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Encountering Evil

Author : Stephen T. Davis
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Eight prominent philosophers and theologians confront the problems posed by natural and human evil for theistic belief. Each thinker sets out his or her theodicy and its connections to current social and philosophical debates. The other contributors then offer critiques of each theodicy, to which its author subsequently responds. The result is a valuable introduction to philosophical and theological perspectives on contemporary evil and to the nature of discourse in the philosophy of religion.

Encountering Evil

Author : Gwenn Davis
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Concerned with the serious intellectual and moral questions that evil presents to religious believers. Each essay is given a critique by the other contributors: John Roth, John Hick, David Griffen, Frederick Sontag, and Stephen Davis.

The Survivor s Quest

Author : HealingJourney
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Sometimes, evil does not translate into violence or murder. Sometimes, evil can be difficult to detect. It can be masked by charm and flattery, and it is often perpetuated by pathological lying, projection, and various other mind games. No matter how hidden it may be, evil always devastates-and isolates-any normal person who is touched by it.The Survivor's Quest is written by HealingJourney, the former target of a psychopathic predator. He presented himself to her as a "nice guy," but he turned out to be the precise opposite. As a result of the encounter and its sudden end, HealingJourney found herself overwhelmed by despair. But she soon realized that she was not alone in her new understanding of humanity, and she was able to find her way out of the darkness. Throughout the book, she shares the struggles and triumphs she experienced during her recovery. She also offers validation, encouragement, and practical strategies for her fellow survivors.If you have been hurt by someone with a personality disorder and are looking for recovery support, this book is for you.

Overcoming Evil

Author : Cindy Shell
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A 3:30 a.m. phone call is enough to make anyone's heart stop and blood run cold. However, Cindy Shell was not overly concerned when her father called in the middle of the night, asking her to check on her mother, who left him a garbled message an hour before and then didn't answer the phone. She knew there must be a rational explanation, so she unhurriedly drove the seven minutes to her parents' home to make sure everything was okay. But everything was not okay. Cindy's beloved mother, her best friend, Shirley Shell, was the victim of a burglary gone awry, and even worse, murder. One can never truly prepare for the aftermath of dealing with a tragedy such as this, one that can easily destroy faith and families. In Overcoming Evil, Cindy shares how belief in God's mercy and his presence in her life carried her through this difficult time and ultimately led her to forgive her mother's killer. Take this journey of faith with Cindy as she realizes that Overcoming Evil is made possible only through the grace of the Lord.

Encountering Evil

Author : Gwenn Davis
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Concerned with the serious intellectual and moral questions that evil presents to religious believers. Each essay is given a critique by the other contributors: John Roth, John Hick, David Griffen, Frederick Sontag, and Stephen Davis.

The Problem of Evil and the Power of God

Author : Atle Ottesen Søvik
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This book discusses four different answers to the problem of evil, provided by Richard Swinburne, Keith Ward, David Griffin and Johan Hygen. The author suggests several improvements to these answers and concludes that there is a coherent answer to the problem of evil.

Problems of Evil and the Power of God

Author : Professor James A Keller
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Why do bad things happen, even to good people? If there is a God, why aren't God's existence and God's will for humans more apparent? And if God really does miracles for some people, why not for others? This book examines these three problems of evil – suffering, divine hiddenness, and unfairness if miracles happen as believers claim – to explore how different ideas of God's power relate to the problem of evil. Keller argues that as long as God is believed to be all-powerful, there are no adequate answers to these problems, nor is it enough for theists simply to claim that human ignorance makes these problems insoluble. Arguing that there are no good grounds for the belief that God is all-powerful, Keller instead defends the understanding of God and God's power found in process theism and shows how it makes possible an adequate solution to the problems of evil while providing a concept of God that is religiously adequate.

The Poetics of Evil

Author : Philip Tallon
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What role do art and aesthetics play in unravelling the theological problem of evil? Philip Tallon constructs an aesthetic theodicy through a fascinating examination of Christian aesthetics, ranging from the writings of Augustine to contemporary philosophy.

The Many Faces of Evil

Author : Kenneth Cauthen
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Cauthen, a nationally recognized authority in the fields of theology and ethics, tackles some of mankind's most intractable issues, trying to help us understand the nature of evil in all of its manifestations. He attempts to create a Biblically rooted framework wherein we can interpret the meaning of suffering and the relationship of God to human anguish. Some consider his positions controversial, but all who examine them will be uplifted and have their faith strengthened.Cauthen has written from his heart, from his heart, from his personal experience, and has woven together philosophical and theological insights into the nature of evil with personal testimonies of strength, endurance, and survival. This book deserves to be read by anyone who is struggling with the ambiguity of evil in their lives. Dr. James H. Evans, Jr., President The Divinity School Rochester, New York

Theodicy of Love

Author : John C. Peckham
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If God is all powerful and entirely good and loving, why is there so much evil in the world? Based on a close canonical reading of Scripture, this book offers a new approach to the challenge of reconciling the Christian confession of a loving God with the realities of suffering and evil. John Peckham offers a constructive proposal for a theodicy of love that upholds both the sovereignty of God and human freedom, showing that Scripture points toward a framework for thinking about God's love in relation to the world.

