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Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil and After

Author : George Monteiro
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"This study explores how Bishop's personal and literary experience in Brazil influenced her work culturally, historically, and linguistically. Focusing on the "Brazilian" characteristics of Bishop's work as well as some of the major poems she composed before settling in Brazil, this volume offers fresh perspective on one of the 20th century's most celebrated writers"--Provided by publisher.

A Study Guide for Elizabeth Bishop s Brazil January 1 1502

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A Study Guide for Elizabeth Bishop's "Brazil, January 1,1502," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Poetry for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Poetry for Students for all of your research needs.

Elizabeth Bishop s Brazil

Author : Bethany Hicok
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When the American poet Elizabeth Bishop arrived in Brazil in 1951 at the age of forty, she had not planned to stay, but her love affair with the Brazilian aristocrat Lota de Macedo Soares and with the country itself set her on another course, and Brazil became her home for nearly two decades. In this groundbreaking new study, Bethany Hicok offers Bishop’s readers the most comprehensive study to date on the transformative impact of Brazil on the poet’s life and art. Based on extensive archival research and travel, Elizabeth Bishop’s Brazil argues that the whole shape of Bishop’s writing career shifted in response to Brazil, taking on historical, political, linguistic, and cultural dimensions that would have been inconceivable without her immersion in this vibrant South American culture. Hicok reveals the mid-century Brazil that Bishop encountered--its extremes of wealth and poverty, its spectacular topography, its language, literature, and people--and examines the Brazilian class structures that placed Bishop and Macedo Soares at the center of the country’s political and cultural power brokers. We watch Bishop develop a political poetry of engagement against the backdrop of America’s Cold War policies and Brazil’s political revolutions. Hicok also offers the first comprehensive evaluation of Bishop’s translations of Brazilian writers and their influence on her own work. Drawing on archival sources that include Bishop’s unpublished travel writings and providing provocative new readings of the poetry, Elizabeth Bishop’s Brazil is a long-overdue exploration of a pivotal phase in this great poet’s life and work.

An Anthology of Twentieth Century Brazilian Poetry

Author : Elizabeth Bishop
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In Portuguese and English.

Elizabeth Bishop

Author : Thomas J. Travisano
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In this book, the first study of Elizabeth Bishop's whole career, Travisano explores her development as an artist. Through sensitive reading of the poems, supported by comparison with Bishop's letters, interviews, stories, memoirs, and critical essays, he defines the traditions that shaped Bishop's introspective early work and the evolution of her later work toward a more public style.

The Cambridge Companion to Elizabeth Bishop

Author : Angus Cleghorn
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Elizabeth Bishop is increasingly recognized as one of the twentieth century's most important and original poets. Initially celebrated for the minute detail of her descriptions, what John Ashbery memorably called her 'thinginess', Bishop's reputation has risen dramatically since her death, in part due to the publication of new work, including letters, stories, and visual art, as well as a controversial volume of uncollected poems, drafts, and fragments. This Companion engages with key debates surrounding the interpretation and reception of Bishop's writing in relation to questions of biography, the natural world and politics. Individual chapters focus on texts such as North and South, Questions of Travel, and Geography III, while offering fresh readings of the significance of Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, and Brazil to Bishop's life and work. This volume explores the full range of Bishop's artistic achievements and the extent to which the posthumous publications have contributed to her enduring popularity.

Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive

Author : Bethany Hicok
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In a life full of chaos and travel, Elizabeth Bishop managed to preserve and even partially catalog, a large collection—more than 3,500 pages of drafts of poems and prose, notebooks, memorabilia, artwork, hundreds of letters to major poets and writers, and thousands of books—now housed at Vassar College. Informed by archival theory and practice, as well as a deep appreciation of Bishop’s poetics, the collection charts new territory for teaching and reading American poetry at the intersection of the institutional archive, literary study, the liberal arts college, and the digital humanities. The fifteen essays in this collection use this archive as a subject, and, for the first time, argue for the critical importance of working with and describing original documents in order to understand the relationship between this most archival of poets and her own archive. This collection features a unique set of interdisciplinary scholars, archivists, translators, and poets, who approach the archive collaboratively and from multiple perspectives. The contributions explore remarkable new acquisitions, such as Bishop’s letters to her psychoanalyst, one of the most detailed psychosexual memoirs of any twentieth century poet and the exuberant correspondence with her final partner, Alice Methfessel, an important series of queer love letters of the 20th century. Lever Press’s digital environment allows the contributors to present some of the visual experience of the archive, such as Bishop’s extraordinary “multi-medial” and “multimodal” notebooks, in order to reveal aspects of the poet’s complex composition process.

Elizabeth Bishop and Brazil

Author : Jessica Reese Goudeau
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Elizabeth Bishop's phenomenal rise in the academic canon is due in large part to the way her writings about Brazil correlate with current critical concerns. However, U.S. scholars have relied on an inchoate understanding of Bishop's sociohistorical contexts as she performed complicated and at times contradictory Brazil(s). Using Yi-Fu Tuan's methodology of space and place and James Clifford's dichotomy of routes/roots, I delineate between four discrete Brazil(s) in Bishop's texts. Shifts between these Brazil(s) are predicated on changes in Bishop's relationship with her Brazilian partner, Lota Macedo de Soares. I explore the eleven poems of the "Brazil" section of Questions of Travel and "Crusoe in England," as well as the introductions and translations she worked on contemporaneously. Bishop's tourist poems examine the tension between her expectations of the banana-ized Brazil of the popular Carmen Miranda movies, and the reality that she discovered as she moves from a tourist-voyeur to a rooted expatriate. In her Samambaia poems, she writes from the position of insider/partner about the subaltern public sphere that Lota has created at her farm outside of Rio de Janeiro. The volatility of the Brazilian political situation, which Bishop blamed for the dissolution of her relationship with Lota, led Bishop to define the primitive aspects of Brazil that Lota disdained. Finally, I argue that her translation strategies as she writes about Brazil after Lota's death in 1967 are a nostalgic return to her earliest views of Brazil.

Elizabeth Bishop s Poetics of Intimacy

Author : Victoria Harrison
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Elizabeth Bishop's Poetics of Intimacy, a biographical and critical study of one of the great poets of this century, offers a fresh look at Bishop's published and unpublished writing over the course of her career. Informed by pragmatic, post-modern, and feminist theories, Victoria Harrison's study also makes extensive use of Bishop's archives, many pieces of which have never been discussed, to reveal the process of the poet's writing. Harrison explores Bishop's childhood memoirs, journals, letters, Brazilian travel prose, unfinished poems, and draft material, researching dates of undated material and reproducing Bishop's revisions, cancellations, and idiosyncratic spellings. Attentiveness to the detail of this archival writing gives Harrison a broad foundation for arguing that Bishop treats some of our largest concerns - family relationships, sexuality, war, and cultural differences - within poetry and prose that are intimate but not self-revelatory and daily but never ordinary. Elizabeth Bishop charges the moments of her writing with the desires, fears, and passions of her life.

Elizabeth Bishop

Author : Susan McCabe
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