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Embroidered Stories

Author : Helen Wyld
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Samplers were embroidered pictures made by girls, and occasionally boys, as part of their education. Scottish samplers are unique with regard to the amount of information that can be gathered from them. They often include the initials of extended family members as well as details of buildings, places and events, leading to the identification of almost all of these young embroiderers. Leslie Durst, an American with a passion for Scotland, has a collection of over 500 samplers dating from the early 18th to the late 19th century; a small section of them will be exhibited at the National Museum of Scotland. This book showcases these and reveals the stories behind many of them - embroidered records of two centuries of Scottish social history.00Exhibition: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK (26.10.2018 - 21.4.2019).

Embroidered Stories

Author : Edvige Giunta
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For Italian immigrants and their descendants, needlework represents a marker of identity, a cultural touchstone as powerful as pasta and Neapolitan music. Out of the artifacts of their memory and imagination, Italian immigrants and their descendants used embroidering, sewing, knitting, and crocheting to help define who they were and who they have become. This book is an interdisciplinary collection of creative work by authors of Italian origin and academic essays. The creative works from thirty-seven contributors include memoir, poetry, and visual arts while the collection as a whole explores a multitude of experiences about and approaches to needlework and immigration from a transnational perspective, spanning the late nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. At the center of the book, over thirty illustrations represent Italian immigrant women’s needlework. The text reveals the many processes by which a simple object, or even the memory of that object, becomes something else through literary, visual, performance, ethnographic, or critical reimagining. While primarily concerned with interpretations of needlework rather than the needlework itself, the editors and contributors to Embroidered Stories remain mindful of its history and its associated cultural values, which Italian immigrants brought with them to the United States, Canada, Australia, and Argentina and passed on to their descendants.

Embroidered Hmong Story Cloths

Author : Susanne L. Bessac
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The Gilda Stories

Author : Jewelle Gomez
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"The Gilda Stories is groundbreaking not just for the wild lives it portrays, but for how it portrays them--communally, unapologetically, roaming fiercely over space and time."--Emma Donoghue, author of Room "Jewelle Gomez sees right into the heart. This is a book to give to those you want most to find their own strength."—Dorothy Allison This remarkable novel begins in 1850s Louisiana, where Gilda escapes slavery and learns about freedom while working in a brothel. After being initiated into eternal life as one who "shares the blood" by two women there, Gilda spends the next two hundred years searching for a place to call home. An instant lesbian classic when it was first published in 1991, The Gilda Stories has endured as an auspiciously prescient book in its explorations of blackness, radical ecology, re-definitions of family, and yes, the erotic potential of the vampire story. Jewelle Gomez is a writer, activist, and the author of many books including Forty-Three Septembers, Don't Explain, The Lipstick Papers, Flamingoes and Bears, and Oral Tradition. The Gilda Stories was the recipient of two Lambda Literary Awards, and was adapted for the stage by the Urban Bush Women theater company in thirteen United States cities. Alexis Pauline Gumbs was named one of UTNE Reader's 50 Visionaries Transforming the World, a Reproductive Reality Check Shero, a Black Woman Rising nominee, and was awarded one of the first-ever "Too Sexy for 501c3" trophies. She lives in Durham, North Carolina. More praise for The Gilda Stories: "Jewelle's big-hearted novel pulls old rhythms out of the earth, the beauty shops and living rooms of black lesbian herstory, expressed by the dazzling vampire Gilda. Her resilience is a testament to black queer women’s love, power, and creativity. Brilliant!"--Joan Steinau Lester, author of Black, White, Other "In sensuous prose, Jewelle Gomez uses the vampire story as a vehicle for a re-telling of American history in which the disenfranchised finally get their say. Her take on queerness, community, and the vampire legend is as radical and relevant as ever."--Michael Nava, author of The City of Palaces "The Gilda Stories are both classic and timely. Gilda emphasizes the import of tenets at the crux of black feminism while her stories ring with the urgency of problems that desperately need to be resolved in our current moment."--Theri A. Pickens, author of New Body Politics "The Gilda Stories was ahead of its time when it was first published in 1991, and this anniversary edition reminds us why it's still an important novel. Gomez's characters are rooted in historical reality yet lift seductively out of it, to trouble traditional models of family, identity, and literary genre and imagine for us bold new patterns. A lush, exciting, inspiring read."--Sarah Waters, author of Tipping the Velvet " . . . its focus on a black lesbian who possesses considerable agency througout the centuries, and its commentary on gender and race, remain significant and powerful."--Publishers Weekly

