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Eat Sleep Sit

Author : Kaoru Nonomura
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At the age of thirty, Kaoru Nonomura left his family, his girlfriend, and his job as a designer to undertake a year of ascetic training at Eiheiji, one of the most rigorous Zen training temples in Japan. This book is Nonomura's account of his experiences. He skillfully describes every aspect of training, including how to meditate, how to eat, how to wash, and even how to use the toilet, in a way that is easy to understand even for readers with no knowledge of Zen Buddhism. This first-person account also describes Nonomura's struggles in the face of beatings, hunger, exhaustion, fear, and loneliness, the comfort he draws from his friendships with the other trainees, and his quiet determination to give his life spiritual meaning. After writing Eat Sleep Sit, Kaoru Nonomura returned to his normal life as a designer, but his book has maintained its popularity in Japan, selling more than 100,000 copies since its first printing in 1996. Beautifully written, and a fascinating insight into a lifestyle of hardships that few people could endure, this is a book that will appeal to all those with an interest in Zen Buddhism and to anyone with an interest in the quest for spiritual growth.

Eat Sleep Pet Sitting Lined Notebook

Author : Mithmoth
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- 5" x 8" - 118 lined pages - College rule line spacing - If you love pet sitting you'll love this notebook. - 5x8 size makes it the perfect notebook for taking notes at home, at work, while traveling, or taking with you anywhere you go. - College rule lined pages let you write lots of notes and drawings. - Soft, matte finish cover is a joy to hold. - Makes a great gift for your favorite pet sitters.

Fairy Tales in the English Classroom Buch Audio CD

Author : Carola Lurtz
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Design for Children

Author : Kimberlie Birks
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A comprehensive, genre-defining survey of children's product and furniture design from Bauhaus to today Design for Children, a must-have book for all style-conscious and design-savvy readers, documents the evolution of design for babies, toddlers, and beyond. The book spotlights more than 450 beautiful, creative, stylish, and clever examples of designs created exclusively for kids - from toys, furniture, and tableware, to textiles, lights, and vehicles. Contemporary superstars and twentieth-century masters, including Philippe Starck, Nendo, Marc Newson, Piero Lissoni, Kengo Kuma, and Marcel Wanders, are showcased.

Eat Sleep Cycle

Author : Anna Hughes
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For Anna, a cycling enthusiast, the decision to ride 4,000 miles solo around the coast of the UK wasn’t that hard. Following the river from London until it became the sea, then following the sea until it reached the mouth of the Thames again was a beautifully simple idea. But after epic highs, incredible lows, unforgettable scenery and unpronounceable place names – as well as a hearty battle with some good old British weather – her simple idea turns into a compelling journey of self-discovery, and an eye-opening insight into what makes the island where she lives so special.

Short Stay Guide South Korea

Author :
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Ideal for both seasoned and beginning international travelers, this book has information on accommodations for all price ranges; options for traveling by air, bus, or road; restaurant phone numbers and popular Korean dishes; as well as information on local customs, tours, interpreters, and more.

Eat Sleep Poop

Author : Scott W. Cohen
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Written during award-winning pediatrician Dr. Scott W. Cohen’s first year as a father, this book is the only one to combine two invaluable “on the job” perspectives—the doctor’s and the new parent’s. The result is a refreshingly engaging and informative guide that includes all you need to know at each age and stage of your child’s first year. Drawing on the latest medical recommendations and his experiences at home and in the office, Dr. Cohen covers everything from preparing for your baby’s arrival to introducing her to a new sibling, to those three basic functions that will come to dominate a new parent’s life. Eat, Sleep, Poop addresses questions, strategies, myths, and all aspects of your child’s development. In each instance, Dr. Cohen provides a thorough overview and a simple answer or explanation: a “common sense bottom line,” yet he doesn’t dictate. The emphasis is on doing what is medically sound and what works best for you and your baby. He also includes fact sheets, easy-to-follow diagnosis and treatment guides, and humorous daddy vs. doctor sidebars that reveal the learning curve during his fi rst year as a dad. Lively, practical, and reassuring, Eat, Sleep, Poop provides the knowledge you need to parent with confidence, to relax and enjoy baby’s fi rst year, and to raise your child with the best tool a parent can have: informed common sense.

Eat Move Sleep

Author : Tom Rath
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Once in a while, a book comes along that changes how you think, feel, and act every day. In Eat Move Sleep, #1 New York Times bestselling author Tom Rath delivers a book that will improve your health for years to come. While Tom’s bestsellers on strengths and well-being have already inspired more than 5 million people in the last decade, Eat Move Sleep reveals his greatest passion and expertise. Quietly managing a serious illness for more than 20 years, Tom has assembled a wide range of information on the impact of eating, moving, and sleeping. Written in his classic conversational style, Eat Move Sleep features the most proven and practical ideas from his research. This remarkably quick read offers advice that is comprehensive yet simple and often counterintuitive but always credible. Eat Move Sleep will help you make good decisions automatic — in all three of these interconnected areas. With every bite you take, you will make better choices. You will move a lot more than you do today. And you will sleep better than you have in years. More than a book, Eat Move Sleep is a new way to live.

