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The New Majority

Author : Duncan Campbell
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Serving the New Majority Student

Author : Eric Malm
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The New Majority Student utilizes a business perspective to academic transformation, providing a guide to how universities can restructure to meet student needs. The contributors provide frameworks of how institutions can reallocate technology, effort (internal, external, student, faculty) and finances to reimagine programs.

Educating a New Majority

Author : Laura I. Rendon
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This book provides a comprehensive assessment of how well our educational system—from kindergarten through college—serves disadvantaged minority students, and offers a wealth of ideas for strengthening the entire educational pipeline. In twenty original chapters by the country's best thinkers in educational policy throughout the K—16 system, the book presents a holistic, highly coordinated, systemwide approach to improving the education of minority students.

Social Capitalism in Theory and Practice Emergence of the new majority

Author : Robert Corfe
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The opening volume in a trilogy describes the new heterogeneous middle-middle majority who have climbed from proletarian origins, as well as those from the upper middle classes whose confidence and affluence have been broken on the wheel of egalitarian forces.

Surmounting All Odds Vol 2

Author : Carol Camp Yeakey
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Volume 2 in the two volume set about overcoming the odds in African American Education.

Marketing to the New Majority

Author : David Burgos
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Today, diversity is the default, not the exception. "Minorities" are already the majority in some of the biggest cities in the United States, and demographers predict that the same will be true of the country as a whole before 2050. Yet companies continue to address the "general market" as a separate audience from ethnic consumers, rather than acknowledging that the new mainstream is itself multicultural. In addition, many who do target multicultural audiences still employ ad strategies that rely heavily on stereotypes and fail to resonate with minority communities. Here, David Burgos and Ola Mobolade look at the changed marketplace revealed in the new 2010 Census data, and show marketers how to develop integrated campaigns that effectively reach these culturally diverse consumer populations. Drawing on interviews with industry leaders and Millward Brown's vast database of consumer research, this book will be a roadmap to the opportunities and challenges of marketing to the new mainstream in a way that feels natural, respectful, and inclusive.

Richard Nixon and the Quest for a New Majority

Author : Robert Mason
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In recent years historians have paid substantial attention to the origins of modern political conservatism and the record of the Nixon administration in building a Republican majority in the late twentieth century. In Richard Nixon and the Quest for a New Majority, Robert Mason analyzes Nixon's response to the developing conservative climate and challenges revisionist claims about the activist nature of the Nixon administration. Nixon was an activist in intent, Mason contends, but not in deed. Nixon's "silent majority" speech of 1969 not only undermined the growth of the antiwar movement, Mason shows, but also identified a constituency for Nixon to cultivate in order to secure reelection. However, the implementation of his new-majority project was hindered by the resort to dirty tricks against political opponents and the ineffectual pursuit of a policy agenda. Although some Nixon initiatives were enacted, says Mason, they were not substantial enough to rival the Democrats' bread-and-butter issues. While Nixon built Republican strength at the presidential level, Mason argues that he did not succeed in mobilizing popular support for broad-based political conservatism.

The New Majority

Author : Stanley B. Greenberg
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The contributors to this volume argue that America is ready for progressive politics, and that embarking on a popular progressive course, the Democratic Party can become the moral voice of all American families striving for a better life.

Building a New Majority

Author : Michael P. Balzano
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Building a New Majority weaves together the autobiographical recollections of the political and professional life of the author, Michael P. Balzano, with his seasoned analysis of several successful Republican presidential campaigns. The combination provides the foundation for recommendations for current and future Republican candidates to follow in capturing a majority of the nations working-class voters. The narrative follows the author, the son of working-class Italian immigrants, from his boyhood in New Haven, Connecticut, through his time as a high-school dropout and garbage collector to his return to school, where he earned a doctoral degree at Georgetown University. His story attracted the attention of staff members in the administration of President Richard M. Nixon. Brought on board to provide insights and to coordinate efforts to reach ethnic and working-class voters as part of Nixons strategy to create a New Majority, he contributed to the winning 1972 campaign. He later performed similar roles in President Ronald Reagans 1980 and 1984 campaigns and in President George H. W. Bushs 1988 campaign. From these experiences, he offers guidance to Republican candidates seeking to win elections by appealing to members of labor unions and the working class. For any political party to win the White House, it must capture a majority of working-class voters. Building a New Majority is a blueprint for constructing a new Republican majority that can win elections. Building upon those victories, they can govern in ways that invite all people to share in a common future in which individuals may improve their social status and their economic wellbeing, living out the American Dream.

New Majority Or Old Minority

Author : Associate Professor of Political Science Nicol C Rae
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This volume of original essays by leading congressional scholars explores the impact of the Republican majority on Congress with attention to the history of the institution and party characteristics present and future. Visit our website for sample chapters!