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Eat4Earth Transcripts

Author : Brendan Moorehead
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Eat4Earth is an online summit featuring 42 experts that came together for a deep dive exploration of the connections between food, health, soil, climate change, and the health of our oceans.This 700-page book contains the transcripts of 52 interviews with these 42 visionary innovators, including David Wolfe, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dave Asprey, Mark Sisson, Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Drew Manning, Nora Gedgaudas, Wendy Myers, and many more, including little-known innovators with discoveries that may change the course of human history.Here's some of what you'll learn: -The deeper truth about "leaky gut syndrome" and how you can start healing it in minutes (Zach Bush, Day 1)-Which common mineral deficiencies put you at higher risk of cancer (Veronique Desaulniers and Manuela Boyle, Day 3)-Which mineral is associated with the lowest incidence of cancer in populations around the world, and why turmeric grown in India has high levels of phytonutrients like curcumin (Robert Van Risseghem, Day 5)-How to protect yourself from surprising sources of arsenic and cadmium, two of the most dangerous heavy metals, including the "health food" that carries arsenic into your body, even from organic sources (Dr. Joseph Pizzorno and Walter Jehne, Day 5 and Day 9 bonus interviews).-Little-known binders for removing heavy metals from your body, one of which also removes radioactive isotopes like cesium 137 from Fukushima (Joseph Mercola, Day 4 and Wendy Myers, Day 5)-The crucial role of molybdenum for liver health and blood sugar regulation (Robert Van Risseghem, Day 5)-Which mineral to add more of to your soil to increase the levels of 22 other minerals by as much as 10x in plants grown there (Robert Van Risseghem, Day 5)-The four key practices that enable Elizabeth Kaiser to produce $105,000 in revenue per acre on her vegetable farm (Elizabeth Kaiser, Day 7)-What you need to do to grow nutrient-rich foods anywhere starting with any kind of soil, even beginning with dead dirt (Elaine Ingham, Day 1 and Graeme Sait, Day 9 bonus interview).-A delicious formula for opening congested arteries in the heart and blocking the formation of a certain carcinogen in your gut (Caldwell Esselstyn, Day 6).-The enzyme some people lack for converting plant-based omega-3 fats to the form used in our bodies, and why people lacking this enzyme can probably only get enough of these essential fats from animal sources (Nora Gedgaudas, Day 6 and bonus interviews)-How your body's response to caffeine provides a clue about the bio-individuality of your detoxification pathways (Joseph Pizzorno, Day 9 bonus interview).-How Phase 1 and Phase II detoxification enzymes can get out of balance and what you need to do to correct this (Joseph Pizzorno, Day 5 and Day 9 bonus interview)-"Phase III" detoxification, and how this is affected by the mix of bacterial species in your microbiome (Joseph Pizzorno)This is what some of the experts who were interviewed had to say: "You asked me some of the best questions of anybody who has interviewed me, and I've probably done 100 interviews in the last year with the launch of my book ... So I like the quality of thinking." Joseph Pizzorno, ND"You have come up with the most impressive list of questions, so thank you. I've been doing podcasts with people for almost three years, and nobody has come up with that well thought-out of an outline ... So I'm excited for this." Zach Bush, MDReviews: "Wow. Wow. Wow. The interview with Dr. Zach Bush was incredible. I am so excited for more. I want everyone in the world to listen to that interview and all future ones as well." WK"The speakers are just amazing so much incredible information. Everyone needs to be listening to what they have to say. Mind blowing stuff!!!!!!" JR