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Embracing Serafina

Author : Penny Petrone
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This book moves with compelling energy from the forests of north-western Ontario to the capitals of Europe to the tribal villages of Africa... and from there to South America, China, and into the mysterious world that existed behind the Iron Curtain when few Westerners dared, or got the chance, to visit there. It is an absorbingly personal document, with the power not only of insight and innocence but of deeply conveyed sensuality -- toward sun and seawater and mountain air; the music and hustle of cafés and cantinas; the tastes and smells of exotic kitchens and markets. There is an urgency here, bred of complex desires and a craving for experience and knowledge. Through her search, Petrone reveals not just the graces but the hard edges and uncertainties of a woman's ventures into foreign landscapes and into the foreboding terrain of the self.

Immigration and Integration in North America Canadian and Austrian Perspectives

Author : Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
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Der deutsch- und englischsprachige Band enthält neun Essays von bekannten KanadistInnen aus Österreich, Deutschland und Kanada, die sich mit Immigration nach und Integration in Nordamerika beschäftigen: Wie wird dieses aktuelle Problem in Kanada bewältigt? Könnte das offiziell multikulturelle Kanada für Länder wie Österreich und Frankreich ein Muster sein? Neben der gelungenen Integration, die sich in Romanen von selbst nach Kanada eingewanderten ErzählerInnen spiegelt, belegen ethnische Autobiographien die früher auch in Kanada häufigen Probleme. Das Spannungsverhältnis beim transkulturellen Übergang erscheint als mögliche Inspirationsquelle, wobei Schriftsteller aus der Karibik ergiebige Untersuchungsobjekte sind. Die Einwanderung aus Österreich kommt ebenso zur Sprache wie die spezifische Auseinandersetzung mit der Immigration in Quebec, wo das Konzept des Interkulturalismus dominiert, sowie das Schicksal von Millionen illegaler Einwanderer in den USA. The volume comprises nine essays by prominent Canadianists from Austria, Germany and Canada who investigate in comparative fashion the problems of emigration / immigration to and integration in North America and some European countries, especially Austria and France. They inquire how this challenge has been met in Canada since the official adoption of multiculturalism and reflect on the possibility of Canada serving as a model for Europe. While contemporary novels by immigrants to Canada provide evidence of successful integration, ethnic autobiographies remind us of the existence of problems and prejudices in former times. The tensions experienced in the course of a transcultural transfer are shown to be a potential source of inspiration, with authors of Caribbean background providing fruitful examples. The waves of immigration from Austria are also described as is the specific approach to the challenge of immigration in the province of Quebec, through the adoption of the concept of interculturalism. Both the problems linked to immigration in France and the issue of the millions of undocumented immigrants from Latin America in the USA are considered.

Migration and Fiction

Author : Maria Löschnigg
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Breaking the Mould

Author : Penny Petrone
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Her book recounts not only her story but also that of thousands of uncelebrated working-class men and women who built Canada."--BOOK JACKET.

The Jesus Christ Code

Author : Caesar J. B. Squitti
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Discover a secret . . . 'THE LIE' about TRUTH that deceived Adam and Eve, and mankind since that day in the Garden of Eden. Discover "the key'' to unlock the "gates" to The Garden of Eden. Building a bridge between science, religion and politics. The book presents a new philosophy, 'thinking in color'.

Canadian Books in Print Author and Title Index

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Serafina s Stories

Author : Rudolfo Anaya
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This innovative novel combines Spanish folktales with Native American legends to create a captivating Southwestern version of The Arabian Nights Like Scheherezade, who ensured her survival by telling her royal husband stories, the title character in Rudolfo Anaya’s creative retelling of The Arabian Nights must entertain the recently widowed governor with legends of Nueva Mexicana, or she and her fellow captives will die. With fresh snow covering the high peaks of Sangre de Cristo, a group of native dissidents prepare for revolt. In seventeenth-century Santa Fe, insurrection against a colony of the king of Spain is punishable by death. A Spaniard loyal to the governor names twelve conspirators. One of them is a young woman. Raised in a mission church, fifteen-year-old Serafina speaks excellent Spanish and knows many of her country’s traditional folktales. She and the governor strike a bargain: Each evening, she will tell him a cuento. If he likes it, he will release one prisoner the following day. The twelve tales recounted here mirror the struggle of a divided country. They include the social and political symbolism behind “Beauty and the Beast” and retell “Cinderella” as “Miranda’s Gift.” Interspersed with these timeless cuentos is the story of Serafina herself, and that of a people battling to preserve a vanishing way of life under the long shadow of the Inquisition.


Author : Caroline Burney
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Author : Manuela Bösch
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In this moving story Manuela Bösch narrates the missions of Seraphina, a helping guardian angel, on earth. Together with her sisters, Seraphina is part of the celestial army to benefit the humans. However, one day Seraphina notices that the help for the humans is not sufficient any longer. So she decides to travel to earth and with her sisters she celebrates the farewell to the forthcoming most important journey of her life. She travels to a sad boy in kindergarten, to an old lady bemoaning her deceased husband, two friends not talking anymore and to lovers suffering from their separation. Seraphina is happy to serve her mission and to bring wonderful heart's messages to earth, which she has learned with her sisters in heaven. These are meant to be small gifts for the readers. Seraphina is carrying one of these messages deeply in her own heart: "Love will always find you." One day Seraphina feels that the desire of a soul partner has also awakened inside herself. She realises that her soul is calling and she instinctively knows that she will follow this call. "With her celestial character Seraphina Manuela Bösch narrates in a wonderful and easy way that we humans are protected by guardian angels and brings precious messages to earth."

Born Wicked

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"Rosewood needs a new high priestess. After revealing the evil that lurked in their midst,it is only tradition that can put them back in good graces with the townspeople of Helios. But the moon has other plans for them. On the evening of the Mabon Festival, three witches step up to the call. They will each have to face an impossible quest, one that will determine who will lead the coven once and for all. There's just one problem. Underneath the brave facade lay hearts as black as the other side of the moon. These witches are wicked to the core, and should one of them succeed, Rosewood will never be the same."