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Lesson Planning for Elementary Physical Education

Author : Society of Health and Physical Educators
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Lesson Planning for Elementary Physical Education offers expert guidance in implementing lessons and curricula that are aligned with SHAPE America’s National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes. The plans are flexible, reflect best practices, and foster the achievement of physical literacy.

Elementary Physical Education

Author : Rovegno
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Includes an access code for online materials.

Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers

Author : Retta R. Evans
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In elementary schools across the United States, many teachers tasked with teaching health education or physical education have not had training in these areas. Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition, is the perfect resource for these educators. It covers both health and physical education while giving current and preservice teachers the skills to deliver appropriate lessons to their young students. In this second edition, Retta Evans and Sandra Sims, respected educators and physical education advocates, provide everything teachers need in order to seamlessly incorporate health education and physical education into an integrated curriculum. Based on national health education, physical education, and state-specific academic standards, this is a guide that will help teachers empower elementary students to become healthy and active. A new chapter dedicated to contextual considerations of the learner will guide teachers to better understand factors that may affect learning and give them ideas for changing students’ health behaviors. The new edition’s ancillary products, offered through HKPropel, allow teachers to put concepts from the text into use with their students. Instructor ancillaries include the following: Sample syllabus Chapter resources, including an overview, outline, and review questions with answers Approximately 25 chapter questions, using various levels of Webb’s depth of knowledge framework, to help in creating quick assessments of student learning or in building custom tests Approximately 200 slides to reinforce key points Also new to this edition are related student resources delivered through HKPropel, which include lab exercises that allow education students to practice the material they are learning and design their own standards-based lesson plans that integrate health and physical education. Learning activities and key terms with definitions align with each chapter in the text. The resources also include sample integrated activity plans for each of the five physical education standards and each of the eight health education standards. Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers is organized into two parts. Part I focuses on the foundational knowledge needed for teaching health and physical education. It addresses risky behaviors relevant to today’s generation of students, the impact of children’s physical growth on learning and decision making, and the characteristics and benefits of a high-quality physical education program. It also includes the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model as a way to facilitate school-wide collaboration that connects education to wellness. Part II emphasizes the strategies necessary for incorporating health, physical education, and physical activity into the curriculum and school day. It discusses how teachers can become advocates of healthy and active schools, identify habits that promote everyday health in the classroom, and incorporate physical activity and the national standards into each school day. It also presents teaching methods, assessment tools, and evaluation strategies to ensure teaching success. Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.

Physical Education Methods for Elementary Teachers

Author : Katherine T. Thomas
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Provides information on ways to integrate academics with physical activity along with ways physical education teachers can create programs that adhere to the national guidelines and standards.

Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers

Author : Retta R. Evans
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"This reference text is based on national standards for health and physical education. It provides elementary school teachers with information they can use to integrate health and PE subjects into their classroom curriculum"--

Handbook of Physical Education

Author : David Kirk
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`This is simply the physical education book of its time. The editors must be congratulated on bringing together so many quality authors from so many different parts of the world. As a handbook, it represents how far the study of physical education has moved forward in recent times. What we have is a clear portrayal of physical education at the start of the 21st century' - Mike Jess, University of Edinburgh `This Handbook is a "must read" for all physical educators who are serious about understanding their subject and developing their practices. The list of authors involved reads like a "who's who"' of physical education at a global level - the editors are to be commended on bringing together such collective expertise - this is a key strength of the book. The Handbook successfully expresses a view of knowledge about physical education pedagogy which embraces different research traditions and emerging areas of interest across the global scholarly community' - Jo Harris, Loughborough University `This comprehensive and eclectic exploration into the field of physical education draws on the vast expertise of its renowned international contributors with astounding results. The Handbook of Physical Education serves to firmly reinstate physical education to its position as the core discipline of sport and exercise science. The Handbook is destined to become an indispensable academic resource for scholars, students and enthusiasts of physical education for years to come' - Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson, University of Jyväskylä What is the current condition of the field of physical education? How has it adapted to the rise of kinesiology, sport and exercise science and human movement studies over the last thirty years? This Handbook provides an authoritative critical overview of the field and identifies future challenges and directions. The Handbook is divided in to six parts: - Perspectives and Paradigms in Physical Education Pedagogy Research; - Cross-disciplinary Contributions to Research on Physical Education; - Learners and Learning in Physical Education; - Teachers, Teaching and Teacher Education in Physical Education; - Physical Education Curriculum; - Difference and Diversity in Physical Education. This benchmark work is essential reading for educators and students in the field of physical education.

Standards Based Physical Education Curriculum Development

Author : Jacalyn Lund
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New and Key Features of the Third Edition: Includes a new Chapter 2, International Perspectives on the Implementation of Standards Includes a new Chapter 4, Building the Curriculum Includes a new Chapter 6, Creating Curricular Assessments Discusses the process of designing a standards-based curriculum by developing goals that are based on a sound philosophy Explores assessment and the importance of documenting students progress toward the standard Examines how teachers can provide students with opportunities to achieve their learning goals through challenging and motivating choices.

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children

Author : Robert P. Pangrazi
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Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children, with more than one million copies sold, returns stronger than ever in its 19th edition. Preservice and in-service elementary teachers will learn to deliver quality, effective, and student-friendly physical education by introducing foundational skills, sport skills, and lifetime activities as well as helping children learn to have fun and be responsible in physical activity settings.

Teaching Elementary Physical Education

Author : Peter A. Hastie
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Teaching Elementary Physical Education: Strategies for the Classroom Teacher gives elementary education teachers the tools and strategies they need to teach physical education using a skills-based approach. Designed for the non-physical education teacher, the book provides a shorter, more focused presentation of how and what to teach in physical education. Introduction to Elementary Physical Education, Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment, Motor Skills to Children, The Daily Physical Education Lesson Plan, Strategies for Instruction, Strategies for Assessing Student Work, Managing a Physical Education Class: Protocols, Rules, and Accountability Systems, Managing Equipment, Space, and Time, Strategies for Managing Behavior During a Physical Education Lesson, Creating a Physically Safe Learning Environment, Strategies for Teaching Locomotor and Nonlocomotor Skills, Strategies for Teaching Manipulative Skills, Strategies for Teaching Games, Strategies for Teaching Rhythmic Movement, Strategies for Promoting Physical Activity and Fitness, Strategies for Complementing Classroom Work. For all readers interested in teaching elementary physical education.

Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education

Author : Gerald Griggs
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The Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education goes further than any other book in exploring the specific theoretical and practical components of teaching PE at the primary or elementary school level. As the most comprehensive review of theory, research and practice in primary PE yet published, it represents an essential evidence-based guide for all students, researchers and practitioners working in this area. Written by a team of leading international primary PE specialists from academic and practitioner backgrounds, this handbook examines the three discourses that dominate contemporary PE: health, education and sport. With case studies from twelve countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and South Korea, it provides a truly international perspective on key themes and issues such as: primary PE pedagogy, policy and curriculum development assessment and standards child development diversity and inclusion teacher training and professional development. Offering an unprecedented wealth of material, this handbook is an invaluable reference for any undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme in primary physical education or any primary teacher training course with a physical education element.