Embroidered Histories

Author : Barbara Karl
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Early modern India was an economic core region producing manifold textiles for export. During the sixteenth century a new customer entered the stage and expanded its influence from the city of Goa — Portugal. From early times, the Portuguese had bought and commissioned textiles, among them large embroideries from Bengal and Gujarat, which are the focus of this study. By providing European prints as models for the professional local embroiderers they created a novel product that was successful in Portugal and beyond throughout the seventeenth century. The textiles were deemed valuable and rare enough to be included in different travel accounts, letters and inventories, enabling us to trace their place of production, their transportation to Europe and their reception. Their intricate iconographies reflect political problematics of the time and shed light onto the intercultural circumstances of Portuguese colonial life. Barbara Karl is Curator of Textiles and Carpets at the MAK — Museum für Angewandte Kunst/Gegenwartskunst in Vienna.

Beyond Exemplar Tales

Author : Joan Judge
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“Clear, coherent, richly documented, and highly persuasive. I know of no other source devoted exclusively to the topic of Chinese women’s biographies, and I am confident that this book will have a ready audience in the China field and beyond.” -Paul Ropp, Clark University “In addition to Liu Xiang’s Lienü zhuan, the Urtext of Chinese women’s biography, this rich trove of essays explores previously unexamined biographical genres and mines literary texts for their biographical potential. It will be of great value to scholars interested in women’s history, life-writing, and biography, both in the China field and in comparative contexts.” -Grace S. Fong, McGill University

Gendered Stereotypes and Female Entrepreneurship in Southern Europe 1700 1900

Author : Polly Thanailaki
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This book addresses issues that remain under-researched by feminist historians. They pertain to female economic contribution in specific geographical areas and countries such as Greece, Italy, a number of regions of France, Greek-speaking regions in the Ottoman-ruled Macedonia, and two countries in the Balkans: Romania and Bulgaria. Additionally, it compares and contrasts female economic agency in the above regions which is a field that hitherto lacks thorough study. Polly Thanailaki explores female contribution to the finances of their family and to the economy of their country and how they interlaced in a transnational historical setting, further exploring social norms and trading practices in these regions. The methodology is based on the study of original printed sources such as archives, newspapers, and journals of the period, along with secondary sources of literature. The book addresses the nexus of gender, economy, and society covering a broad spectrum of gender studies, economic history and social history in time and in geographic space.

Embroidered Stories of Mi gra tion

Author : Ricardo Gomez
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Race Ethnicity and Football

Author : Daniel Burdsey
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Elucidating the linkages between race, ethnicity, gender and masculinity in football, this volume addresses topics such as the experience of Muslim players, recruitment of African players, devolution and national identities, minority ethnic clubs, "mixed-race" players, sectarianism, and foreign club ownership.

Mi kmaq Landscapes

Author : Dr Anne-Christine Hornborg
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This book seeks to explore historical changes in the lifeworld of the Mi'kmaq Indians of Eastern Canada. The Mi'kmaq culture hero Kluskap serves as a key persona in discussing issues such as traditions, changing conceptions of land, and human-environmental relations. In order not to depict Mi'kmaq culture as timeless, two important periods in its history are examined. Within the first period, between 1850 and 1930, Hornborg explores historical evidence of the ontology, epistemology, and ethics - jointly labelled animism - that stem from a premodern Mi'kmaq hunting subsistence. New ways of discussing animism and shamanism are here richly exemplified. The second study situates the culture hero in the modern world of the 1990s, when allusions to Mi'kmaq tradition and to Kluskap played an important role in the struggle against a planned superquarry on Cape Breton. This study discusses the eco-cosmology that has been formulated by modern reserve inhabitants which could be labelled a 'sacred ecology'. Focusing on how the Mi'kmaq are rebuilding their traditions and environmental relations in interaction with modern society, Hornborg illustrates how environmental groups, pan-Indianism, and education play an important role, but so does reserve life. By anchoring their engagement in reserve life the Mi'kmaq traditionalists have, to a large extent, been able to confront both external and internal doubts about their authenticity.

The Exile

Author : Steven Savile
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The first verse in the Lay of Slaine Mac Roth Tir-Nan-Og - a land of savage beauty where fierce warrior tribes fight for land, cattle and honour. Fate can be seen in every aspect of life in this kingdom, but none more so than in Slaine Mac Roth, son of the Sessair. Struggling to come to terms with his warrior's gift, the Warp Spasm, the young Slaine gets his first taste of bloody battle when his kinsmen raid a rival tribe. But with fate guiding his path, Slaine's epic journey is just about to begin.

