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Editorial Design

Author : Cath Caldwell
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Editorial Design: Digital and Print is a comprehensive guide to the traditional and digital skills that a designer will need for a future career in visual journalism today – the design of magazines and newspapers for a wide variety of markets. Generously illustrated, including case studies, practical exercises and tips, examples of best practice and profiles of individual designers including Mark Porter, Scott Dadich and Janet Froelich, the book explains the fundamentals of editorial design and layout. Subjects covered include current and emerging digital formats, branding, how to create layouts, handling copy and images, design, and production skills and trends in editorial design. With insider advice and opinions from leading contemporary designers, the book is a practical reference and learning resource that will teach readers everything they need to know to reach the top of the profession.

It s a Matter of Editorial Design

Author : Viction:workshop
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In this third installment in Amatterofdesign'sTM brilliant new series, the focus is upon editorial design. The book is primarily concerned with exploring the graphic treatment of books, magazines and periodical publications. Rather than instruct or survey, its intent is to spark the reader's imagination and provide inspiration by highlighting & explaining numerous real-world design practices while simultaneously reinforcing the basics of design. It's a Matter of Editorial Design features samples of contemporary editorial design by wellknown and popular design firms from all over the world, presenting highly regarded work together with a whole host of fresh ideas and examples from up-and-coming designers.

Page Design

Author : Wang Shaoqiang
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Page Design pays tribute to the tradition of print editorial design by focusing on its outstanding contemporary value. This volume offers a panorama of contemporary trends and styles through a selection of one hundred projects of different sizes, from flyers and magazines to posters, catalogues and books. Each of the featured projects is a statement of aesthetic and conceptual principles. Containing case studies and tips and tricks, this book is full of ideas on page layout, interaction between sections and the optimum way to convey a message.

Editorial Design

Author : Yolanda Zappaterra
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This book offers an accessible and comprehensive guide to visual journalism today - the design of a variety of magazines and newspapers, both in their print and online forms. Generously illustrated, including case studies, practical exercises, examples and profiles of individual designers, the book explains the fundamentals of editorial design and layout. It provides an overview of current practices and shows how and why editorial design is its own discipline, differing from other areas of graphic design.

The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design

Author : Gavin Ambrose
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris is a straight talking guide to the numerous terms used within the realms of art and design. Over 250 terms are explained and contextualised. It is suitable for those studying and those simply interested in art and design.

Graphic Design School

Author : David Dabner
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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By providing practical advice on all aspects of graphic design—from understanding basics to developing original concepts to creating finished designs—Graphic Design School allows students to develop core competencies while understanding how these fundamentals translate into new and evolving media. With examples from web, app, social media, magazines, websites and book, the Sixth Edition provides an overview of the visual communications profession. A brand-new section on User Experience and User Interface Design, covers topics essential to layout while heavily updated chapters on Designing for the Web and Mobile Apps tackle the latest technology and problem solving tools needed to succeed. Topics covered include: color, typographic rules and typefaces, coding requirements, information architecture, file organization, web design and layout, mobile device composition, app design, CMS, designing for social media, and SEO. Includes full color illustrations throughout the book, as well as case studies, designer biographies, and student assignments for testing skills and concepts.

Graphic Design Solutions

Author : Robin Landa
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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GRAPHIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS, 6th EDITION, is the most comprehensive reference on graphic design for print and screen media. Author Robin Landa introduces principles of design and how they apply to the various graphic design disciplines, and major applications are explained and illustrated with professional work and diagrams. This text serves as a solid foundation for typographic design, advertising design and graphic design. In-depth coverage includes such topics as design principles, the design process, concept generation, branding and visual identity, design for web and mobile, package design, portfolio development, social media, ad campaigns and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Designing the Editorial Experience

Author : Sue Apfelbaum
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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In a world of media that seems to be ever-changing, how do we define a newspaper, magazine or journal? Are we drinking our morning coffee on a Sunday as we sit down and read our newstablet? Look around any doctor’s office waiting room and you will find two people reading the same magazine, one holding the paper version, another on their phone.DIV/divDIVWith so many medium options, designers need to evaluate the best formats to convey an editorial vision. In Designing the Editorial Experience, authors Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar will discuss what it means to design for multiple media. It features advice from professionals in both the design and editorial fronts —and digital strategists too— about what is constant and what is changing in the field./divDIV/divDIVInside, you will find examples of the best editorial design being produced today. In addition, explore the audiences for content, what forms the content takes, and how workflows are managed. This book provides a primer on the elements of editorial design that result in rich, thoughtful, and rewarding editorial experiences./div

GOOD an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design

Author : Lucienne Roberts
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Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design is a detailed study of ethical practice in graphic design and other visual arts disciplines.

Graphic Design on the Desktop

Author : Marcelle Lapow Toor
File Size : 71.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The complete and user-friendly introduction to graphic design--in a new edition Now with information on Web site design, plus examples, exercises, and more! Today, anyone with a good basic computer setup can produce a newsletter or a Web page--but to create effective, professional-quality pieces that stand out from the competition, you need more than a hard drive and some decent software. You need an understanding of how visual communication works and a solid grasp of the principles of design, composition, and typography. You need Graphic Design on the Desktop. Written specifically for those who have little or no design background or experience, this accessible guide teaches you the fundamentals of sound graphic design and gives you the practical know-how to put them to work on your own projects, from initial concept through final production. This new edition covers every key element of the design process, including format, layout and page design, typesetting, color, and illustrations--and offers clear explanations of type terminology, printing terms, and more. It guides you step-by-step through the design and production of ads, posters, brochures, and other promotional materials, as well as newsletters and magazines. A separate chapter on designing for the Web helps you make the most of home page and Web site designs. Complete with helpful examples, exercises, hints, and checklists, plus tips on common pitfalls and how to avoid them, Graphic Design on the Desktop is the ideal design partner for projects that get attention and get results.

