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History of Electric Cars

Author : Nigel Burton
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One hundred years ago electric cars were the most popular automobiles in the world. In the late nineteenth century and at the start of the twentieth century, they outsold every other type of car. And yet, within a couple of decades of the start of the twentieth century, the electric car had vanished. Thousands of battery-powered cars disappeared from the streets, replaced by the internal combustion engine, and their place in the history of the automobile was quietly erased. A century later, electric cars are making a comeback. Fears over pollution and global warming have forced manufacturers to reconsider the electric concept. A History of Electric Cars presents for the first time the full story of electric cars and their hybrid cousins. It examines how and why electric cars failed the first time - and why today's car manufacterers must learn the lessons of the past if they are to avoid repeating previous mistakes all over again. The book examines in detail: Early vehicles such as the Lohner-Porsche petrol-electric hybrid of 1901; Key figures in the history of the electric car development such as Henry Ford; Sir Clive Sinclair's plans to build a number of electric vehicles, designed to sit alongside the Sinclair C5; The return of the electric technology to vehicles as diverse as the NASA Lunar Rover, commuting vehicles and supercars; Future developments in electric cars. For the first time the full story of electric cars and their hybrids are examined.The hidden past of the electric automobile is uncovered and its future developments are discussed. Superbly illustrated with 300 colour photographs, many of which are rare and original sketch designs. Nigel Burton has written and lectured on cars and automotive history for more than twenty years.

Electric Cars

Author : Jennifer MacKay
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Author Jennifer MacKay focuses on the invention of electric cars, exploring how it was developed, how it works, its impact on society, and possible future uses.

Electric Cars

Author : Peter Henshaw
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A simple, straightforward guide to buying your first electric car. Why go electric now when other fuels are still widely available? What are the pros and cons? How do I charge it? What public or private charge point options are there? Are electric cars really greener than petrol/diesel cars? How do electric cars work? All this and more is explained with a minimum of jargon and tech speak. With a look at electric motorcycles, classic cars, records and racers, this handy guide is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of personal transport.

Prospects for Electric Cars

Author : William Hamilton
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Hybrid and Electric Cars

Author : Louise I. Gerdes
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The Pew Group provides one of the thirteen essays here, plainly stating that hybrid and electric cars make the United States more competitive, so why don't we see these cars everywhere? Readers will explore this issue across several topics relating to these cars, including what to do with mileage taxes, whether the government should subsidize the cars, and why China does not embrace these cars.

Electric Cars The Future is Now

Author :
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Inside Electric Cars

Author : Christina Eschbach
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Engineers are designing electric cars to replace public transportation, personal vehicles, and semitrucks--all while powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels. Inside Electric Cars introduces readers to the uses of electric cars, the hardware and software that make electric cars possible, and the future of electric car technology. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Core Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

The Tech Behind Electric Cars

Author : Matthew Allan Chandler
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Electric cars have come a long way since the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles hit the market in the late 1990s. Some modern electric cars boast a range of nearly 300 miles (483 kilometers) on one charge. And they're not all for the tame of heart. Some electric-powered sports cars can reach top speeds of 250 miles (402 km) per hour! Take young readers on a journey through the technology that makes electric cars so amazing.

Electric Cars the Ultimate Guide

Author : Keith Chamberlain
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This is a guide to choosing, owning and driving an electric car, explaining the features, advantages, benefits and limitations

We Love Electric Cars

Author : Katherine Lewis
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Quiet and rechargeable, electric cars are becoming more popular. Readers will love learning about these energy-saving cars and discovering what makes them different from other rides.

The Impact of Electric Cars on Oil Demand and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Key Markets

Author : Gómez Vilchez, Jonatan J.
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Electric and Hybrid Cars

Author : Curtis D. Anderson
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This illustrated history chronicles electric and hybrid cars from the late 19th century to today’s fuel cell and plug-in automobiles. It describes the politics, technology, marketing strategies, and environmental issues that have impacted electric and hybrid cars’ research and development. The important marketing shift from a “woman’s car” to “going green” is discussed. Milestone projects and technologies such as early batteries, hydrogen and bio-mass fuel cells, the upsurge of hybrid vehicles, and the various regulations and market forces that have shaped the industry are also covered.

