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Higher Education and Equality of Opportunity

Author : Fred Lazin
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This volume provides a broad overview of recent higher education policy in a variety of countries, both developed and developing, around the world. Using interdisciplinary methods and analysis, it focuses on how diminishing governmental resources and expanding market forces influence higher education policy in different countries in terms of access, minority status (including ethnic, national and gender groups), affirmative action, quality, and performance.

Education and Equality

Author : Danielle Allen
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American education as we know it today—guaranteed by the state to serve every child in the country—is still less than a hundred years old. It’s no wonder we haven’t agreed yet as to exactly what role education should play in our society. In these Tanner Lectures, Danielle Allen brings us much closer, examining the ideological impasse between vocational and humanistic approaches that has plagued educational discourse, offering a compelling proposal to finally resolve the dispute. Allen argues that education plays a crucial role in the cultivation of political and social equality and economic fairness, but that we have lost sight of exactly what that role is and should be. Drawing on thinkers such as John Rawls and Hannah Arendt, she sketches out a humanistic baseline that re-links education to equality, showing how doing so can help us reframe policy questions. From there, she turns to civic education, showing that we must reorient education’s trajectory toward readying students for lives as democratic citizens. Deepened by commentaries from leading thinkers Tommie Shelby, Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, Michael Rebell, and Quiara Alegría Hudes that touch on issues ranging from globalization to law to linguistic empowerment, this book offers a critical clarification of just how important education is to democratic life, as well as a stirring defense of the humanities.

Education and Equality

Author : David Rubinstein
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Equality and Inequality in Education Policy

Author : Liz Dawtrey
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Discusses the history and gendered nature of education policy and the impact of policies on practice in education. The articles represent a range of views and approaches to education, demonstrating the complexity of educational experience and the influence of class, race, culture and gender.

Education Equality and Human Rights

Author : Mike Cole
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Education for Equality

Author : Patricia Smith Butcher
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One of the primary goals of the women's rights movement--securing rights to higher education--has remained virtually unexamined and, consequently, all but unknown. In filling that gap, Butcher links two little-known aspects of the women's rights movement: its press and its struggle to secure for women the advantages of higher education. Eleven of the best-known papers are analyzed here in chapters covering the women's rights press, the purpose of women's education, coeducation, women as teachers, and the professional and graduate education of women.

Equality Education and Physical Education

Author : John Evans
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In this book, first published in 1993, John Evans presents a guideline for challenging sexism, racism and elitism in programmes of physical education. Physical education in relation to social class, gender, race and disability is also discussed. The results arising show problems in the teaching of physical education, and examines the importance of physical education in the development of the child in today's educational system. It is the intention of the contributors to help practitioners clarify their thinking on concepts and issues involved in effecting equal opportunities in physical education. In turn, it is hoped that this will lead to better formation of physical education programmes which demonstrate both equality and equity. This title will be of interest not only to teachers but to students of sociology and education.

Education and Equality in Japan

Author : William K. Cummings
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On the basis of direct personal observation in the classroom, systematically gathered data, and extensive reading in primary sources, the author provides a rich description of how a society can be gradually transformed by the educational process in its schools. He then relates this process to the problems of the advanced industrial world. Originally published in 1980. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Practising Gender Equality in Education

Author : Elaine Unterhalter
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Contributors discuss some key challenges in achieving gender equality in education, give examples of initiatives in a range of contexts, and make recommendations for action. They suggest that there is a more substantive goal to aim for than gender parity, for an equitable education system which allows all individuals to develop their potential.

Equality in Education Fairness and Inclusion

Author : Hongzhi Zhang
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"Equality in Education: Fairness and Inclusion is a scholarly call to action. As the book reminds us, governments come and go and in doing so they busy themselves with policy to mark their patch. Inequality and exclusion remain stubborn foes that are proving to be somewhat impervious to glossy policy pronouncements. The change that Hugo Claus calls for requires careful analysis and bold actions. The editors have assembled a collection of insightful essays that assist in that project. Professor Roger Slee, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia This book attempts to consider the notion of fairness and inclusion in the context of education from different national perspectives, which is a laudable undertaking. The Editors have managed to put together a diverse, informative, and interesting account of equality and fairness that transcends international borders. The Editors are to be commended on their remarkable achievement in bringing together so many authors to discuss such an important subject, yet producing a cohesive collection of chapters that elucidate the diverse nature of equity in education. Professor Divya Jindal Snape, University of Dundee, UK"

Mary McLeod Bethune Education and Equality

Author : Heather E. Schwartz
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Mary McLeod Bethune: Education and Equality, profiles what life was like for this educator and civil rights activist. Students will develop their higher-order thinking skills and build vocabulary with this intriguing biography that is based on state standards. Implemented in the classroom or at home, this resource includes text features such as an index and glossary, and discusses different social studies topics. Bring the history of Florida to life through intriguing primary source documents!