Graphic Design Referenced

Author : Armin Vit
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Graphic Design, Referenced is a visual and informational guide to the most commonly referenced terms, historical moments, landmark projects, and influential practitioners in the field of graphic design. With more than 2,000 design projects illustrating more than 400 entries, it provides an intense overview of the varied elements that make up the graphic design profession through a unique set of chapters: “principles" defines the very basic foundation of what constitutes graphic design to establish the language, terms, and concepts that govern what we do and how we do it, covering layout, typography, and printing terms; “knowledge" explores the most influential sources through which we learn about graphic design from the educational institutions we attend to the magazines and books we read; “representatives" gathers the designers who over the years have proven the most prominent or have steered the course of graphic design in one way or another; and “practice" highlights some of the most iconic work produced that not only serve as examples of best practices, but also illustrate its potential lasting legacy. Graphic Design, Referenced serves as a comprehensive source of information and inspiration by documenting and chronicling the scope of contemporary graphic design, stemming from the middle of the twentieth century to today.

Newspaper Design

Author : Gestalten
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Newspaper Design showcases the best of editorial and graphic design from the most renowned newspapers across the world, and proves that skillful news design matters more than ever before. Over recent years, the world of news making has dramatically changed. Newspaper Design examines the forces that have transformed the industry and showcases the best of editorial design in the news context. Following the shift to digital, the role of visual journalists has evolved. As our reading habits change, so do the ways in which designers deal with typography, grid systems and illustration in order to tell a story in the most engaging way. Newspaper Design discusses the daily challenges of journalists and editorial designers, and introduces the work of the teams behind some of the most influential newspapers, such as the New York Times, the Guardian, and Libération. Unique insights from professionals paired with outstanding visual examples reveal the inner workings of the news industry and make Newspaper Design a must-have for designers, publishers and journalists. Javier Errea is the director of Errea Communications, president of the Spanish chapter of the Society for News Design, and coordinator for the Malofiej World Summit and International Infographics Awards.

Annual of Advertising Editorial TV Art Design

Author :
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Mute Magazine Graphic Design

Author : Pauline Van Mourik Broekman
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In the early 1990s, long before the Internet became an integral part of life, a handful of pioneering magazines took it upon themselves to imagine the web into existence. Using fiction, interviews, speculative theory and experimental graphic design, these titles helped create a lexicon and iconography every bit as powerful as the architecture of the World Wide Web. London-based Mute occupied a central position here, wielding an influence vastly disproportionate to its size. This book presents a full overview of the magazine over a decade, showing its entire output - logos, covers and spreads. Using generous illustrations and in-depth captions, it details recurrent graphic themes and places Mute's evolution in perspective.

Meggs History of Graphic Design

Author : Philip B. Meggs
File Size : 39.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The bestselling graphic design reference, updated for the digital age Meggs' History of Graphic Design is the industry's unparalleled, award-winning reference. With over 1,400 high-quality images throughout, this visually stunning text guides you through a saga of artistic innovators, breakthrough technologies, and groundbreaking developments that define the graphic design field. The initial publication of this book was heralded as a publishing landmark, and author Philip B. Meggs is credited with significantly shaping the academic field of graphic design. Meggs presents compelling, comprehensive information enclosed in an exquisite visual format. The text includes classic topics such as the invention of writing and alphabets, the origins of printing and typography, and the advent of postmodern design. This new sixth edition has also been updated to provide: The latest key developments in web, multimedia, and interactive design Expanded coverage of design in Asia and the Middle East Emerging design trends and technologies Timelines framed in a broader historical context to help you better understand the evolution of contemporary graphic design Extensive ancillary materials including an instructor's manual, expanded image identification banks, flashcards, and quizzes You can't master a field without knowing the history. Meggs' History of Graphic Design presents an all-inclusive, visually spectacular arrangement of graphic design knowledge for students and professionals. Learn the milestones, developments, and pioneers of the trade so that you can shape the future.

Graphic Design

Author : Ellen Lupton
File Size : 76.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This guide aims to move students away from a cut-and-paste mentality and refocus design instruction on the fundamentals of form (starting from such basics as point and line) in a critical, rigorous way informed by contemporary media, theory and software systems.

AIGA Journal of Graphic Design

Author :
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Photo graphic Design

Author : Allen Hurlburt
File Size : 58.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Traces the development of the photographic process, shows examples of creative approaches to graphics, and discusses the use of color and special photographic techniques

Surprise Me

Author : Horst Moser
File Size : 83.21 MB
Format : PDF
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More than 1,500 colorful examples of the world's best and most interesting magazines.

The Graphic Design Reference Specification Book

Author : Poppy Evans
File Size : 72.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Graphic Design Reference & Specification Book should always be next to a designer's computer. Completely practical with only the most needed information, this valuable book provides designers with all the little details that can make or break a design, such as how much space to leave in the gutter when designing barrel folds, how to layout a template for a box, and the ratios of each part, as well as metric conversion charts, standard envelope sizes in the USA, Europe, Canada and Asia, and much more. This hardworking handbook is compact and accessible and is a must-have for any graphic designer.