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Eagles Over Husky

Author : Alexander Fitzgerald-Black
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In the summer of 1943, the United Nations began Operation HUSKY, the invasion of Sicily. The Eagles over HUSKY - the airmen of the Allied air forces - played a crucial role in the assault. The Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica provided a significant part of the Axis force meant to defend the island and throw the Allies back into the sea. The Allied air forces foiled this effort and inflicted losses on a German Air Force badly needed on other fronts. Raids on mainland Italian railway transport crippled Axis resupply efforts. The same strikes brought pressure on the Italian state to denounce Fascism and join the Allied side. Army commanders relied heavily on tactical air power to destroy Axis forces in Sicily. The result was a strategic victory which forced Nazi Germany to stand alone in defense of southern Europe. Most histories of the campaign focus on the escape of German forces across the Strait of Messina. Eagles over Husky challenges the notion that the Allied militaries bungled total victory in Sicily. It assesses one of the greatest air battles of the Second World War. This is a topic that has been relatively unexamined by historians of the campaign, who tend to focus on army matters. Eagles over Husky tells the integrated story of the air war waged during the Battle of Sicily. The author draws upon experiences, perspectives, and sources from both Allied and Axis camps to inform the analysis and enhance the narrative.

Eagles over the Sea 1943 45

Author : Lawrence Paterson
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This is the second volume of Lawrence Paterson’s detailed account of all the Luftwaffe’s naval operations during World War II. The first volume took the story up to 1942, and by the end of that year Hermann Göring’s Reich Air Ministry had subsumed nearly every aspect of Wehrmacht maritime aviation. Kriegsmarine attempts to develop an independent Fleet Air Arm had been perpetually frustrated, reflecting the chaotic nature of the Third Reich’s internal military and political mechanics. Driven more by vanity than operational prudence, the Luftwaffe had continually thwarted the advancement of maritime aviation, and by 1942 began to reap the whirlwind it had created. The U-boat war hung precariously in the balance, the lack of well trained and properly equipped aerial reconnaissance suddenly assuming greater importance than ever before. During 1943 the nature of Germany’s war mutated and by its close the Allies were on the offensive in nearly all theatres. This volume resumes the story with Operation Torch in November 1942, when Germany faced an Allied seaborne invasion of North Africa that it was ill-equipped to counter by land, sea or air; and the spectre of even greater invasion armadas loomed on both the southern and western fronts during the months that followed. Facing the Russians, maritime air units were stripped to the bone, those precious few formations available shunted rapidly between military crisis points until barely able to function. The rise of Luftwaffe maritime operations described in the author’s first volume now became, from 1942 onwards, a fall of catastrophic proportions as frequently undertrained crews flew increasingly obsolete aircraft against odds that had become overwhelming. The Luftwaffe was paying the price for its pre-war lack of cohesive strategic planning, none more so than its beleaguered maritime specialists. The author covers this story across all the theatres of the war and in doing so gives the reader a complete and coherent picture of all the Luftwaffe’s naval operations. Heavily illustrated throughout, this detailed and exciting narrative will be of huge appeal to both naval and aviation historians and enthusiasts.

Britain s War

Author : Daniel Todman
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WINNER OF THE TEMPLER MEDAL BOOK PRIZE 2020 A SPECTATOR, FINANCIAL TIMES AND DAILY TELEGRAPH BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 'A stunning achievement' Max Hastings, Sunday Times Part Two of Daniel Todman's epic history of the Second World War opens with one of the greatest disasters in British military history - the fall of Singapore in February 1942. Unlike the aftermath of Dunkirk, there was no redeeming narrative available here - Britain had been defeated by a far smaller Japanese force in her grandly proclaimed, invincible Asian 'fortress'. The unique skill of Daniel Todman's history lies in its never losing sight of the inter-connectedness of the British experience. The agony of Singapore, for example, is seen through the eyes of its inhabitants, of its defenders, of Churchill's Cabinet and of ordinary people at home. Each stage of the war, from the nadir of early 1942 to the great series of victories in 1944-5 and on to Indian independence, is described both as it was understood at the time and in the light of the very latest historical research. Britain's War is a triumph of narrative, empathy and research, as gripping in its handling of individual witnesses to the war - those doomed to struggle with bombing, rationing, exhausting work and above all the absence of millions of family members - as of the gigantic military, social, technological and economic forces that swept the conflict along. It is the definitive account of a drama which reshaped our country. 'I cannot recommend this history highly enough' Keith Lowe, Literary Review