Medicine s Strangest Cases

Author : Michael O'Donnell
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Medicine’s Strangest Cases is a choice prescription of weird and wonderful tales from the history of medicine, featuring the German doctor who fought a duel with a sausage, the Harley Street physician-turned-novelist who invented a disease – and its remedy – to keep his clients happy, and the quiet and cautious Swiss scientist who inadvertently unleashed LSD on the world. The stories in this book are bizarre, fascinating, hilarious, and, most importantly, true. Revised, redesigned and updated for 2016, this book is the perfect gift for medical students, clinicians, hypochondriacs and history fans. Laugh out loud and wince with sympathy with this rundown of the most bizarre medical cases ever. Word count: 45,000

Broderade ber ttelser

Author : Britta Marakatt-Labba
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Britta Marakatt-Labbas images are miniature worlds created with needle and thread, containing scenes from everyday life, political reflections and stories about the Sámi culture and history. The magnificient scenery and the glittering snow of the winter landscape are always present.

Information Wars

Author : Richard Stengel
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During the final three years of the Obama administration, Richard Stengel, the former editor of Time magazine and an Under Secretary of State, was on the front lines of the new global information war. At the time, he was the single person in government tasked with unpacking, disproving and combating both ISIS's messaging and Russian disinformation. Then, in 2016, as the presidential election unfolded, Stengel watched as Donald Trump used disinformation himself, weaponizing the grievances of Americans who felt overlooked. In fact, Stengel quickly came to see how all three players had used the same playbook: ISIS sought to make Islam great again; Putin tried to make Russia great again; and we all know about Trump. In a narrative that is by turns dramatic and eye-opening, Information Wars walks readers through of this often frustrating battle. Stengel moves through Russia and Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and introduces characters from Putin to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Mohamed bin Salman to show how disinformation is impacting our global society. He illustrates how ISIS terrorized the world using social media, and how the Russians launched a tsunami of disinformation around the annexation of Crimea - a scheme that became the model for their interference with the 2016 presidential election. An urgent book for our times, Information Wars stresses that we must find a way to combat this ever growing threat to democracy.

The Paradox of Suicide and Creativity

Author : M. F. Alvarez
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If creativity is the highest expression of the life impulse, why do creative individuals who have made lasting contributions to the arts and sciences so often end their lives? M.F. Alvarez addresses this central paradox by exploring the inner lives and works of eleven creative visionaries who succumbed to suicide. Through a series of case studies, Alvarez shows that creativity and suicide are both attempts to authenticate and resolve personal catastrophes that have called into question the most basic conditions of human existence.

Pieces of Eight

Author : Rosalie Maggio
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The eight Maggio kids grew up sharing everything from their fear of wild dogs to the neighbors' watermelon patch. Pieces of Eight takes readers into a world where sibling rivalry is a joke and watching each other's backs is the norm. The anthology's sixty-plus stories from their childhood (told with hardly any exaggeration) and e-mail exchanges from today (written with hardly any humor) recount poignant situations, instructive mischief, and rewarding moments. If you've always wondered what other families are really like or why some brothers and sisters stay close while others do not, Pieces of Eight: Still Best Friends After All These Years provides some clues along with an entertaining read and some guaranteed smiles.

Gerald Ford and the Challenges of the 1970s

Author : Yanek Mieczkowski
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"In the author's reassessment of this underrated president, Ford emerges as a skilled executive, an effective diplomat, and a leader with a clear vision for America's future. Working to heal a divided nation, Ford unified the GOP and laid the groundwork for the Republican resurgence in subsequent decades."--BOOK JACKET.

Clifford Sifton Volume 2

Author : D.J. Hall
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A Lonely Eminence is the second of two volumes tracing the public life and times of Clifford Sifton, one of Canada's most controversial politicians. Volume II examines Sifton's life and work in the twentieth century, especially his political activities. Sifton's involvement in the early administration of the Yukon Territory is analyzed, as is his concern for a rational, all-Canadian transportation policy and his role in railway development in the west. Volume II of Clifford Sifton, like Volume I, is rich in historical detail and is the result of extensive research into original historical sources. The vitality and significance of Sifton's public and political career emerge from this political biography, which will be of interest to Canadian historians and political scientists, as well as to anyone interested in the growth and development of Canada.

Book News

Author :
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Stories in Thread

Author : Marsha MacDowell
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Telling of the traditional story "The tiger and the hunter"