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Eclectic Libbyland

Author : Francis DiPietro
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Walton Friendly can seem like any number of things; from an obsessive-compulsive Mormon who stalks an astonishing woman named Libby Hendricks, to an artist vanquished from the core of his beliefs. He wanders through a dreamscape of emotions, and enlists the most unlikely of helpers: “Crazy Bill” Capresci, self-proclaimed kingpin of the subway derelicts. Walton thinks he deserted the United States Army. Bill has deserted people, preferring the regularity of trains to the disparity of human kindness. They agree to unite in the quest for Libby, for it will surely be their last attempt to find some redeeming element in a world which has swiftly abandoned them. Serving as a trump to this situation is the possibility that Walton Friendly may be the deposed President of the United States, made to disappear in an elaborate and conjoining plot between the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, and Joint Chiefs. He had radical ideas which were beginning to shake the infrastructure of the old power system. Could Libby be nothing more than a willing, paid participant in the reprogramming of a revolutionary political mind who is still too potentially useful to kill? Or is Libby the true heart and source of the project?

The Best of Francis DiPietro

Author : Francis DiPietro
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Machiavellian melancholy, Burroughsian bohemia, Kafkaesque Kerouac, and a wild, unyielding humor abound! “From grammar school I’ve been able to draw or write things that made people laugh,” says the author, “and that has progressed into a kind of free-spirited entertainment.” Indeed, this is less a “Best of” collection as it is an editorial challenge, for the ten unique novels drawn upon and highlighted are themselves keys which urge further exploration of this fringe author’s striking works. “In all honesty, I love your manuscript and think it’s creative and hilarious…” —Caroline Lyddy Adult Trade Editorial Department, Houghton Mifflin

The Piltdown Latitudes

Author : Francis DiPietro
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Prudholm Bay-a sleepy seaside community with a bad attitude. It may be the salty air, it may be the industrial plants, but Prudholm has nurtured quite an odd batch of townsfolk. When Ariel, the local party girl, is found floating in the waters near Prudholm's Nine Points lighthouse, it seemed like her story was over. With diligence and fervor, however, someone has been digging up her corpse and copulating with it. And the audacity of the necrophilia escalates while a relatively fruitless search ensues for her killer/defiler. Seeing his chance to capitalize on his town's misfortune, Anslo Creevington, the local millionaire, constructs a theme park dedicated to (and depicting) Ariel's various unearthings. Morals and scruples fly to the wind as the once-quiet Prudholm Bay plunges into a mudpile of argument and exploitation. From the book: "Was our action really so monstrous in a world where sirens have replaced birds in the night? A world where wars are conducted to sharpen the act of conducting " Only one man can save Prudholm from its vapid course, and he's one of the prime suspects.

Swarm of Five

Author : Francis DiPietro
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Stories in Swarm of Five stand in complimentary contrast to one another, united by an arc of succulent imagery and memorable characters. From the wild, chaotic, wry and politically apocalyptic overtones of "Beat Me Sweetly, Heavy Jesus" to the subtle complexities of retelling the life of an unknown hero in "Legacy of a Teacher," DiPietro strives to capture a diverse sampling from the borderlands of storytelling. The pseudo-autobiographical parody of "Groveling Music: The Soundtrack to My Remarried Life" presents the most engaging glimpse yet into the mind of this longtime author and veteran of the final age of pulp magazines, with DiPietro escaping to a park in Texas for six days while his new wife, half his age, goes to a resort spa to pamper herself at his expense. Insecurities and bawdy reminiscences abound as DiPietro, aging and rueful of his diminishing sexual prowess, travels the lonely spaces of America in deep thought and strange mood. Shorter works of "The Dojo Demon" and "When Pickpockets Collide" are experimental and wide-ranging psychological fantasies which explore the oft-dirty and unenviable depths of human machination. Swarm of Five accomplishes the difficult task of offering engaging tales in a spectrum of tastes and textures.

Bowker s Guide to Characters in Fiction 2007

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