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Elephants Are Not Picked from Trees

Author : Liv Emma Thorsen
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"Elephants are not picked from trees" are the words of Swedish taxidermist and conservator David Sjolander, spoken while he was in Angola looking for a fine bull elephant specimen in the autumn of 1948. At the age of 62 Sjolander was to satisfy his life's dream of shooting the elephant he for so long had wished to prepare and exhibit. The African elephant was to be the main attraction in the Mammal Room of the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History. Liv Emma Thorsen, professor of cultural history, has reconstructed the collection history of four mammals exhibited in the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History that attracted much attention when they were displayed to the public for the first time: The elephant, gorilla, Tonkean macaque and walrus. The book examines how the museum acquired animals for its exhibits from 1906 to 1948, and how living animal bodies became museum exhibits. Using photographs and documents from the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, the book shows that these museums are in possession of valuable material for writing the cultural history of animals, and that the museums of natural history display a nature that is historically, socially and culturally construed.

Ethnologia Europaea Vol 42 1

Author : Orvar Löfgren
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How did an African elephant reach a North European museum? What makes fashion displayed in museums such a hot topic today? Two of the articles in this issue of Ethnologia Europaea deal with museum ideologies. Liv Emma Thorsen’s essay follows the story of a museum elephant. What lessons can be drawn from its death, transport and exhibition in a postcolonial world? Marie Riegels Melchior looks at the intersection of the fashion industry and nation branding as an arena for developing new museums. These two articles tie in with Alexandra Schwell’s reflections on ideological shifts in Austrian state officials’ concept of the nation’s place on the political landscape, past and present. Patrick Laviolette explores metaphors of emplacement to understand regional character through its linguistic idiom. Relying on extensive fieldwork, Vihra Barova employs classical kinship scholarship to understand present-day Bulgarian village ties as they are expressed in the festivities of extended families.

The Living Elephants

Author : Raman Sukumar
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The Living Elephants is the authoritative resource for information on both Asian and African elephants. From the ancient origins of the proboscideans to the present-day crisis of the living elephants, this volume synthesizes the behavior, ecology and conservation of elephants, while covering also the history of human interactions with elephants, all within the theoretical framework of evolutionary biology. The book begins with a survey of the 60-million year evolutionary history of the proboscideans emphasizing the role of climate and vegetation change in giving rise to a bewildering array of species, but also discussing the possible role of humans in the late Pleistocene extinction of mastodonts and mammoths. The latest information on the molecular genetics of African and Asian elephants and its taxonomic implications are then presented. The rise of the elephant culture in Asia, and its early demise in Africa are traced along with an original interpretation of this unique animal-human relationship. The book then moves on to the social life of elephants as it relates to reproductive strategies of males and females, development of behavior in young, communication, ranging patterns, and societal organization. The foraging strategies of elephants, their impact on the vegetation and landscape are then discussed. The dynamics of elephant populations in relation to hunting for ivory and their population viability are described with the aid of mathematical models. A detailed account of elephant-human interactions includes a treatment of crop depredation by elephants in relation to their natural ecology, manslaughter by elephants, habitat manipulation by humans, and a history of the ivory trade and poaching in the two continents. The ecological information is brought together in the final chapter to formulate a set of pragmatic recommendations for the long-term conservation of elephants. The broadest treatment of the subject yet undertaken, by one of the leading workers in the field, Raman Sukumar, the book promises to bring the understanding of elephants to a new level. It should be of interest not only to biologists but also a broader audience including field ecologists, wildlife administrators, historians, conservationists and all those interested in elephants and their future.

The Drunken Botanist

Author : Amy Stewart
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The New York Times-bestselling guide to everything botanical and alcoholic celebrates its 10th anniversary with new material added to the fascinating, authoritative go-to information about the plants that make our drinks. With drawings, and cocktail recipes—a gift book for every drinker; a drinks book for every plant-lover.

Elephant s Nest in a Rhubarb Tree Other Stories

Author : Herbert Ernest Bates
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Readers who have discovered the delights of the British master storyteller H.E. Bates will welcome this third collection. Gathered here are twenty stories written between 1938 and 1964 which are gems of human observation.

Neither Root Nor Branch

Author : Mary Jane Grange R. N.
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Step-families deal with many unique issues related to their own children, their step-children, their spouses, and even ex-spouses. Some of the concerns may lead to depression and anxiety, and, in worst-case scenarios, suicide. In "Neither Root nor Branch, " author Mary Jane Grange helps blended families deal with their often challenging situation to live a happy, fulfilling existence. She provides affordable solutions for dealing with depression and anxiety. Using her experiences has a nurse and a step-parent, Grange relies on scriptures to help step-families co-exist peacefully without the use of drugs, alcohol, medications, or divorce. "I am a step parent. I could not keep up the pace that was set for my family. I realized I was in something over my head. I was in something that mere mortals could not correct. I decided to be more conscientious about reading my scriptures. Instead of letting the word of God lie hidden in my heart or dormant on my end tables, I decided to look for the laws of depression. I found them in the scriptures. I found the pace that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created for us in this world."

Wild Animals Photographed and Described

Author : John Fortuné Nott
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In the Shade of the Camelthorn Tree

Author : Mark Campbell
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Short Stories / Anicdotes relating to African Hunting Safaris/As a small boy growing up in Kenya, I would listen to the stories my mother told me with avid interest. I would hang on to her every word and vowed that one day I was going to be a hunter too. Many of my parent's safari boys were my friends and would scare the daylights out of me by telling me hair-raising stories of their own. Each chapter of this book is a complete story in itself. The book is designed to make light and amusing reading.


Author : Emil Toth
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Kaathi, the enlightened Healer, and Jacob, the Warrior, together with the Tall Ones, Evette and Gene, set out on another adventure to Sumati to share their loving philosophy. They teach the Sumatian women they are equal to their men and meet with anger and great resistance from the men. Kaathi convinces Victor, the village head, to establish a body of laws that gives women equality, protection and justice. Ashlee escapes from a mutant village where she has been a slave for 18 years only to be tracked down by her owner. Jacob saves Ashlee by killing the mutant and discovers he is falling in love with her, in spite of her having been a slave. Sharika, a member of the Hun Nation, has noticed in-breeding affecting her people and has traveled many days to distant villages in search of a mate. Victor welcomes Sharika into his village and is instantly enamored by her attractiveness and Amazonian, chiseled body.

AfricanXMag Volume 2 Issue 6

Author : Safari Media Africa contributors
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