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Educating the Deliberate Professional

Author : Franziska Trede
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This book takes a fresh look at professional practice and professional education. In times of increased managerialism of academic teaching and a focus on graduate learning outcomes, it discusses possibilities to teach and learn otherwise. A deliberate professional is someone who consciously, thoughtfully and courageously makes choices about how to act and be in the practice world. A pedagogy of deliberateness is introduced that focuses on developing the following four characteristics of professionals: (1) deliberating on the complexity of practice and workplace cultures and environments; (2) understanding what is probable, possible and impossible in relation to existing and changing practices; (3) taking a deliberate stance in positioning oneself in practice as well as in making technical decisions; and (4) being aware of and responsible for the consequences of actions taken or actions not taken in relation to the ‘doing’, ‘saying’, ‘knowing’ and ‘relating’ in practice. Educating the deliberate professional is a comprehensive volume that carves out and explores a framework for a pedagogy of deliberateness that goes beyond educating reflective and deliberative practitioners. As a whole, this book argues for the importance of educating deliberate professionals, because, in the current higher education climate, there is a need to reconcile critique (thinking), participation (doing) and moral responsibility (relating to others) in professional practice and professional education.

Ensuring Quality in Professional Education Volume II

Author : Karen Trimmer
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This book examines quality teaching in professional education in the fields of engineering and international knowledge structures. The second of a two-volume series, the editors and contributors structure the book around case studies which highlight the elements constituting good practice within professional education. While there is no one specific route to prepare well-qualified professionals, this volume explores the decisions the academics responsible for delivering this education make to ensure quality curricula. Ultimately, the key to effective preparations rests with the value employers place on the focus, emphasis and balance between the academic and practical in relation to their own expectations for skills that graduates must have. The second volume in this collection will appeal to students and scholars of professional pedagogy, and engineering pedagogy more specifically.

Engineering Education

Author :
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Curriculum Models and Early Childhood Education

Author : Stacie G. Goffin
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This thoroughly up-to-date and completely accessible book uses a socio-historical perspective to examine the major curriculum models of early childhood education. It examines the approaches of Montessori, Developmental-Interaction, Direct Instruction, Kamii-DeVries, High-Scope, and Reggio Emilia curriculum. Comprehensive coverage looks at each model in terms of purpose and function, impact on early childhood education, theoretical underpinnings, and current evaluations. For parents and teachers interested in early childhood education and curriculum.

Education Quarterly

Author : New York University. School of Education
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School Society and the Professional Educator

Author : Frank H. Blackington
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Career Development and Transition Education for Adolescents with Disabilities

Author : Gary M. Clark
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Measurement and Guidance in Library Education and Professional Employment

Author : American Library Association. Measurement and Guidance Committee
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Official Report of the National Conference

Author : National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards (U.S.)
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Report of the national Conference

Author : National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards (U.S.)
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Improving Teaching and Institutional Quality

Author :
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The Professional Education of High School Teachers

Author : Wesley Ernest Peik
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Career long Teacher Education

Author : Ralph Bookman
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Education Canada

Author :
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Problems and Prospects in Continuing Professional Education

Author : Ronald M. Cervero
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Higher Education the Law and Parameters for Action

Author : Douglas Parker Young
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Working with Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender College Students

Author : Ronni L. Sanlo
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This professional reference guide will help administrators and faculty understand the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

Dynamics of Effective Secondary Teaching

Author : William W. Wilen
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Dynamics of Effective Secondary Teaching integrates theory and research with current classroom practice to help future and in-service secondary teachers make instructional and management decisions for the purpose of improving instruction. Realistic scenarios, numerous examples and illustrations from all subject areas, classroom observation forms, and valuable websites are what makes this text so practical, providing preservice teachers a direct link to classroom practice. As with previous editions, the major feature of this book is the authors' emphasis on decision-making as the thread that links all the topics together. Decision-making is introduced in Chapter 1 as a process fundamental to educators and is revisited to enforce the application in each chapter. The authors' view of decision-making considers it from a constructivist view of teaching and learning based on reflection and "meaning making." Unique to this book is the inclusion in each chapter of a scenario in which a middle or secondary school teacher, representing a wide range of subject areas and grade levels, applies key ideas to the classroom. These scenarios, which appear near the beginning of each chapter, are referred to and analyzed throughout the chapter to provide a running commentary on the theoretical content being presented.

The Journal of Negro Education

Author : Charles Henry Thompson
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The purpose of the Journal is threefold: first, to stimulate the collection and facilitate the dissemination of facts about the education of Black people; second, to present discussions involving critical appraisals of the proposals and practices relating to the education of Black peoplle; third, to stimulate and sponsor investigations of issues incident to the education of Black people.

Catching Up Remedial Education

Author : John E. Roueche
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