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Tren Al Sol Train to the Sun

Author : Marcelo Meneses Jurado
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Train to the Sun.-Understanding how a steam locomotive works is like watching the energy of boiling water by lifting the lid of a pan. The fuel (oil, coal stone or wood) is burned in the firebox, it heats the water in the boiler and makes steam, which in turn nourishes the cylinders linked to a piston. An exciting historical and cultural journey, with a spectacular photography that shows us the path of "the most difficult train in the world."

Cultiva Una Casa Grow a House

Author : Gunter Pauli
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A macaw looking for a home does not know why the farmer wouldn't like his traditional bamboo house, especially when a dog explains its environmental superiority, with a guide for teachers and parents.

Exclusive Houses Sea and Mountain Casas Exclusivas Mar Y Montana

Author : Hugo Kliczkowski
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This book respresents the houses nearby the sea and the mountain: Daydream houses, its architecture, design, and all wonderful details from relaxing houses.

Medical Cultures of the Early Modern Spanish Empire

Author : John Slater
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Early modern Spain was a global empire in which a startling variety of medical cultures came into contact, and occasionally conflict, with one another. Spanish soldiers, ambassadors, missionaries, sailors, and emigrants of all sorts carried with them to the farthest reaches of the monarchy their own ideas about sickness and health. These ideas were, in turn, influenced by local cultures. This volume tells the story of encounters among medical cultures in the early modern Spanish empire. The twelve chapters draw upon a wide variety of sources, ranging from drama, poetry, and sermons to broadsheets, travel accounts, chronicles, and Inquisitorial documents; and it surveys a tremendous regional scope, from Mexico, to the Canary Islands, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and Germany. Together, these essays propose a new interpretation of the circulation, reception, appropriation, and elaboration of ideas and practices related to sickness and health, sex, monstrosity, and death, in a historical moment marked by continuous cross-pollination among institutions and populations with a decided stake in the functioning and control of the human body. Ultimately, the volume discloses how medical cultures provided demographic, analytical, and even geographic tools that constituted a particular kind of map of knowledge and practice, upon which were plotted: the local utilities of pharmacological discoveries; cures for social unrest or decline; spaces for political and institutional struggle; and evolving understandings of monstrousness and normativity. Medical Cultures of the Early Modern Spanish Empire puts the history of early modern Spanish medicine on a new footing in the English-speaking world.


Author : Nicolas Kanellos
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An anthology of Hispanic writing in the United States ranges from the age of Spanish exploration to the present day and incorporates works by distinguished Chicano, Nuyorican, Cuban American, and Latino authors.

Poems from Cuba

Author : Raúl Mesa
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Beautiful Thoughts from German and Spanish Authors

Author : Craufurd Tait Ramage
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Spanish Grammar

Author : J. Schilling
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Machinery Lloyd

Author :
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Nexos Enhanced

Author : Sheri Spaine Long
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NEXOS, Enhanced Third Edition high-interest cultural themes and related activities encourage students to engage in meaningful communication using interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes. NEXOS’s realistic pacing of material, easy-to-use grammar, practical vocabulary, plus engaging storyline and authentic video strands that contextualize grammar and vocabulary all work together to help students gain confidence and move quickly toward proficiency. The Enhanced edition features the addition of dazzling video footage and photography of National GeographicTM into iLrn to enhance students’ cultural exploration. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.