors, and preparing for the world of work.

Dyslexia and Hyperlexia

Author : P. G. Aaron
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Even though I had been studying reading problems in children for a number of years as a means of understanding cognitive processes, I became deeply committed to the study of developmental dyslexia after my encounter with S. H. , a dyslexic college student. Until then, dyslexia to me remained an interesting phenomenon but somewhat removed from the mainstream of my research interests. The facts that, in spite of his superior IQ, S. H. could read no better than a child in the fifth grade and misspelled even common words such as was and here, however, took me by surprise and made me appreciate the intriguing and challenging nature of developmental dyslexia. This led to a series of studies of college students with reading disability, a group that is relatively unexplored. The general plan of these investigations was to study a small number of disabled readers at any given time, rather intensively. Even though this approach limits the generalizability of the research findings, it lays bare some of the most interesting facts about dyslexia which are obscured in large-scale statistical studies. These studies have now extended well over a decade and are still continuing. As soon as these studies were started, it became obvious that not all reading-disabled college students are alike and that disabled readers could be classified into three broad categories: those with poor decod ing skill, those with poor comprehension ability, and those with a combination of these two deficits.

Dyslexia in Higher Education

Author : Amanda T. Abbott-Jones
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Learn about dyslexia's association with anxiety and coping from the viewpoint of dyslexic students, backed up by evidence and research.

The Human Side of Dyslexia

Author : Shirley Kurnoff
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This text is an inside look at dyslexia - the challenges, emotions and rewards - from childhood through to the college experience. It contains 142 interviews with parents, siblings and college students. It aims to help parents see how to tap the wonderful strengths of their children. It offers pragmatic steps for problem solving at each section's end. It also has a discussion of how siblings feel. While the title implies a book on dyslexia, its messages also work for parents of children with any kind of learning disability.

Overcoming Dyslexia For Dummies

Author : Tracey Wood
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Includes tips and strategies for kids, teens, and adults with dyslexia Understand what dyslexia is, assess schools and programs, and help your child succeed Does your child mix up d's and b's? Does he or she have trouble reading? If so, the cause may be dyslexia. But don't worry -- these days, there are many ways to overcome dyslexia. This hands-on guide leads you step by step through your options -- and explains how anyone with dyslexia can achieve success in school and life. Discover how to * Recognize the symptoms of dyslexia * Understand diagnostic test results * Set up an Individualized Education Program (IEP) * Work effectively with teachers * Improve your child?s reading skills

How to Detect and Manage Dyslexia

Author : Philomena Ott
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A reference book aimed at learning support co-ordinators, specialist and non-specialist teachers, and all others involved in helping students with dyslexia. The book includes: step-by-step explanation of the Special Needs Code of Practice legislation; help with teaching spelling and writing to dyslexic students; advice on study skills and preparation for GCSE examinations; information on the provision made by examination boards for dyslexic students; guidance on how technology can help the dyslexic learner; and help with identifying the early warning signs of dyslexia.

Dyslexia Next Steps for Teens

Author : Ann-Marie McNicholas
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Written for 14+ year olds, this accessible book empowers young people with dyslexia to make a smooth transition to college, university or the workplace. An engaging and informative guide, it will help you plan and make decisions about the next stage of your education or employment. Ann-Marie McNicholas, who has worked with young people with dyslexia for many years, answers the questions that you will have as you plan for life at university or college. She covers the differences between school and college and university, lists the different types of dyslexia assessment available and gives you simple, tried-and-tested tips to help you to manage your time, your workload and your revision. Beyond information about further and higher education, the book is full of advice on preparing for the next stage in your life, such as moving into the workplace. A must-read pocket guide for teenagers with dyslexia and an essential resource for parents, teachers, SENCOs, career advisers, and anyone else involved in supporting learners with dyslexia to make a successful transition to further education and the world of work.

The Science of Dyslexia

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science, Space, and Technology (2011)
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