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Easystart Between Two Worlds

Author : Stephen Rabley
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Between Two Worlds

Author : Stephen Rabley
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Original / British English Joanna Jimbuku is a nurse in Australia. She works with a Flying Doctor. One day a baby is very ill. Joanna takes the baby to Sydney. It's her first visit to a big city, and she loves it. Does she stay in the city or go home?

Between Two Worlds

Author : Milly Charon
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Author :
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The Development of the Sonnet

Author : Michael R. G. Spiller
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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience

Author : Clifford A. Pickover
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In his most ambitious book yet, Clifford Pickover bridges the gulf between logic, spirit, science, and religion. While exploring the concept of omniscience, Pickover explains the kinds of relationships limited beings can have with an all-knowing God. Pickover's thought exercises, controversial experiments, and practical analogies help us transcend our ordinary lives while challenging us to better understand our place in the cosmos and our dreams of a supernatural God. Through an inventive blend of science, history, philosophy, science fiction, and mind-stretching brainteasers, Pickover unfolds the paradoxes of God like no other writer. He provides glimpses into the infinite, allowing us to think big, and to have daring, limitless dreams.

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

Author : Harold Klemp
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Your life is the canvas. You are the artist. Paint a more fulfilling life for yourself using Harold Klemp's proven techniques in The Art of Spiritual Dreaming. Your dreams are the secret to creating a masterpiece. Learning to see and use the wisdom you receive from your dreams is an art. The great French Renaissance thinker Montaigne wrote, "Dreams are faithful interpreters of our inclinations; but there is art required to sort and understand them." Throughout the ages, dreams were held in high esteem. Prophets like Moses and dream interpreters like Joseph held the fate of nations in their hands. Solomon is supposed to have said that there is no new thing under the sun. Harold Klemp shows us there is something beyond the sun. He places the spiritual dream in its rightful place at the center of the whole subject of dreams. He shows you how to discover your dream's spiritual gold. Your dreams are real. Learn how dreams can help you gain insights from the past and future, grow in confidence, heal yourself spiritually, make decisions about your career and finances. Do this from a unique point of view: recognize the spiritual nature of your dreams. Create your masterpiece!

Ordering Your Private World

Author : Gordon MacDonald
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Does your life feel cluttered? Maybe an overcrowded calendar isn't your only problem! In this updated classic, learn how our technology-focused generation can deal with stress and find balance in life by submitting to God in five areas: motivation, priorities, intellect, spiritual growth, and rest. We have schedule planners, computerized calendars, smart phones, and sticky notes to help us organize our business and social lives every day. But what about organizing the other side of our lives? The spiritual side? In Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald equips you to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for effectiveness. Simplifying your external life begins with seeking internal order. In addition to focusing on spiritual and mental disciplines, you’ll discover: The difference between being driven and being called The lifelong pursuit of the growth of the mind The importance of being a listener and reader How to exercise your soul to keep it in good shape Our culture encourages us to believe that the busy, publicly active person is also the most spiritual. Our massive responsibilities at home, work, and church have resulted in many of us on the verge of collapse. Learn to take a step back from the outer world and deal with the stress of life by developing your inner world: your soul.

The Expanse and Philosophy

Author : Jeffery L. Nicholas
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Enter The Expanse to explore questions of the meaning of human life, the concept of justice, and the nature of humanity, featuring a foreword from author James S.A. Corey The Expanse and Philosophy investigates the philosophical universe of the critically acclaimed television show and Hugo Award-winning series of novels. Original essays by a diverse international panel of experts illuminate how essential philosophical concepts relate to the meticulously crafted world of The Expanse, engaging with topics such as transhumanism, belief, culture, environmental ethics, identity, colonialism, diaspora, racism, reality, and rhetoric. Conceiving a near-future solar system colonized by humanity, The Expanse provokes a multitude of moral, ethical, and philosophical queries: Are Martians, Outer Planets inhabitants, and Earthers different races? Is Marco Inaros a terrorist? Can people who look and sound different, like Earthers and Belters, ever peacefully co-exist? Should science be subject to moral rules? Who is sovereign in space? What is the relationship between human progress and aggression? The Expanse and Philosophy helps you answer these questions—and many more. Covers the first six novels in The Expanse series and five seasons of the television adaptation Addresses the philosophical issues that emerge from socio-economics and geopolitics of Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance Offers fresh perspectives on the themes, characters, and storylines of The Expanse Explores the connections between The Expanse and thinkers such as Aristotle, Kant, Locke, Hannah Arendt, Wittgenstein, Descartes, and Nietzsche Part of the popular Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, The Expanse and Philosophy is a must-have companion for avid readers of James S.A. Corey’s novels and devotees of the television series alike.

Save Money on Your Mortgage

Author : Martin Hawes
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Best-selling author Martin Hawes offers invaluable guidance towards beating the bank at their own game. This latest edition of Save Money on Your Mortgage has been updated and revised to meet the constantly evolving needs of new home owners and anyone currently paying off a mortgage. Hawes tells you everything the bank will not, setting you on the path to financial freedom. You will be given the chance to understand the huge difference between what you borrow and what you pay back, as well as learning how to cut your banker's profit, greatly reducing your mortgage repayments in the process. Save Money on Your Mortgage is an absolute must for every home owner, and could literally save you thousands of dollars.