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Early Modern Zoology

Author : K. A. E. Enenkel
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Early Modern Zoology

Author : Karel A. E. Enenkel
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In this volume, specialists from various disciplines (Neo-Latin, French, German, Dutch, History, History of Science, Art History) explore the fascinating early modern discourses on animals in science, literature and the visual arts.

Zoology in Early Modern Culture

Author : Karl A. E. Enenkel
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This volume tries to map out the intriguing amalgam of different, partly conflicting approaches that shaped early modern zoology. It demonstrates that theology and philology played a pivotal role in the complex formation of this new science.

Animals and Early Modern Identity

Author : PiaF. Cuneo
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Animals were everywhere in the early modern period and they impacted, at least in some way, the lives of every kind of early modern person, from the humblest peasant to the greatest prince. Artists made careers based on depicting them. English gentry impoverished themselves spending money on them. Humanists exercised their scholarship writing about them. Pastors saved souls delivering sermons on them. Nobles forged alliances competing with them. Foreigners and indigenes negotiated with one another through trading them. The nexus between animal-human relationships and early modern identity is illuminated in this volume by the latest research of international scholars working on the history of art, literature, and of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Germany, France, England, Spain, and South Africa. Collectively, these essays investigate how animals - horses, dogs, pigs, hogs, fish, cattle, sheep, birds, rhinoceroses, even sea-monsters and other creatures - served people in Europe, England, the Americas, and Africa to defend, contest or transcend the boundaries of early modern identities. Developments in the methodologies employed by scholars to interrogate the past have opened up an intellectual and discursive space for - and a concomitant recognition of - the study of animals as a topic that significantly elucidates past and present histories. Relevant to a considerable array of disciplines, the study of animals also provides a means to surmount traditional disciplinary boundaries through processes of dynamic interchange and cross-fertilization.

Natural History in Early Modern France

Author :
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Garrod, Smith and the contributors of the volume envisage the longue durée poetics of an early modern genre. They interpret its poetics alongside its various epistemic agenda and make a case for the literary status of natural history.

Artes Apodemicae and Early Modern Travel Culture 1550 1700

Author : Karl A.E. Enenkel
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An exploration of the early modern manuals on travelling (Artes apodemicae), which originated in the sixteenth century, when it became communis opinio among intellectuals that an extended tour abroad was an indispensable part of humanist, academic and political education.

Ekphrastic Image making in Early Modern Europe 1500 1700

Author : Arthur J. DiFuria
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This volume examines how and why many early modern pictures operate in an ekphrastic mode.

Ronsard and Du Bartas in Early Modern Europe

Author : Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou
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The French poets Ronsard and Du Bartas enjoyed a wide but varied reception throughout early modern Europe. This volume is the first book length monograph to study the transnational reception histories of both poets in conjunction with each other.

Monsters and Borders in the Early Modern Imagination

Author : Jana Byars
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This edited collection explores the axis where monstrosity and borderlands meet to reflect the tensions, apprehensions, and excitement over the radical changes of the early modern era. The book investigates the monstrous as it acts in liminal spaces in the Renaissance and the era of Enlightenment. Zones of interaction include chronological change – from the early New World encounters through the seventeenth century – and cultural and scientific changes, in the margins between national boundaries, and also cultural and intellectual boundaries.

The Life Sciences in Early Modern Philosophy

Author : Ohad Nachtomy
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This volume explores the intersection between early modern philosophy and the life sciences by presenting the contributions of important but often neglected figures such as Cudworth, Grew, Glisson, Hieronymus Fabricius, Stahl, Gallego, Hartsoeker, and More, as well as familiar figures such as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Malebranche, and Kant.