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Effective Strategy Execution

Author : Bernd Heesen
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This book demonstrates how an improved strategic management approach, leveraging established management concepts in conjunction with the innovative technology solutions offered by business intelligence, can lead to better performance. It presents the three main barriers to effective strategy execution and explains how they can be overcome. Creating a shared understanding of the strategy at all levels of the organization using a Value ScorecardTM and following the Strategic Alignment ProcessTM allow organizations to measure and monitor performance. Strategic Alignment Remote ControlTM is presented as the ultimate tool for managers to remain in control of their business. Seven case studies from different industries across the globe provide examples of how the organizational performance can be improved. They include companies like Daimler, Tetra-Pak, Würth, Germany's Federal Employment Agency, the city of Aix-Les-Bains, and Giesecke & Devrient. Additional examples from organizations like Disney, Marriott, Volkswagen, Avis, FedEx, and Harrahs help to demonstrate how applying the concepts introduced adds unique value. The second edition of this book has been updated and improved. Additionally it includes a separate section on decision-making under uncertainty and the results of a survey on the adoption of business intelligence.

The Economist Successful Strategy Execution

Author : Michel Syrett
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Strategy-to-performance gaps foster a culture of under-performance Unrealistic plans create the expectation throughout the organisation that plans simply will not be fulfilled. This book shows how to overcome such failings and implement strategy effectively. Common failings include: Companies rarely track their performance against long-term plans - less than 15% of companies make it a regular practice to go back and compare the business' results with the performance forecast for each business unit in its prior years' strategic results Results rarely meet projections - when companies do track performance, it rarely matches the prior years' projection. The consequence is year-after-year of under-performance relative to the original plan A lot of value is lost in translation - a combination of poor communications, misapplied resources, limited accountability and lack of information creates an in-built strategy-to-performance gap

The DNA of Strategy Execution

Author : Jack Duggal
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A transformative framework to bring the PMO into the future The DNA of Strategy Execution provides clear guidance and a practical framework for moving forward amidst the dynamic changes in today's business environment. The PMO walks a tightrope between creativity and structure, between innovation and bureaucracy; demands for formal structures and discipline counter the need to be responsive and adaptive. This book provides a fresh perspective, with a real-world blueprint for the modern PMO. Through a set of practical tools, best practices, and a series of short supporting case studies from different industries, you'll discover how to strike the critical balance, prove value, and reconcile divergent needs into a more agile next generation PMO. The Project Management Office is a common fixture that is facing new challenges--many of which appear diametrically opposed. But today's turbulent and disruptive business environment demands a solution, and this insightful guide shines a light on the path forward. Build adaptive capabilities to thrive in uncertain environments Maintain creativity and innovation while building responsiveness Prove value amidst a perception of overhead and bureaucracy Maintain relevancy with a fresh perspective and transformative framework Today's environment is tough; stakeholders are no longer satisfied with on-scope, on-time, and on-budget delivery, and the PMO is under pressure to show their worth in the era of cost-cutting. It's up to the PMO itself to navigate these rapids without overturning the boat, and natural evolution is no longer enough; today's environment calls for a complete transformation to bring the PMO into the future. The DNA of Strategy Execution provides the plan, and the tools to bring it to life.

Strategic Analytics

Author : Alec Levenson
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More than ever, data drives decisions in organizations—and we have more data, and more ways to analyze it, than ever. Yet strategic initiatives continue to fail as often as they did when computers ran on punch cards. Economist and research scientist Alec Levenson says we need a new approach. The problem, Levenson says, is that the business people who devise the strategies and the human resources people who get employees to implement them use completely different analytics. Business analytics can determine if operational priorities aren't being achieved but can't explain why. HR analytics reveal potentially helpful policy and process improvements but can't identify which would have the greatest strategic impact. This book shows how to use an integrated approach to bring these two pieces together. Levenson presents a thorough and realistic treatment of the reasons for and challenges of taking an integrated approach. He provides details on the different parts of both enterprise and human capital analytics that have to be conducted for integration to be successful and includes specific questions to ask, along with examples of applying integrated analytics to address particular organizational challenges. Effective analytics is a team sport. Levenson's approach allows you to get the deepest insights by bringing people together from both the business and HR perspectives to assess what's going on and determine the right solution.

