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Education for Decline

Author : Dennis Soltys
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Perestroika -- Economic and Political Reform -- Is What The World Associated with Mikhail Gorbachev when he led the USSR. There were, however, some political scientists in the West who saw Gorbachevism as a time of conservatism and not radical change. Dennis Soltys confirms these assertions in this study of educational policy and institutions in the former Soviet Union. Focusing on vocational and technical schooling, Soltys reveals very strong continuity from Khrushchev to Brezhnev to Gorbachev. In 1991, schools still functioned on the principles of vocational education and applied science inherited from the Khrushchev era, instead of embracing a more forward-looking model based on technical education and basic science. Soltys examines the role of ideas, institutions, and societal actors in the development of educational policy, with emphasis on the period from 1981 to 1991. He demonstrates how poor conceptual design and institutional fragmentation damaged Soviet education at all levels. Education for Decline offers more than a lesson in educational and public policy making. It provides an important baseline for understanding state and society-building in Soviet successor countries. Commercial entrepreneurs, diplomats, and development agencies should give this book serious consideration.

The Decline in the Economic Rewards to College Education

Author : Richard Barry Freeman
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John Dewey and the Decline of American Education

Author : Henry Edmondson
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The influence of John Dewey’s undeniably pervasive ideas on the course of American education during the last half-century has been celebrated in some quarters and decried in others. But Dewey’s writings themselves have not often been analyzed in a sustained way. In John Dewey and the Decline of American Education, Hank Edmondson takes up that task. He begins with an account of the startling authority with which Dewey’s fundamental principles have been—and continue to be—received within the U.S. educational establishment. Edmondson then shows how revolutionary these principles are in light of the classical and Christian traditions. Finally, he persuasively demonstrates that Dewey has had an insidious effect on American democracy through the baneful impact his core ideas have had in our nation’s classrooms. Few people are pleased with the performance of our public schools. Eschewing polemic in favor of understanding, Edmondson’s study of the “patron saint” of those schools sheds much-needed light on both the ideas that bear much responsibility for their decline and the alternative principles that could spur their recovery.

American Higher Education in Decline

Author : Kenneth H. Ashworth
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In the last twenty years America's higher-education system has jeopardized our society's very future by allowing a serious decline in educational quality. Responding to modern egalitarianism and the need to attract students, colleges and universities have initiated wildly innovative programs, noncampuses, and nontraditional degrees. Worse, they have lowered all standards. Nonacademic entrepreneurs, attracted by generous federal funds, now demand equal status with established schools. And they are dangerously near receiving this full recognition from irresolute regional accrediting associations.

Equity and Excellence in Higher Education

Author : Alan R. Sadovnik
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Compensatory higher education programs developed as part of the liberal educational reforms of the 1960s and 1970s. Their goal was to compensate for unequal pre-college education and provide equal opportunities for economically and educationally disadvantaged students. This book provides a sociological and historical analysis of the rise and fall of one educational opportunity program that began as an off-campus branch of a state college in the late 1960s, moved to the main campus in the late 1970s, and was eliminated in 1983. The analysis relates to the larger policy questions in higher education, with special reference to issues of equity and excellence.

Bankrupt education

Author : Peter Christopher Emberley
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The Importance of Philosophy in Teacher Education

Author : Andrew D. Colgan
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The Importance of Philosophy in Teacher Education maps the gradual decline of philosophy as a central, integrated part of educational studies. Chapters consider how this decline has impacted teacher education and practice, offering new directions for the reintegration of philosophical thinking in teacher preparation and development. Touching on key points in history, this valuable collection of chapters accurately appraises the global decline of philosophy of education in teacher education programs and seeks to understand the external and endemic causes of changed attitudes towards a discipline which was once assigned such a central place in teacher education. Chapters illustrate how a grounding in the theoretical and ethical dimensions of teaching, learning, and education systems contribute in meaningful ways to being a good teacher, and trace the consequences of a decline in philosophy on individuals’ professional development and on the evolution of the teaching profession more broadly. With this in mind, the text focusses on the future of teacher education and considers how we can ensure that philosophy of education feeds into the excellence of teaching today. This book will be of great interest to graduate, postgraduate students as well as research scholars in the field of educational philosophy and history of education. In addition, it will be useful for those involved in teacher education, and in particular, course, module and program development.

America s Decline

Author : Revilo Pendleton Oliver
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Education and Economic Decline in Britain 1870 to the 1990s

Author : Michael Sanderson
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Since the 1870s the British economy has steadily declined from its position as the 'workshop of the world' to that of a low-ranking European power. Michael Sanderson examines the question of how far defects in education and training have contributed to this economic decline. By looking at issues such as literacy, the quality of scientific and technical training, the supposed anti-industrial bias of public schools and the older universities, the neglect of vocational and technical training and the neglect of the non-academic teenager, Michael Sanderson demonstrates that education was far from the sole cause of economic decline, but that its deficiencies have certainly played a part. This book offers an accessible and concise analysis of a topic of current importance, interest and debate and will be of interest to students and teachers of the history of education and its impact on British economic development in the twentieth century.

