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Educational Dilemmas

Author : Luca Tateo
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Educational Dilemmas uses cultural psychology to explore the challenges, contradictions and tensions that occur during the process of education, with consideration of the effect these have at both the individual and the collective level. It argues that the focus on issues in learning overlooks a fundamental characteristic of education: that the process of educating is simultaneously both constructive and disruptive. Drawing on research from Europe, America and Asia, chapters in this volume present and analyse different experiences of the tension between disruption and construction in the process of education. Situating educational discontent within the wider context, the book demonstrates how this issue can be exacerbated by the tension between the commodification and democratisation of educational systems. This book demonstrates that these issues permeate all levels of education and, as a result, emphasises how vital it is that educational discontent is considered from a new perspective. Educational Dilemmas is essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of psychology and education. It should also be of great interest to school psychologists, teachers and therapists.

Dilemmas of Educational Ethics

Author : Meira Levinson
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Educators and policy makers confront challenging questions of ethics, justice, and equity on a regular basis. Should teachers retain a struggling student if it means she will most certainly drop out? Should an assignment plan favor middle-class families if it means strengthening the school system for all? These everyday dilemmas are both utterly ordinary and immensely challenging, yet there are few opportunities and resources to help educators think through the ethical issues at stake. Drawing on research and methods developed in the Justice in Schools project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Dilemmas of Educational Ethics introduces a new interdisciplinary approach to achieving practical wisdom in education, one that honors the complexities inherent in educational decision making and encourages open discussion of the values and principles we should collectively be trying to realize in educational policy and practice. At the heart of the book are six richly described, realistic accounts of ethical dilemmas that have arisen in education in recent years, paired with responses written by noted philosophers, empirical researchers, policy makers, and practitioners, including Pedro Noguera, Howard Gardner, Mary Pattillo, Andres A. Alonso, Jamie Ahlberg, Toby N. Romer, and Michael J. Petrilli. The editors illustrate how readers can use and adapt these cases and commentaries in schools and other settings in order to reach a difficult decision, deepen their own understanding, or to build teams around shared values.

Primary and Secondary School Education Dilemmas in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

Author : Golden Dzimbanete Chekenyere
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Educational Dilemma or results of the grants of public money for education in England A lecture etc

Author : Andrew REED (the Younger.)
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Ethical Educational Leadership in Turbulent Times

Author : Joan Poliner Shapiro
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This text is designed to assist educational leaders in the ethical decision-making process. Theoretically, it is based on Gross’s Turbulence Theory and Shapiro and Stefkovich’s Multiple Ethical Paradigms of justice, critique, care, and the profession. The authors clearly explain these concepts and demonstrate how they can work together to assist leaders in dealing with challenging situations. Authentic ethical dilemmas are provided to be analyzed using Turbulence Theory and the Multiple Ethical Paradigms and to engage readers in applying these concepts to practice. The text is intended for use in a range of educational leadership, educational administration, and teacher education programs that prepare both educational leaders (administrators) and lead teachers.

Some Dilemmas in Graduate Education

Author : John Carrier Weaver
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Our Educational Dilemma

Author : Louis Michael DiCarlo
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Theory practice Dilemmas

Author : Lyn Yates
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"This book forms Part of the units ESA841, ESA846 Theory and practice in educational administration and Master of Education degree programs offered by the School of Education in Deakin University's Open Campus Program'.

The Educational Dilemma of Women in Asia

Author : Alma de Jesus-Viardo
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Educational Administration

Author : Wayne K. Hoy
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The Educational Leadership Challenge

Author : Joseph Murphy
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Part I of the National Society for the Study of Education's 101st yearbook explores the changing context of educational leadership in the twenty-first century through the lenses of school improvement, social justice, and democratic community. Authors discuss topics such as leadership roles for teachers, principals, and superintendents; rethinking professional development for school leaders; school improvement processes for building instructional capacity; and the evolving role of leadership in education over time.

Educational Leadership and Administration

Author : Fenwick W. English
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Educational Leadership

Author :
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Dilemmas in Educational Leadership

Author : Donna J. Reid
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In this book, educational consultant and group coach Donna Reid argues that popular vehicles for improving school cultures and student achievement, such as professional learning communities and critical friends groups, too often fail because the participants are unaware or unwilling to make the required changes for successful collaboration and change. To assist facilitators and group leaders, the author presents narrative cases that examine the experiences of teacher leaders, principals, consultants, and parents as they negotiate the difficulties of reluctant team members, hostile colleagues, maintaining group interest, sharing responsibility, using technology, and cultural competency. Each case includes questions for reflection that can be used individually or in small groups to improve facilitation skills. Book Features: Addresses the roles of the facilitator and participants. Focuses on the complex contexts in which educators must work. Illustrates a range of challenges with possible ways to manage them. Offers strategies for building sustainable relationships, such as how to include new colleagues and work with difficult people. Discusses common tensions, such as sharing responsibility, respecting confidentiality, and developing cultural competence. “With its engaging and informative mix of case descriptions, discussions following the cases, and questions for the reader, this book is a welcome change from other books on facilitation and coaching. As I read, I imagined that someone had been looking over my shoulder as I coached my first CFG, and as I have supported others doing the same over the years. A must-read for all those engaging in their first few years of facilitating collaborative teacher teams!” —Gene Thompson-Grove, educational consultant and founding board member, School Reform Initiative “This book is a must-read for anyone in the practice of collaborative coaching and facilitation. By tapping into the power of story, the author provides a reflective space that allows the reader to consider coaching moves, as well as experience and reflect on common potential pitfalls in coaching or facilitating a group.” —P. Tim Martindell, president, Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts, Coordinator Secondary ELA, Fort Bend Independent School District

Teacher Education

Author : Elwyn Thomas
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This text examines four key areas of teacher education. These are: theories, models and ideologies of teacher education; the control of teacher education by the state, and the role of schools and HE; cultural perspectives and the education of teachers; and continuities in teacher education.

The Dilemma of Education in Africa

Author : Pai Obanya
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Ethical Dilemmas in Education

Author : Beverley Holden Johns
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Unethical practices in education come at too great a cost when our future generation is at stake. Educators are role models for students in their future careers and so must believe in and use ethical practices. In politics, in big and small business, and in legal and medical practice the question of ethical practices surrounds us. Have people become desensitized to ethics? Are we condoning unethical practice? Our educational profession must stand up for honesty and integrity. We, as educators, have the obligation of setting the standards for ethics. Ethical Dilemmas in Education addresses the dilemmas teachers face every day throughout all aspects of education in a comprehensive manner. The book outlines standards of professionalism and presents information teachers can use for the challenges teachers face. With the policies of today's educational system, teachers need to stand up for honesty and integrity, providing role models for students in their future careers. This book guides teachers towards developing ethical habits and a professional demeanor.

Educational and Psychological Research

Author :
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Educational Reform and the Dilemma of Student Aspirations the Case of El Salvador

Author : John K. Mayo
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Comparative Education

Author : Patricia K. Kubow
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Comparative Education invites readers to consider theory in comparative education, purposes of schooling, educational access and opportunity, education accountability and authority, teacher professionalism, and how globalization is impacting education. Taking an issues-based approach, it addresses current educational concerns both at home and abroad, and includes analytic frameworks that foster critical thinking and reinforce a systematic method for examination. Biographical sketches add human interest and side-by-side & comparisons explore & various countries' demographic attributes, geophysical and economic realities, and socio political factors. Because the book focuses on issues instead of countries, it reinforces how and why comparative education is relevant for educators in today's global society. &