Medical and Surgical Reporter

Author :
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History of the United States Secret Service

Author : La Fayette Curry Baker
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Lafayette Baker served as a Union?spy during the Civil War and eventually took over the Union Intelligence Service from Allan Pinkerton. Baker suspected Secretary of War Edwin Stanton of corruption and was demoted after tapping his telegraph wires. After Lincoln's assassination, he returned to Washington, D.C. and played a vital role in rounding up those involved in the assassination plot. He was relieved of his position again after he was accused by President Johnson of spying on him, a charge Baker confesses to in his?History of the United States Secret Service, written as a response to his demotion. Baker passed away a year after publishing his book in 1868.

The Flowers of Evil

Author : Charles Baudelaire
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A modernist classic translated for the twenty-first century.

Life and Light for Woman

Author :
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The Complete Works of Shakspeare Revised from the Best Authorities with a Memoir and Essay on His Genius

Author : William Shakespeare
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The Living Age

Author :
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Practicing the Jhanas

Author : Stephen Snyder
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This is a clear and in-depth presentation of the traditional Theravadin concentration meditation known as jhāna practice, from two authors who have practiced the jhānas in retreat under the guidance of one of the great living meditation masters, Pa Auk Sayadaw. The authors describe the techniques and their results, based on their own experience.

Sometimes We Sit On Our Blisters

Author : Roxie M. Thompson
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As a young country, we are fortunate enough to have citizen’s whose lives have paralleled America’s history. Roxie Thompson is one such figure whose life has spanned eight decades in the United States. In this collection of memoirs, Roxie Thompson brings readers into a personal realm of intimate experiences, as well as into a bygone time rich with explorations of the world, and herself. Despite an early life filled with hard work and a great deal of sacrifices, Roxie Thompson’s life still managed to be interesting and worth the read.

Sitting Bull

Author : Stanley Vestal
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"If that is Long Hair, I am the one who killed him," White Bull, the young nephew of Sitting Bull, said when Bad Juice pointed out Custer's body immediately after the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Yet it was Sitting Bull who acquired the notoriety and was paraded in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show as "the warrior who killed Custer." But this new edition of Stanley Vestal's classic biography of the famous chief emphasizes that "Sitting Bull's fame does not rest upon the death of Custer’s five troops. Had he been twenty miles away shooting antelope that morning, he would still remain the greatest of the Sioux." The stirring account of the death throes of a mighty nation and its leader is the story of the "greatest of the Sioux" and his struggle to keep his people free and united. The Sioux were formidable warriors, as attested to by men who fought against them, like General Anson Mills, who said, "They were the best cavalry in the world; their like will never be seen again," but they were up against an overwhelming tide of soldiers, homesteaders, and bureaucrats. Sitting Bull fought long and hard and "He was ... a statesman, one of the most farsighted we have had," but statesmanship could not prevail against such odds. This powerful biography of Sitting Bull is brought to a new generation of readers in h a new and expanded edition, for much new material had been added to the original edition (published in 1932) that could not be disclosed while the informants were still living. Sitting Bull is a moving account of the epic courage of one man in the face of his inevitable defeat as the last defender of his people's rights.

Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies

Author : Meri Reffetto
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Get proven results from this safe, effective, and easy-to-follow diet The glycemic load is a ranking system for carbohydrate-rich food that measures the amount of carbohydrates in a serving. The glycemic index indicates how rapidly a carbohydrate is digested and released as glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream. Using the Glycemic Index is a proven method for calculating the way carbohydrates act in your body to help you lose weight, safely, quickly, and effectively. The second edition of The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies presents this system in an easy-to-apply manner, giving you the tools and tips you need to shed unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. You'll not only discover how to apply the glycemic index to your existing diet plan, but you'll also get new and updated information on how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Recommends foods that boost metabolism, promote weight loss, and provide longer-lasting energy Features delicious GI recipes for glycemic-friendly cooking at home Includes exercises for maintaining glycemic index weight loss and promoting physical fitness Offers guidance on shopping for food as well as eating at restaurants and away from home Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies, 2nd Edition is for anyone looking for an easy-to-apply guide to making the switch to this healthy lifestyle.

John Wilson Junior Novel of the Northwestern Virginia Panhandle

Author : Billie Conner
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There were many stories told about the Great Flood of April 5th, 1852, but few were as heartwarming and heartbreaking as the one about two brave men, Albert Sawyer and Tom Lewis. They were the two men who attempted to rescue a woman and two children they saw clinging to the rooftop of a house, floating down the Monongahela River.

Thought Process

Author : Paul Quintavalle
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Jamie Donnelly is a high school junior who leads a carefree, idyllic life in suburban Southern New Jersey. He has skipped through life relying on his quick wit, good looks and natural intelligence. His life changes suddenly when he suffers a cerebral aneurysm and then becomes the first person in the world to have revolutionary technology surgically implanted. Jamie faces his ultimate challenge when he is forced to take on a powerful group of people, including a presidential candidate, who see the technology as a way to dominate US politics and business. A diverse group of friends bring their individual talents to help Jamie, as he is running for his life trying to solve the mystery of who is behind the conspiracy. His ordeal forces him to grow from an immature teen to a resourceful, responsible man who not only learns more about himself, but gains a deeper appreciation of the people around him.