Canadians and War Volume 1

Author : Jeremy Lammi
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Canadians and War Volume 1 brings together four diverse works of research from four Canadian scholars. Canada's military history is a living, breathing thing, with endless perspectives and accounts to be heard, and this collection seeks to bring some of those little-known stories to light. See the effects of Canada's proud military history throughout the world and the century. Go to a Maritime fishing village in "e;Lunenburg's 'Quiet Riot' and Maritime Resistance to the 1917 Military Service Act"e; by Maryanne Lewell. Fly high above Sicily in "e;Canada's Eagles over HUSKY: Canadian Airmen in the Battle of Sicily"e; by Alexander Fitzgerald-Black. Experience the Dutch occupation through the eyes of a child in "e;Who Were Their Liberators?"e; by Matthew Douglass. Finally, let Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Leavey, (retired) bring his four decades of military experience to hilarious light in "e;Canadian Army Humour: Second World War."e;Jeremy Lammi (Editor)Jeremy Lammi received a Masters of Strategic Studies from the University of Calgary. He is the president of Lammi Publishing Inc.Maryanne Lewell (Author)Maryanne Lewell is a PhD candidate at the University of New Brunswick, where she is studying the Acadians of the Maritime Provinces in the Great War.Alexander Fitzgerald-Black (Author)Alexander Fitzgerald-Black has been published in a number of popular and academic periodicals. Most recently, he wrote an article for Airforce Magazine entitled "e;Two Canadian Aces of 'The Greatest Air Battle of the Mediterranean War.'"e;Matthew Douglass (Author)Matthew Douglass obtained his Master's in History at the University of New Brunswick in 2013, where he examined the combat effectiveness of the New Brunswick Rangers, an Independent Heavy Machine Gun company during the Second World War.W.A. Leavey (Author)A 42-year veteran of the Canadian Army Infantry, W.A. (Bill) Leavey holds a Master's degree in English from the Royal Military College, and he has written two books of anecdotes for the RHC and RCR, entitled War Stories, Anecdotes and Lies.

Sicily 43

Author : James Holland
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'James Holland is the best of the new generation of WW2 historians.' Sebastian Faulks 'Holland's skill lies in bringing these warriors to life with vivid prose.' The Times Shortlisted for the 2021 British Army Military Book of the Year _________________________________________________ This is the story of the biggest seaborne landing in history. Codenamed Operation HUSKY, the assault on Sicily on 10 July 1943 remains the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted. That day, over 160,000 Allied troops were dropped from the sky or came ashore to begin the fight for Europe. The subsequent thirty-eight-day Battle for Sicily was one of the most dramatic of the entire war, involving daring raids by special forces, deals with the Mafia, attacks across mosquito-infested plains and perilous assaults up almost sheer faces of rock and scree. Made worse by virulent disease and extreme heat, the Allies also had to fight their way across an island of unforgiving landscape and limited infrastructure against a German foe who would not give up. Victory would signal the beginning of the end of the War in the West. From here on, the noose began to tighten around the neck of Nazi Germany. The coalition between the United States and Britain finally came of age. And it was a crucial dry run for Operation OVERLORD, the invasion of Normandy on D-Day a year later.

Eagles Over Berlin

Author : Kati Fabian
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Love story as Casablanca, but in the Cold War, Eagles Over Berlin is taking place during the blockade of Berlin. In 1945, the Americans arrived as enemies in Berlin, but three years later, they became the hope of two and half million Berliners by stopping the Soviet expansionism with the implementation of a large scale airlift. In war-torn Germany, John - American pilot and Esther - holocaust survivor meet and fall in love in the turmoil of history. From the Oval Office, to Stalin's study, through plane crashes in Soviet territory we follow the events of the airlift. Soviet spies and secret negotiations lead to the lifting of the blockade, but the victory tragically separates John and Esther. By a twist of destiny, they will meet again forty years later, in 1989. When the Berlin Wall comes down, they will understand the purpose of their lives.