Are Returns to Education on the Decline in Venezuela and Does Mission Sucre Have a Role to Play

Author : Naihobe Gonzales
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School Enrollment Decline in Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Joseph W. B. Bredie
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The overarching objective of the World Bank's assistance to Sub-Saharan African countries is poverty reduction through sustained economic growth at a high level and improved social services. Past experience shows that a minimum level of educational attainment has been a prerequisite for the success of such a strategy. The current level of education development has been low, and the development of primary education has stagnated and even declined in some countries since the early 1980s. This paper examines the likely causes for deteriorating enrollment rates in Africa. It looks at the constraints in the demand for schooling and gives possible reasons for stagnation.

Decline and Revival in Higher Education

Author : Herbert I. London
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This is an analysis of higher education in the past half century, a period of dramatic change and democratization. But it is more than that. The author has been a participant in the struggle to stem the decline in higher education, as it moved from an emphasis on classical liberal values toward relativism and ideological extremism. This volume reflects an awareness of what has been lost, but sees hope for a revival of traditional values as technological change and awareness of failure forces institutions to examine their premise. Herbert I. London has provided here fuel for fundamental redirection in American college and university affairs. Decline and Revival in Higher Education is uncompromising in its concerns, but points the way toward a future linked to the best of the past. The work follows the personal evolution of the author, while at the same time, describes the devolution of university standards in such institutions as Columbia, Duke, the University of California at Berkeley, and New York University. While seeing optimistic trends in oases of traditional programming that can serve as a counterweight to campus orthodoxies, London argues that the dramatic transformation of the academy cannot be denied. The social sciences and humanities in particular have become isolated from mainstream requirements in the nation. London deals with concrete concerns, such as the collapse of classic book programs in the contemporary curriculum, the decline and even vigilante raids on opposition in campus publications, the collapse of moral judgment in favor of pure relativism, the transformation of many museums into a storage houses of debris, and the confusion of coarse language with democratization. These developments lead the author to write this book, for if the culture wars are over, the American people may be the losers.

Inside American Education

Author : Thomas Sowell
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Criticizes the American educational system, and discusses falling SAT scores, political correctness, tuition fixing, tenure, athletic programs, and racism on campus

Desire and Decline

Author : Frances Katherine Vavrus
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Desire and Decline explores the privileged place of education in local, national, and global development discourses about population, HIV/AIDS, and environmental conservation. «Desire» signals the global consensus on the view that education is central to solving problems of development. «Decline», on the other hand, draws attention to the growing gap between those who have access to basic social services - such as education - and those who do not. Based on multiple periods of fieldwork on Mount Kilimanjaro, Frances Vavrus links local and global narratives about the potential of education to enhance development but also reveals its limitations in postcolonial countries experiencing the pressures of globalization. Vavrus concludes with portraits of local development initiatives that leave readers with a clear sense of the complexity of education's role in development, and the importance of political economic analysis for global population, health, and environmental policy.

The Decline of Irish as a School Subject in the Republic of Ireland 1967 1977

Author : Liam S. Andrews
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The Rise and Decline of the Program of Education for Black Presbyterians of the United Presbyterian Church U S A 1865 1970

Author : Inez Moore Parker
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Education Social Background and Cognitive Ability

Author : Gary N. Marks
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Are socioeconomic inequalities in education declining? Is socioeconomic background becoming less important for people’s occupational class or status? How important is cognitive ability for education and later occupational outcomes? How do countries differ in the importance of socioeconomic background for education and work? Gary N. Marks argues that in western industrialized countries, pervasive views that socioeconomic background (or class background) has strong and unchanging relationships with education and later socioeconomic outcomes, resistant to policy and social change, are unfounded. Marks provides a large amount of evidence from many countries showing that the influence of socioeconomic background for education is moderate and most often declining, and socioeconomic background has only very weak impacts on adults’ occupation and earnings after taking into account education and cognitive ability. Furthermore, Marks shows that cognitive ability is a more powerful influence than socioeconomic background for educational outcomes, and that in addition to its indirect effects through education has a direct effect on occupation and earnings. Its effects cannot be dismissed as simply another aspect of socioeconomic background, nor do the usual criticisms of ‘cognitive ability’ apply. The declining effects for socioeconomic background and the importance of cognitive ability support several of the contentions of modernization theory. The book contributes to a variety of debates within sociology: quantitative and qualitative approaches, explanatory and non-explanatory theory, the relationship between theory and empirical research, the role of political ideology in research, sociology as a social science, and sociology’s contribution to knowledge about contemporary societies. It will appeal to professionals in the fields of education and sociology as well as postgraduate students and academics involved in the debate.

Failed Grade

Author : Albert H. Soloway
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The "corporatization" of colleges and universities has steered the attention of institutions to the "bottom line" rather than education of students. With the administration's priorities trained on the generation of money (through grants and contracts, patents, eminent publications or works of art, awards, patient care, student tuition or fundraising) what happens to the education of teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and our future leaders? What can be done to return an institution to its primary mission— that is, educating the next generation and in the process, creating new knowledge? Colleges and universities are beginning to lose their way and a wakeup call is clearly necessary. FAILED GRADE: The Corporatization and Decline of Higher Education in America, is that wakeup call.

Decline of Donnish Dominion

Author : A. H. Halsey
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Eminent sociologist A. H. Halsey examines the highly topical issue of the crisis which is currently afflicting British higher education.

School Decline

Author : Kay Hawk
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