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Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems

Author : M. E. El-Hawary
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This book offers an introduction to applications of fuzzy system theory to selected areas of electric power engineering. It presents theoretical background material from a practical point of view and then explores a number of applications of fuzzy systems. Most recently, there has been a tremendous surge in research and application articles on this subject. Until now though, there have been no books that put together a practical guide to the fundamentals and applications aspects. Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems presents, under one cover, original contributions by authors who have pioneered in the application of fuzzy system theory to the electric power engineering field. Each chapter contains both an introduction to and a state-of-the-art review of each application area.

The World Wide Web for Scientists Engineers

Author : Brian J. Thomas
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The World Wide Web has matured into a powerful tool for scientists, engineers and researchers. For Internet and Web users in the scientific and engineering community, this book provides strategies and essential information to help move beyond simply browsing the Web. Electrical Engineering Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems Let world-renowned electrical engineers introduce you to the latest developments in the application of one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence techniques for power systems--fuzzy system theory. Compiled and edited by well-known power systems educator Mohamed E. El-Hawary, Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems assembles a distinguished panel of highly regarded experts to bring you original, up-to-date coverage of the applications of fuzzy systems. This volume presents theoretical background material from a practical point of view and then explores a number of applications of fuzzy systems. Each chapter features an informative introduction. Look for succinct, practical discussions on: * Fuzzy sets * Fuzzy controllers * Fuzzy perspectives on power system reliability, condition monitoring, and diagnostics * Ground-breaking chapter on applications in operational planning * Up-to-the-minute chapter on fuzzy applications in deregulated environment Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems will help you understand how the application of fuzzy theory in power systems is revolutionizing the way we look at many areas of practice. It is essential for power system engineers who want to launch into real-world applications of this increasingly popular technique.

Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Planning and Operation of Smart Grids

Author : Mehdi Rahmani-Andebili
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Special Issue Applications of Fuzzy Theory in Electric Power Systems

Author : Yong-Hua Song
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Modern Optimization Techniques with Applications in Electric Power Systems

Author : Soliman Abdel-Hady Soliman
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This book presents the application of some AI related optimization techniques in the operation and control of electric power systems. With practical applications and examples the use of functional analysis, simulated annealing, Tabu-search, Genetic algorithms and fuzzy systems for the optimization of power systems is discussed in detail. Preliminary mathematical concepts are presented before moving to more advanced material. Researchers and graduate students will benefit from this book. Engineers working in utility companies, operations and control, and resource management will also find this book useful. ​

The Application of Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic to Electric Power Systems in Japan

Author : Masakazu Kato
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Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications

Author : Timothy J. Ross
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The latest update on this popular textbook The importance of concepts and methods based on fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory has been rapidly growing since the early 1990s and all the indications are that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications, Fourth Edition is a new edition of the popular textbook with 15% of new and updated material. Updates have been made to most of the chapters and each chapter now includes new end-of-chapter problems. Key features: New edition of the popular textbook with 15% of new and updated material. Includes new examples and end-of-chapter problems. Has been made more concise with the removal of out of date material. Covers applications of fuzzy logic to engineering and science. Accompanied by a website hosting a solutions manual and software. The book is essential reading for graduates and senior undergraduate students in civil, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering as wells as researchers and practitioners working with fuzzy logic in industry.

Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing in Power Engineering

Author : Abhisek Ukil
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This highly experienced author sets out to build a bridge between two inter-disciplinary power engineering practices. The book looks into two major fields used in modern power systems: intelligent systems and the signal processing. The intelligent systems section comprises fuzzy logic, neural network and support vector machine. The author looks at relevant theories on the topics without assuming much particular background. Following the theoretical basics, he studies their applications in various problems in power engineering, like, load forecasting, phase balancing, or disturbance analysis.

Market Operations in Electric Power Systems

Author : Mohammad Shahidehpour
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An essential overview of post-deregulation market operations inelectrical power systems Until recently the U.S. electricity industry was dominated byvertically integrated utilities. It is now evolving into adistributive and competitive market driven by market forces andincreased competition. With electricity amounting to a $200 billionper year market in the United States, the implications of thisrestructuring will naturally affect the rest of the world. Why is restructuring necessary? What are the components ofrestructuring? How is the new structure different from the oldmonopoly? How are the participants strategizing their options tomaximize their revenues? What are the market risks and how are theyevaluated? How are interchange transactions analyzed and approved?Starting with a background sketch of the industry, this hands-onreference provides insights into the new trends in power systemsoperation and control, and highlights advanced issues in thefield. Written for both technical and nontechnical professionals involvedin power engineering, finance, and marketing, this must-haveresource discusses: * Market structure and operation of electric power systems * Load and price forecasting and arbitrage * Price-based unit commitment and security constrained unitcommitment * Market power analysis and game theory applications * Ancillary services auction market design * Transmission pricing and congestion Using real-world case studies, this timely survey offers engineers,consultants, researchers, financial managers, university professorsand students, and other professionals in the industry acomprehensive review of electricity restructuring and how itsradical effects will shape the market.