The Scooter Bible

Author : Eric Dregni
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The Scooter Bible is an entertaining, colorful, and authoritative history of the little motorbikes that could. Beginning with the first motor scooter in 1902, Eric Dregni is your guide to everything from the postwar American scooter boom to the golden age of Italian and European scooters, the rise of Mod scooter culture in England . . . right up to modern electric scooters. Today, nostalgia for vintage Vespas, Piaggios, Cushmans, Lambrettas, and other top brands drive a new thirst for retro-inspired scooters in showrooms around the world. This revised and updated edition of The Scooter Bible brings the story up to date with the drive for zero emissions via electric vehicles. Throughout, author Eric Dregni offers you a wealth of imagery: historic black-and-white photos, evocative period advertisements, manufacturer photos, and more—over 500 images! Along the way, he also shows you scooter evolution, changing technologies, and scooter appearances in popular culture. And as the most comprehensive scooter book ever, The Scooter Bible also includes the world’s most exhaustive encyclopedia of scooter brands, from Puddlejumper to Piaggio, Ducati to Doodlebug, and Zündapp Bella to Genuine Stella. The Scooter Bible is all you need before kick-starting your scooter engine to life and praying for ever more speed. Indeed, scooters are mechanical marvels on two wheels. Streamlined spuds. Mutant oddballs of Jet Age styling gone berserk. Innovative inventions shoehorned like sardines into miniaturized monocoque bodies. Engineering and styling enigmas (the stranger the better). They are the weird and the wonderful. And they are all here in The Scooter Bible.

The Beanpot

Author : Bernard M. Corbett
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The author chronicles the fifty-year tradition of hockey playoffs in Boston dubbed the "Beanpot Hockey Tournament" in which four Division 1 rivals--Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, and Northeastern University--face off to determine the local champion. (Sports & Recreation)

Shock the World

Author : Peter F. Burns
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Before March 2011 only four coaches had ever won the NCAA men's basketball championship three times or more. That month, with the culmination of the famous "March Madness," the University of Connecticut's Jim Calhoun became the fifth. In twenty-five years at UConn, coach Jim Calhoun changed a team, a university, a state, and college basketball. Shock the World is a riveting season-by-season, game-by-game, and player-by-player biography of Jim Calhoun's winning program. It paints a vivid portrait of college basketball in the last twenty-five years and highlights the challenges Calhoun overcame to become the best program builder of all time, and the greatest coach of his generation. Calhoun's Huskies show that spirit, fortitude, and perseverance are keys to winning in modern collegiate sports, just as they are the keys to overcoming challenges off the court. At the end of the 2010 season an NCAA investigation, penalties, and few returning players threatened an end to the Calhoun era. Despite these obstacles, Calhoun, point guard Kemba Walker, and a group of freshmen led UConn to a win at the Maui Invitational in November, and UConn became the first team to capture its conference tournament by winning five games in five days. They went on to a thrilling win in the championship, making this period in the Calhoun era one of great resilience and an enduring monument to Husky pride.

A Wasp Among Eagles

Author : Ann Carl
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Before World War II most Americans did not believe that the average woman could fly professionally, but during the war more than a thousand women pilots proved them wrong. These were the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), who served as military flyers on the home front. In March 1944 one of them, Ann Baumgartner, was assigned to the Fighter Flight Test Branch at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. There she would make history as the only woman to test-fly experimental planes during the war and the first woman to fly a jet. A WASP among Eagles is the first-person story of how Baumgartner learned to fly, trained as a WASP, and became one of the earliest jet-age pioneers. Flying such planes as the Curtiss A-25 Helldiver, the Lockheed P-38, and the B-29 Superfortress, she was the first woman to participate in a host of experiments, including in-air refueling and flying the first fighter equipped with a pressurized cockpit. But in evaluating the long-awaited turbojet-powered Bell YP-59A, she set a “first” record that would remain unchallenged for ten years.