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Enchanted Europe

Author : Euan Cameron
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Since the dawn of history people have used charms and spells to try to control their environment, and forms of divination to try to foresee the otherwise unpredictable chances of life. Many of these techniques were called 'superstitious' by educated elites. For centuries religious believers used 'superstition' as a term of abuse to denounce another religion that they thought inferior, or to criticize their fellow-believers for practising their faith 'wrongly'. From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, scholars argued over what 'superstition' was, how to identify it, and how to persuade people to avoid it. Learned believers in demons and witchcraft, in their treatises and sermons, tried to make 'rational' sense of popular superstitions by blaming them on the deceptive tricks of seductive demons. Every major movement in Christian thought, from rival schools of medieval theology through to the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment, added new twists to the debates over superstition. Protestants saw Catholics as superstitious, and vice versa. Enlightened philosophers mocked traditional cults as superstitions. Eventually, the learned lost their worry about popular belief, and turned instead to chronicling and preserving 'superstitious' customs as folklore and ethnic heritage. Enchanted Europe is the first comprehensive, integrated account of western Europe's long, complex dialogue with its own folklore and popular beliefs. Drawing on many little-known and rarely used texts, Euan Cameron constructs a compelling narrative of the rise, diversification, and decline of popular 'superstition' in the European mind.

Science in an Enchanted World

Author : Julie Davies
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Best known as the Saducismus triumphatus (1681), Joseph Glanvill’s book on witchcraft is among the most frequently published from the seventeenth century, and its arguments for the reality of diabolic witchcraft elicited passionate responses from critics and supporters alike. Davies untangles the intricate development of this text and explores how Glanvill’s roles as theologian, philosopher and advocate for the Royal Society of London converge in its pages. Glanvill’s broader philosophical method and unique approach to the supernatural provide a case study that enables the exploration of the interaction between the rise of experimental science and changing attitudes to witchcraft.

Enchanted Europe

Author : Euan Cameron
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Enchanted Europe is the first comprehensive account of Europe's long, complex relationship with its own folklore and popular religion. From debates over the efficacy of charms and spells to belief in fairies and demons, Euan Cameron constructs a compelling narrative of the rise and fall of 'superstition' in the European mind.

Eternally Enchanted

Author : Dr. Bikash Ranjan Meher
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Eternally Enchanted is a riveting love story between two young medical professionals Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Kanimozhi. The story begins when young and suave Dr. Abhishek join as a senior resident in general medicine in a hospital in Pondicherry. The story narrates how two of them meet in an unlikely place in an unlikely circumstances and how slowly they attracted to each other. The story takes a poignant turn when Dr. Kanimozhi is diagnosed with cancer and how Abhishek stands with her in thick and thin like rock solid. The love story between them is enchanting and love between them is eternal.

Reformation Europe

Author : Ulinka Rublack
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The first survey to utilise the approaches of the new cultural history in analysing how Reformation Europe came about.

Knowledge and Religion in Early Modern Europe

Author :
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This collection of essays examines interplays of knowledge and religion in early modern thought. Spanning from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, it considers varied formations of knowledge and religion, knowledge about religion(s) and irreligious knowledge in early modern Europe.

Food Religion and Communities in Early Modern Europe

Author : Christopher Kissane
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Using a three-part structure focused on the major historical subjects of the Inquisition, the Reformation and witchcraft, Christopher Kissane examines the relationship between food and religion in early modern Europe. Food, Religion and Communities in Early Modern Europe employs three key case studies in Castile, Zurich and Shetland to explore what food can reveal about the wider social and cultural history of early modern communities undergoing religious upheaval. Issues of identity, gender, cultural symbolism and community relations are analysed in a number of different contexts. The book also surveys the place of food in history and argues the need for historians not only to think more about food, but also with food in order to gain novel insights into historical issues. This is an important study for food historians and anyone seeking to understand the significant issues and events in early modern Europe from a fresh perspective.

Dissimulation and Deceit in Early Modern Europe

Author : Miriam Eliav-Feldon
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In this book, twelve scholars of early modern history analyse various categories and cases of deception and false identity in the age of geographical discoveries and of forced conversions: from two-faced conversos to serial converts, from demoniacs to stigmatics, and from self-appointed ambassadors to lying cosmographer.

Blackening Europe

Author : Heike Raphael-Hernandez
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Traditional Scholars have often looked at African American studies through the lens of European theories, resulting in the secondarization of the African American presence in Europe and its contributions to European culture. Blackening Europe reverses this pattern by using African American culture as the starting point for a discussion of its influences over traditional European structures. Evidence of Europe's blackening abound, form French ministers of Hip-hop and British incarnations of "Shaft" to slavery memorial in the Netherlands and German youth sporting dreadlocks. Collecting essays by scholars from both sides of the Atlantic and fields as diverse as history, literature, politics, social studies, art, film and music, Blackening Europe explores the implications of these cultural hybrids and extends the growing dialogues about Europe's fascination with African America.

Angels of Light Sanctity and the Discernment of Spirits in the Early Modern Period

Author : Clare Copeland
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This volume explores individual responses to the problem of discernment of spirits, and the adjacent problem of true and false holiness in the period following the European Reformations.