Equality in the Primary School

Author : Dave Hill
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Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from a diverse group of contributors, this volume addresses the importance of going beyond equal opportunities. The contributors provide a compelling argument for promoting equality in primary schools. Issues covered include: social class; race; gender; sexual orientation; disability and special educational needs with reference to all subjects taught at primary school level.

Educational Equality

Author : Harry Brighouse
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Considers the philosophical debates surrounding equality and education. >

Education Finance Equality and Equity

Author : Iris BenDavid-Hadar
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This volume revisits educational equality and equity issues, especially, in education finance-related topics consisting of 15 chapters and organized in two parts. The first part of the volume entitled “Education Finance”, focuses on equity aspects of resource allocation and its influence on education. The second part, entitled “Educational Equality and Equity”, focuses on the conceptualization, and the measurements of educational inequity, and inequality with special emphasis on the cost of inequality. The field of education finance has been significantly influencing policy-makers in many countries in recent years. This volume is focused on equity and equality in education finance in an international frame. This book would be of interest to (1) scholars at the fields of education finance, economics of education, and educational policy, (2) graduate students at the course of school finance or economics of education, and (3) local and global policy makers at the fields of education policy, and education finance.

Gender Justice Education and Equality

Author : Firdevs Melis Cin
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This book reframes gender and education issues from a feminist and capabilities perspective through a multi-generational study of women as teachers. It explores how different understandings of gender, equality and education generate a variety of approaches with which to pursue gender equality in education. Through employing the capabilities approach in a critical and innovative way to question justice, agency and well-being and also to evaluate valued functionings and capabilities, freedoms and lack of opportunities in women’s lives in Turkey it highlights the need for constructing a gender-just society. The book takes a closer look at these women’s memories, in order to understand how gender roles were created, negotiated and contested, and how the transition to modern ways of socialising and existing was shaped and women’s emancipation was guided by women teachers as social actors, rather than as passive onlookers or oppressed individuals. It provides important insights and critical evidence to be used in the planning and implementation of education and social/gender policies.

Education Equality and Development Persistent Paradoxes in Indian Women s History

Author : CWDS
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Education, Equality and Development: Persistent Paradoxes in India Women's History

Sylvia Mendez

Author : J. M. Klein
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When she was only eight years old, Sylvia Mendez was part of a legal battle that ended segregation for Hispanic students in California. Seven years later, that barrier-breaking court case set a precedent for ending segregation across the country for students of all races and backgrounds. With this biography, readers will learn how Sylvia Mendez's parents fought for Hispanic students in California, how Mendez herself persevered through court cases and harassment at her new school, and how she is fighting for students today. A timeline and sidebars illustrate the connections between Mendez and other court cases for equality.

Equality Equity and Diversity

Author : Alfonso Unceta
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"Published in conjunction with the University of the Basque Country."

Equality And Achievement In Education

Author : James S. Coleman
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This book presents a major report that has evoked extensive controversy and initiated extensive policy debate on equality and achievement in education. It examines the concept of equality of educational opportunity and the relations between equality and achievement and between families and schools.

Radical Hope

Author : Noel Pearson
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In Radical Hope, one of Australia's most original and provocative thinkers turns his attention to the question of education. Noel Pearson begins with two fundamental questions- How to ensure the survival of a people, their culture and way of life? And can education transform the lives of the disadvantaged many, or will it at best raise up a fortunate few? In an essay that is personal and philosophical, wide-ranging and politically engaged, Pearson discusses what makes a good teacher and recalls his own mentors and inspirations. He argues powerfully that underclass students, many of whom are Aboriginal, should receive a rigorous schooling that gives them the means to negotiate the wider world. He examines the long-term failure of educational policy in Australia, especially in the indigenous sector, and asks why it is always 'Groundhog Day' when there are lessons to be learned from the innovations now underway in the United States. This is an essay filled with ideas and arguments and information - from a little-known educational revolutionary named Siegfried Englemann, to the No Excuses ethos and the Knowledge Is Power program, to Barack Obama's efforts to balance individual responsibility and historical legacy. Pearson introduces new findings from research and practice, and takes on some of the most difficult and controversial issues. Throughout, he searches for the radical centre - the way forward that will raise up the many, preserve culture, and ensure no child is left behind. 'It is time to ask- are we Aborigines a serious people? ... Do we have the seriousness necessary to maintain our languages, traditions and knowledge? ... The truth is that I am prone to bouts of doubt and sadness around these questions. But I have hope. Our hope is dependent upon education. Our hope depends on how serious we become about the education of our people.' NOEL PEARSON, RADICAL HOPENoel Pearsonis a lawyer and activist, and director of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership. He is the author of Up from the Mission(2009).