Strategic Planning

Author : Byron K. Simerson
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In this book, an expert in business strategy shows how to create and evaluate a strategic plan and execute that plan successfully. * Concrete examples and case studies * Templates and samples of materials used in various public- and private-sector strategic planning efforts * A bibliography of resource materials about strategic thinking, strategy formulation, strategic planning, and strategy execution

Making Strategy Work

Author : Lawrence G. Hrebiniak
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Without effective execution, no business strategy can succeed. This second edition delivers a powerful framework every leader can use to overcome the obstacles to successfully deploying business strategy. In this book, leading consultant and Wharton professor Lawrence Hrebiniak offers a comprehensive, disciplined process model for making strategy work in the real world. Drawing on his unsurpassed experience, Hrebiniak shows why execution is even more important than many senior executives realize, and sheds powerful new light on why businesses fail to deliver on even their most promising strategies. He offers a systematic roadmap for execution that encompasses every key success factor: organizational structure, coordination, information sharing, incentives, controls, change management, culture, and the role of power and influence in your business. With three new chapters, expanded coverage, and new examples, the Second Edition of this highly successful book is the definitive guide for turning strategy into action.

Strategy Execution and Complexity

Author : Richard Busulwa
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Almost all organisations today face unprecedented levels of change, complexity and volatility. Navigating the resultant disruption dynamics is one of the most important stewardship challenges facing strategic leaders. Getting it right can pay enormous dividends, but getting it wrong can lead to spectacular failure and the ultimate demise of once admired organisations. To address this threat, strategic leaders need to better understand how to navigate complexity and volatility and how to execute strategy in this rapidly changing environment. This book identifies 12 different strategy execution processes used to realise deliberate and emergent strategies – each illustrated with case studies and essential lessons for strategic leaders. The authors then discuss the effectiveness of these processes in different types of complex environments, showing how, used in isolation, each process can, at times, impede performance, sometimes creating survival risks that materialise today or in the future. The authors show the importance of "ambidexterity" and the need for organisations to balance the pursuit of internal efficiency and external market flexibility, both of which are essential to thriving in complex environments. This book provides essential tools for leaders to rethink and reconfigure their strategy execution practices in light of the significant change surrounding their organisations. The book is based on a 5-year, multistage study comprehensively reviewing cutting-edge research on strategy execution, reviewing seminal texts on strategy execution and, through in-depth case study interviews and cross-sectional surveys, identifying contemporary strategy execution practices of a range of different organisations across industries and sectors.

Expertise as Effective Strategy Use Testing the Adaptive Strategies Model in the III Structured Domain of Leadership

Author :
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This research tested the Adaptive Strategies Model (ASM; Lemaire & Siegler, 1995) of expertise in the ill-defined domain of leadership. More specifically, we examined expert/novice differences in all components of the ASM: strategy existence, strategy choice, strategy base-rate, and strategy execution. In Experiment 1 Leadership Scenarios elicited free-text responses from undergraduates (novices), ROTC Cadets (intermediates), and US Army Platoon Leaders (experts). Each response was coded into one of ten underlying Leadership Strategies thought to underlie each response, resulting in patterns of individual strategy use. Experiment 2 used a new group of experts to gather ratings of the execution accuracy of responses from Experiment 1. The results show that the ASM is able to discern expert/novice differences in strategy choice, strategy base-rate, and strategy execution. As leaders progress from novice to expert, they 1) use multiple strategies across various scenarios, 2) develop the ability to make optimal choices about when and where to use particular strategies, 3) develop an increased sensitivity to each different strategy's base rate of success in the environment, and 4) develop the ability to execute strategies more accurately. The training of ill-defined skills, such as leadership, may be improved by focusing on the four components of ASM.

Strategy Execution

Author : Andrew MacLennan
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Strategy execution is one of the most important and exciting topics in management. Implementing strategy in today's complex organizations is an enormous challenge but one that all leaders must tackle. This lively book is an essential guide to strategy execution for practicing managers and those in advanced management education. It combines the rigour of advanced research with the accessibility of practical experience and application to lead readers through the subject. Drawing together existing knowledge and reporting findings from his own research, Andrew MacLennan brings this often neglected topic sharply into focus. After introducing and defining strategy execution, the book presents a series of systematic frameworks to help managers and leaders: identify common strategy execution barriers and diagnose performance problems in particular situations translate conceptual strategies into concrete activities align emergent activities and projects with strategic objectives support critical activities by aligning organizational designs and systems Strategy Execution is an insightful, engaging and practical book. The models are supplemented throughout with real world examples, summaries of key issues and signposts to further readings. It is a comprehensive, easy to use book offering students and practitioners a systematic approach to strategy implementation.

Leading Through Leaders

Author : Jeremy Tozer
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Leading Through Leaders: Driving Strategy, Execution and Change will help you improve your business results by overcoming the challenges of uncertainty, complexity, imperfect decision-making and communication, and staff disengagement. Whilst focused on building collective leadership as a strategic capability, the author provides the means for effective individual leadership: a coherent framework of principles, process and behaviour to create the conditions for success, and the systemic and dynamic integration and alignment of leaders and engaged teams at all levels. Based on the author's 27 years of leadership and consulting experience, and illustrated with case studies and learning from clients such as Cisco, Best Western, ABN AMRO, Pfizer and the NHS, this book provides unique insights into 'effective leadership' in some of the world's best known enterprises. Leading Through Leaders presents an integrated suite of proven and durable principles and tools, and the leadership psychology, that may be adapted and used by any leader. It provides businesses with the intellectual firepower to rise above the fog and clutter of operational issues and focus on strategic priorities, with the confidence that junior leaders and their teams are fully engaged and aligned at the tactical level.