The Philosophy of Religion

Author : Gwen Griffith-Dickson
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There is a long tradition of study of religions in their own right, traditionally with a linguistic, philological and textual methodology, and in recent decades with a phenomenological approach. More recently scholars have begun comparative work in which more than one tradition is studied; only very recently has philosophy of religion begun to be comparative. Here in SCM's Core Text: The Philosophy of Religion, Gwen Griffith-Dickson examines the thinkers and ideas of different traditions and brings them together in the examination of philosophical questions such as the problem of evil, the existence of God and the concept of God.

William L Rowe on Philosophy of Religion

Author : William L. Rowe
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William Rowe is one of the leading thinkers in contemporary philosophy of religion. Although he is best known for his contributions to the problem of evil, he has produced innovative and influential work across a wide array of subjects at the interface between philosophy and religion. He has, for example, written extensively on the existentialist theologian, Paul Tillich, on the challenging problem of divine freedom, and on the traditional arguments in support of the existence of God. His work in these areas is distinguished by its clarity, rigour, originality, and sensitivity towards the claims of his theistic opponents. Indeed, Rowe's work has played a pivotal role in the remarkable revival of analytic philosophy of religion since the 1970s. The present collection brings together for the first time Rowe's most significant contributions to the philosophy of religion. This diverse but representative selection of Rowe's writings will provide students, professional scholars as well as general readers with stimulating and accessible discussions on such topics as the philosophical theology of Paul Tillich, the problem of evil, divine freedom, arguments for the existence of God, religious experience, life after death, and religious pluralism.

Problems in the Philosophy of Religion

Author : Harold Hewitt Jr
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In 1989 John Hick published his Gifford Lectures under the title An Interpretation of Religion, a work which provided important new insights about the nature of the world's religions. Soon after, a group of scholars from around the world gathered in Claremont, California to discuss, analyze and criticize An Interpretation of Religion. This book is a written record of those proceedings - including Hick's responses - that serves to clarify both Hick's position as well as the issues which concern his critics.

The Transforming God

Author : Tyron Inbody
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This book offers a bold new approach to the theological interpretation of human suffering. Beginning with a description of suffering and evil as religious problems, Inbody moves to a critique of the all-loving and omnipotent deity in classical theism, concluding with a radical interpretation of the Christian God as a vulnerable, transforming God.

Pathways in Theodicy

Author : Mark S. M. Scott
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Why does God permit evil and suffering? This question, known as the problem of evil in theological and philosophical circles, has perennially vexed Christian theology. Academic studies on the problem of evil, however, have failed to move the conversation forward in recent years. In this volume, designed for students and scholars alike, Mark S. M. Scott traces the major models and motifs in Christian explanations for evil (called theodicies) and argues for a thorough rethinking of the problem of evil and theodicy based on distinctly Christian theological criteria and resources.

Encountering Evil

Author : Stephen T. Davis
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The Problem of Evil and the Problem of God

Author : Dewi Zephaniah Phillips
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"This book is D.Z. Phillips' systematic attempt to discuss the problem of evil. He argues that the problem is inextricably linked to our conception of God. In an effort to distinguish between logical and existential problems of evil, that inheritance offers us distorted accounts of God's omnipotence and will. In his interlude, Phillips argues that, as a result, God is ridiculed out of existence, and found unfit to plead before the bar of decency. However, Phillips elucidates a neglected tradition in which we reach a different understanding of God's presence amidst suffering, and addresses the ultimate question of how God can be said to be with those who are crushed by life's afflictions." "An ideal text for students of philosophy, religious studies and theology, but also for anyone who reflects seriously on the danger of adding to human evils by the way in which we write and think about them."--Jacket

A Gracious Heresy

Author : Connie L. Tuttle
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Take one wildly naive, deeply flawed, completely unconventional woman and stir in God. Add to the mix that she is a lesbian, feminist, army brat, and single mom, and what you get is an earnestly radical Christian on a mission. Her response to an insistent call to prophetic ministry is acutely human and terminally messy. Prone to veer off course, she wrestles angels who repeatedly return her to her trajectory. The prophetic ministry to which she is called ends up taking place in hundreds of small daily acts rather than the great act that she had hoped for.

The Execution of God

Author : Jeff Hood
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We kill. We kill each other. We kill God. The altar of the death chamber is open, the hour of execution upon us. Is there salvation amidst the horror of the death penalty? We must save to get saved. We must save our God. How will we encounter the execution of God? Will we save or will we kill? In this stunning fusion of biblical interpretation and memoir, radical theologian of mercy Jeff Hood takes us on a unique spiritual journey into the heart of the death penalty. The Execution of God is a powerful invitation to encounter God in the last place we expect divinity to dwell...on the gurney. The Execution of God will invite you to re-examine your belief in the ultimate punishment and consider:How the death penalty kills our relationship with GodThe idea that the divine image of God dwells in those on death rowHow we cannot be both people of love and people of murderHow our cultural obsession with violence harms our spiritual lifeHow to stop the killing and join the work of abolition and restoration

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology Baker Reference Library

Author : Walter A. Elwell
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Fifteen years after its original publication comes a thoroughly revised edition of the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Every article from the original edition has been revisited. With some articles being removed, others revised, and many new articles added, the result is a completely new dictionary covering systematic, historical, and philosophical theology as well as theological ethics.