Who s Driving Electric Cars

Author : Marcello Contestabile
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This book offers a comprehensive yet accessible snapshot of the latest consumer research on the adoption and use of electric vehicles. It discusses the importance of developing a better understanding of consumer behavior in relation to electric vehicles, and the advantages that can be gained from the growing number of electric vehicle users, who can now be studied directly. In turn, it systematically analyzes the leading markets for electric vehicles in North America, Europe and Asia. Bringing together the experience and expertise of authoritative researchers and practicing professionals, the book shares a wide range of empirical data obtained at the national level and summarizes the general lessons learned. The last part of the book discusses policy-relevant insights, forecasts the future evolution of the field in terms of methods and data availability, and addresses several key questions that policymakers and other stakeholders are currently facing.

The Electric Vehicle

Author : Gijs Mom
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One hopes, as a new generation of electric vehicles becomes a reality, The Electric Vehicle offers a long-overdue reassessment of the place of this technology in the history of street transportation.

The Electric Car

Author : Mike H. Westbrook
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This book covers the development of electric cars -- from their early days to new hybrid models in production -- together with the very latest technological issues faced by automotive engineers working on electric cars, as well as the key business factors vital for the successful transfer of electric cars into the mass market. Considerable work has gone into electric car and battery development in the last ten years with the prospect of substantial improvements in range and performance in battery cars as well as in hybrids and those using fuel cells. This book comprehensively covers this important subject and will be of particular interest to engineers and managers working in the automotive and transport industries.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Third Edition

Author : Seth Leitman
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BUILD, CONVERT, OR BUY A STATE-OF-THE-ART ELECTRIC VEHICLE Thoroughly revised and expanded, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Third Edition, is your go-to guide for converting an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric or building an EV from the ground up. You'll also find out about the wide variety of EVs available for purchase and how they're being built. This new edition details all the latest breakthroughs, including AC propulsion and regenerative braking systems, intelligent controllers, batteries, and charging technologies. Filled with updated photos, this cutting-edge resource fully describes each component--motor, battery, controller, charger, and chassis--and provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to assemble all the parts. Exclusive web content features current supplier and dealer lists. Custom-built for environmentalists, engineers, students, hobbyists, and mechanics, this hands-on guide puts you in the fast lane toward a cost-effective, reliable green machine. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Third Edition, covers: Environmental impact and energy savings The best EV for you--purchase trade-offs, conversion trade-offs, and conversion costs Chassis and design Different types of electric motors and controllers Lithium EV batteries Chargers and electrical systems EV builds and conversions Licensing and insuring your EV Driving and maintenance List of manufacturers and dealers regularly updated on website

Electric Cars

Author : Nancy Dickmann
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A car zips down the street. But you don't hear the engine rumbling. Why? It's an electric car! Electric cars are becoming more common around the world. Young readers will get a basic introduction to the main parts of these vehicles. They will see how electric cars are different from gas-powered vehicles and why electric cars are better for the environment. Get young readers excited about electric vehicles!

The Tech Behind Electric Cars

Author : Matt Chandler
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Electric cars have come a long way since the first petrol-electric hybrid vehicles hit the market in the late 1990s. Some modern electric cars boast a range of around 480 kilometres (300 miles) on one charge. And they're not all for the tame of heart. Some electric-powered sports cars can reach top speeds of 400 km (250 miles) per hour! Take young readers on a journey through the technology that makes electric cars so amazing.

The Advent of Unmanned Electric Vehicles

Author : S. Van Themsche
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Explaining in detail how new e-mobility technologies work, and the system requirements which must be fulfilled for these new technologies to be implemented, this book augments this analysis with discussion of the business models, financing and social and economic conditions that will foster the emergence of a new e-mobility industry. New e-mobility technologies and business models will initiate changes in work patterns and in our personal choices on transportation means. This book looks at how smart cities may apply the “internet of things” to the transportation environment and how this may create a complete set of new technologies and service offerings that will enable the advent of the unmanned vehicle society. This e-mobility revolution will disrupt the transport market and bring opportunities and threats for many potential actors. These consequences are analysed within. This book is suitable for anyone interested in the e-mobility revolution and its impact on the future of cars, buses and trains.

Electric Vehicle Research Development and Demonstration Act of 1975

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce. Special Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Commerce
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