Essentials of Strategic Management

Author : Thomas Wunder
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Das praxisorientierte englischsprachige Lehrbuch behandelt alle Phasen des Strategieprozesses. Neben strategischer Analyse und Strategieentwicklung werden auch die wahren Herausforderungen des strategischen Managements, nämlich Operationalisierung und Umsetzung auf den verschiedenen Business-Ebenen, detailliert beleuchtet. Außerdem im Fokus: aktuelle Themen wie Business Modeling und Strategy Alignment. Optimal für englischsprachige Veranstaltungen an Hochschulen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Modern, kompakt, pragmatisch, praxisorientiert! Mit umfangreichen Übungsaufgaben und praxisorientierten Fallstudien für Studierende Mit Unterrichtshilfen für Dozenten

Mapping a Winning Strategy

Author : Marc Baaij
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Mapping a Winning Strategy introduces a new mapping method for creating and executing an effective business strategy. By mapping out the most effective strategy, organizations can make winning operational choices in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment.

Balanced Scorecard Evolution

Author : Paul R. Niven
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The best plan is useless without effective execution The future of business has become so unpredictable that your five-year plan may be irrelevant next week. To succeed in the modern market, you must constantly assess your progress and adapt on the fly. Agility, flexibility, continual learning, and adaptation are the new rules of business success. A differentiating strategy is crucial, but it will only lead to competitive advantage if you execute it flawlessly. You'll succeed only if you have the right insight for strategic planning and the agility to execute your plan. Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution provides the latest theory and practice from strategic planning, change management, and strategy execution to ensure your business is flexible, future ready, and primed for exceptional execution. Author Paul R. Niven guides you through the new principles of The Balanced Scorecard and shows you how to apply them to your planning and strategy execution endeavors. Read case studies that illustrate the theory and practice of strategic agility and execution Learn how to create the objectives, measures, targets, and strategic initiatives that can make your plan a reality Use the latest change management techniques to boost strategy execution success Gain the knowledge and tools you need to face your challenges head-on Motivate your employees to change behaviors toward plan accommodation Making a plan isn't enough. You must actually take steps to implement your plan, and this requires excellent leadership skills. Change can be hard, and your organization may be resistant. Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution provides everything you need to make things happen.

The Strategy Handbook Part 2 Strategy Execution

Author : Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
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In this second part of The Strategy Handbook, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink offers a refreshing and practical approach to strategy execution that completes the strategy process outlined in Part 1. Grounded in both research and practical experience, the book provides a structured approach to making strategy execution work. In an enjoyable and to-the-point style, The Strategy Handbook guides you through a four-step approach to strategy execution and shows you how this approach can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization. Like Part 1, the book comes with a wealth of advice, tools and checklists that can be applied immediately in the everyday practice of any organization wanting to execute strategy. The book serves as a complement to Part 1 but can also be used separately. The book is again easy to understand and to apply. Rooted in research though, it demonstrates a deep awareness of the complexity and difficulty of strategy execution in practice. Through this effective combination of simplicity and depth, Part 2 of The Strategy Handbook is a must-read for novices and more seasoned executives, managers and entrepreneurs.


Author : John R. Childress
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A unique synthesis of how-to, philosophy, principles of effective leadership, and case-study examples to help the CEO and business leader improve their organization's ability to deliver on their strategy and business promises. FASTBREAK is filled with breakthrough thinking that is practical and applicable in any industry and any organization, private or public. This is clearly a book for the CEO and business leader. As Childress states "strategy is a contact sport," and from my experience successful strategy execution requires consistent dedication to detail, communication and a willingness to modify as conditions warrant. You will find it all in this highly useful book. - Robert Dangremond, Alix Partners This book is the best synthesis on strategy execution I have read. It gives the CEO a sure-fire process to effectively engage the executive team in executing the strategic intent including principles, templates, examples, and most importantly, tips to avoid costly mistakes. - Frank Tempesta, former President and CEO, Textron Systems Corp While a turnaround is one of the most challenging and stressful of business situations, it is also one of the most rewarding to see good people take control of their business again and create a sustainable future. The principles described in FASTBREAK: The CEO's Guide to Strategy Execution are solid and sound, as is the advice, processes and templates. A complete synthesis for the CEO. - Joe Bione, President, The Whitehall Group