The Application of Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic to Electrical Power Systems in Japan

Author : Masakazu Kato
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Design of Interpretable Fuzzy Systems

Author : Krzysztof Cpałka
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This book shows that the term “interpretability” goes far beyond the concept of readability of a fuzzy set and fuzzy rules. It focuses on novel and precise operators of aggregation, inference, and defuzzification leading to flexible Mamdani-type and logical-type systems that can achieve the required accuracy using a less complex rule base. The individual chapters describe various aspects of interpretability, including appropriate selection of the structure of a fuzzy system, focusing on improving the interpretability of fuzzy systems designed using both gradient-learning and evolutionary algorithms. It also demonstrates how to eliminate various system components, such as inputs, rules and fuzzy sets, whose reduction does not adversely affect system accuracy. It illustrates the performance of the developed algorithms and methods with commonly used benchmarks. The book provides valuable tools for possible applications in many fields including expert systems, automatic control and robotics.

Advanced Solutions in Power Systems

Author : Mircea Eremia
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Provides insight on both classical means and new trends in the application of power electronic and artificial intelligence techniques in power system operation and control This book presents advanced solutions for power system controllability improvement, transmission capability enhancement and operation planning. The book is organized into three parts. The first part describes the CSC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC technologies, the second part presents the FACTS devices, and the third part refers to the artificial intelligence techniques. All technologies and tools approached in this book are essential for power system development to comply with the smart grid requirements. Discusses detailed operating principles and diagrams, theory of modeling, control strategies and physical installations around the world of HVDC and FACTS systems Covers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence techniques that are successfully applied for many power system problems, from planning and monitoring to operation and control Each chapter is carefully edited, with drawings and illustrations that helps the reader to easily understand the principles of operation or application Advanced Solutions in Power Systems: HVDC, FACTS, and Artificial Intelligence is written for graduate students, researchers in transmission and distribution networks, and power system operation. This book also serves as a reference for professional software developers and practicing engineers.

Wind Power Systems

Author : Lingfeng Wang
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Renewable energy sources such as wind power have attracted much attention because they are environmentally friendly, do not produce carbon dioxide and other emitants, and can enhance a nation’s energy security. For example, recently more significant amounts of wind power are being integrated into conventional power grids. Therefore, it is necessary to address various important and challenging issues related to wind power systems, which are significantly different from the traditional generation systems. This book is a resource for engineers, practitioners, and decision-makers interested in studying or using the power of computational intelligence based algorithms in handling various important problems in wind power systems at the levels of power generation, transmission, and distribution. Researchers have been developing biologically-inspired algorithms in a wide variety of complex large-scale engineering domains. Distinguished from the traditional analytical methods, the new methods usually accomplish the task through their computationally efficient mechanisms. Computational intelligence methods such as evolutionary computation, neural networks, and fuzzy systems have attracted much attention in electric power systems. Meanwhile, modern electric power systems are becoming more and more complex in order to meet the growing electricity market. In particular, the grid complexity is continuously enhanced by the integration of intermittent wind power as well as the current restructuring efforts in electricity industry. Quite often, the traditional analytical methods become less efficient or even unable to handle this increased complexity. As a result, it is natural to apply computational intelligence as a powerful tool to deal with various important and pressing problems in the current wind power systems. This book presents the state-of-the-art development in the field of computational intelligence applied to wind power systems by reviewing the most up-to-date work and representative practical problems collecting contributions from leading experts in electrical engineering, system engineering, and other disciplines.

Electrical Power Systems

Author : Mohamed E. El-Hawary
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This comprehensive textbook introduces electrical engineers to themost relevant concepts and techniques in electric power systemsengineering today. With an emphasis on practical motivations forchoosing the best design and analysis approaches, the authorcarefully integrates theory and application. Key features include more than 500 illustrations and diagrams,clearly developed procedures and application examples, importantmathematical details, coverage of both alternating and directcurrent, an additional set of solved problems at the end of eachchapter, and an historical overview of the development of electricpower systems. This book will be useful to both power engineeringstudents and professional power engineers.

Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Agents in Power System Control and Operation

Author : Christian Rehtanz
File Size : 68.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Autonomous systems are one of the most important trends for the next generation of control systems. This book is the first to transfer autonomous systems concepts and intelligent agents theory into the control and operation environment of power systems. The focus of this book is to design a future control system architecture for electrical power systems, which copes with the changed requirements concerning complexity and flexibility and includes several applications for power systems. This book draws the whole circle from the theoretical and IT-concept of autonomous systems for power system control over the required knowledge-based methods and their capabilities to concrete applications within this field.

Computational Intelligence Paradigms for Optimization Problems Using MATLAB SIMULINK

Author : S. Sumathi
File Size : 44.65 MB
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Considered one of the most innovative research directions, computational intelligence (CI) embraces techniques that use global search optimization, machine learning, approximate reasoning, and connectionist systems to develop efficient, robust, and easy-to-use solutions amidst multiple decision variables, complex constraints, and tumultuous environments. CI techniques involve a combination of learning, adaptation, and evolution used for intelligent applications. Computational Intelligence Paradigms for Optimization Problems Using MATLAB®/ Simulink® explores the performance of CI in terms of knowledge representation, adaptability, optimality, and processing speed for different real-world optimization problems. Focusing on the practical implementation of CI techniques, this book: Discusses the role of CI paradigms in engineering applications such as unit commitment and economic load dispatch, harmonic reduction, load frequency control and automatic voltage regulation, job shop scheduling, multidepot vehicle routing, and digital image watermarking Explains the impact of CI on power systems, control systems, industrial automation, and image processing through the above-mentioned applications Shows how to apply CI algorithms to constraint-based optimization problems using MATLAB® m-files and Simulink® models Includes experimental analyses and results of test systems Computational Intelligence Paradigms for Optimization Problems Using MATLAB®/ Simulink® provides a valuable reference for industry professionals and advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students.

Artificial Intelligence in Power System Optimization

Author : Weerakorn Ongsakul
File Size : 69.1 MB
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With the considerable increase of AI applications, AI is being increasingly used to solve optimization problems in engineering. In the past two decades, the applications of artificial intelligence in power systems have attracted much research. This book covers the current level of applications of artificial intelligence to the optimization problems in power systems. This book serves as a textbook for graduate students in electric power system management and is also useful for those who are interested in using artificial intelligence in power system optimization.

Distributed Energy Management of Electrical Power Systems

Author : Yinliang Xu
File Size : 83.25 MB
Format : PDF
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Go in-depth with this comprehensive discussion of distributed energy management Distributed Energy Management of Electrical Power Systems provides the most complete analysis of fully distributed control approaches and their applications for electric power systems available today. Authored by four respected leaders in the field, the book covers the technical aspects of control, operation management, and optimization of electric power systems. In each chapter, the book covers the foundations and fundamentals of the topic under discussion. It then moves on to more advanced applications. Topics reviewed in the book include: System-level coordinated control Optimization of active and reactive power in power grids The coordinated control of distributed generation, elastic load and energy storage systems Distributed Energy Management incorporates discussions of emerging and future technologies and their potential effects on electrical power systems. The increased impact of renewable energy sources is also covered. Perfect for industry practitioners and graduate students in the field of power systems, Distributed Energy Management remains the leading reference for anyone with an interest in its fascinating subject matter.

Handbook of Research on Novel Soft Computing Intelligent Algorithms

Author : Pandian Vasant
File Size : 26.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This book explores emerging technologies and best practices designed to effectively address concerns inherent in properly optimizing advanced systems, demonstrating applications in areas such as bio-engineering, space exploration, industrial informatics, information security, and nuclear and renewable energies"--Provided by publisher.

Advances in Electric Power and Energy

Author : Mohamed E. El-Hawary
File Size : 70.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A guide to the role of static state estimation in the mitigation of potential system failures With contributions from a noted panel of experts on the topic, Advances in Electric Power and Energy: Static State Estimation addresses the wide-range of issues concerning static state estimation as a main energy control function and major tool for evaluating prevailing operating conditions in electric power systems worldwide. This book is an essential guide for system operators who must be fully aware of potential threats to the integrity of their own and neighboring systems. The contributors provide an overview of the topic and review common threats such as cascading black-outs to model-based anomaly detection to the operation of micro-grids and much more. The book also includes a discussion of an effective mathematical programming approach to state estimation in power systems. Advances in Electric Power and Energy reviews the most recent developments in the field and: Offers an introduction to the topic to help non-experts (and professionals) get up-to-date on static state estimation Covers the essential information needed to understand power system state estimation written by experts on the subject Discusses a mathematical programming approach Written for electric power system planners, operators, consultants, power system software developers, and academics, Advances in Electric Power and Energy is the authoritative guide to the topic with contributions from experts who review the most recent developments.