Strategy Organization and Performance Management

Author : Soeren Dressler
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Designing effective organizations is a key challenge for companies in particular in the fast-moving business world of today. The late 1990s and early 2000s have seen multiple Organization Management innovations applied successfully such as Business Process Outsourcing, Shared Services and Offshoring. Advanced techniques such as Balanced Scorecards and integrated Planning Systems have become effective enablers for strategy execution. This book spans a framework from strategy definition and designing strategy-compliant organizations to monitoring effective implementation and Performance Management. On this journey basic principles of Organization Management are discussed in detail and at the same time state-of-the-art Best Practices are highlighted. A set of to-the-point case studies demonstrate how leading-edge companies make effective use of the concepts discussed. The approach of the book is of great use for both: students underway to become Organization Management practioners and experienced business experts in search of the latest thinking and tools to enhance Organizational Effectiveness - and everybody in between. Instant access to electronic ebook edition available. Click on Diesel eBooks logo to the left.

The Workforce Scorecard

Author : Mark A. Huselid
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Executing business strategy with the focus on workforce metrics strategy, a concept building on the HR Scorecard.

Driving Strategy to Execution Using Lean Six Sigma

Author : Gerhard Plenert
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Many organizations develop strategic plans that gather dust on bookshelves. Many other organizations employ Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to eliminate waste and reduce process variation only to find they are not moving the big bars that measure success for the organization. Driving Strategy to Execution Using Lean Six Sigma: A Framework for Crea

The Execution Premium

Author : Robert S. Kaplan
File Size : 80.8 MB
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In a world of stiffening competition, business strategy is more crucial than ever. Yet most organizations struggle in this area--not with formulating strategy but with executing it, or putting their strategy into action. Owing to execution failures, companies realize just a fraction of the financial performance promised in their strategic plans. It doesn't have to be that way, maintain Robert Kaplan and David Norton in The Execution Premium. Building on their breakthrough works on strategy-focused organizations, the authors describe a multistage system that enables you to gain measurable benefits from your carefully formulated business strategy. This book shows you how to: Develop an effective strategy--with tools such as SWOT analysis, vision formulation, and strategic change agendas Plan execution of the strategy--through portfolios of strategic initiatives linked to strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards Put your strategy into action--by integrating operational tools such as process dashboards, rolling forecasts, and activity-based costing Test and update your strategy--using carefully designed management meetings to review operational and strategic data Drawing on extensive research and detailed case studies from a broad array of industries, The Execution Premium presents a systematic and proven framework for achieving the financial results promised by your strategy.

Business Execution

Author : Sorin Dumitrascu
File Size : 31.4 MB
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Understanding the FundamentalsExecution is a complex business and has various driving factors. High performance companies usually have the skills in place to drive successful strategy execution. Also, the creation and communication of a clear strategy that's aligned with organizational vision and goals can effectively drive strategy execution.A company with the speed and ability to act quickly and make decisions is usually better equipped for execution. Companies must also secure employee engagement and capability and execution-focused leaders to implement strategies. Finally, a company must understand how customer demand and allocation of resources drive strategy execution.Barriers to execution arise when the company has unclear plans, when employees in the company lack understanding of the strategy, and when the strategy doesn't address employee skills and needs and doesn't provide a way to reward performance.Crafting a Business Strategy that ExecutesBusiness strategy involves making decisions about what a company should do and how it should allocate resources. You can execute the strategy once it's in place, but without a good strategy, execution won't happen smoothly. To create a strategy that executes, you first need to define the strategy by fully examining the business, its goals, and its environment.Defining the strategy involves performing three steps - clarifying the mission, vision, and values; reviewing the current situation; and creating strategy direction statements.The mission, vision, and values statements form the basis of the company's purpose, actions, and aspirations, and clarify why the company is in business. To review the current situation, you examine external influences, internal influences, and the existing strategy. In the final step, you use the information gathered during the first two steps to set targets for how the organization intends to create value in the future.Linking Strategy to People and OperationsCreating an exceptional strategy doesn't guarantee that it'll be executed successfully. To ensure your strategy is implemented effectively, it's important that employees understand how their work fits in with the big picture. You also need to translate strategy into tasks, and motivate employees by showing them how these tasks contribute to the strategy.When communicating your organization's strategy to employees, you must explain why the company has made this decision and communicate the strategy constantly using diverse methods. You need to communicate with those who'll eventually implement the strategy and explain its benefits to them. And you should communicate in ways that encourage employees to help shape the strategy.Monitoring and Evaluating InitiativesStrategies are only useful when they're implemented effectively. To ensure that a strategy is effective, execution needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. There are four methods you can use to monitor strategy execution. These include action plans, strategic dashboards, strategic review meetings, and reviewing employee engagement.Action plans are informed by strategy maps and include individual work assignments assigned to individual employees. Strategic dashboards contain scorecard information along with detailed reports and data that executives can use to monitor the "health" of the company at a glance. Executives review feedback from strategic dashboards at strategic review meetings and discuss any problems with implementation.