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Conflict and Conquest in the Islamic World A Historical Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Alexander Mikaberidze
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A reference work that thoroughly documents the extensive military history of the Islamic world between the 7th century and the present day. • Includes an introductory essay • Provides over 600 A–Z entries, many with accompanying images • Contains contributions by some of the leading scholars in the field of military history • Provides a convenient glossary of commonly used Islamic military terms intended for general readers

International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration Volume 2

Author : Jay M. Shafritz
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This encyclopedia includes entries on the concepts, issues and theories starting with alphabets D to K that define public policymaking, evaluation, management and implementation. It also includes entries on the individuals, commissions and organizations that have contributed to these fields.

Modern Trends in Islamic Theological Discourse in 20th Century Indonesia

Author : Fauzan Saleh
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This book provides new information abtout the development of Indonesian Muslims' thinking on issues of theology. This theological thought, especially as reflected in the works of the modernist Muslim thinkers, may be seen as a nascent systematic attempt to draw up the essential beliefs of Islam in Indonesian historical and cultural contexts.

Medieval Islamic Civilization L Z index

Author : Josef W. Meri
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Medieval Islamic Civilization

Author : Josef W. Meri
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Medieval Islamic Civilization examines the socio-cultural history of the regions where Islam took hold between the seventh and sixteenth century. This important two-volume work contains over 700 alphabetically arranged entries, contributed and signed by international scholars and experts in fields such as Arabic languages, Arabic literature, architecture, art history, history, history of science, Islamic arts, Islamic studies, Middle Eastern studies, Near Eastern studies, politics, religion, Semitic studies, theology, and more. This reference provides an exhaustive and vivid portrait of Islamic civilization including the many scientific, artistic, and religious developments as well as all aspects of daily life and culture. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit

A History of the Encyclopaedia of Islam

Author : Peri Bearman
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A History of The Encyclopaedia of Islam is the back story of the decisions that shaped the preeminent reference work in the field of Islamic Studies and of the labor that went into it, a story that has not yet been told. It is a record of a monumental, century-long project, undertaken by the greatest scholars of its time; of friendships and rivalries; and of the extraordinary circumstances in which it took shape. As a product of and a contribution to a century's evolving view of Islamic history, civilization, and religion, this history sheds light onto the world of academia, of the individual scholars who contributed to the encyclopedia's success, and of a time-Europe before and after two world wars-and an age of publishing that dramatically changed in its lifetime.

Islamicate Sexualities

Author : Associate Professor of Iranian History and Culture Kathryn Babayan
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Babayan explores different genealogies of sexuality and questions some of the theoretical emphases and epistemic assumptions affecting current histories of sexuality.

Christian Muslim Relations A Bibliographical History Volume 2 900 1050

Author : David Thomas
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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History 2 (CMR2) is a history of all the works on Christian-Muslim relations from 900 to 1050. It comprises introductory essays and over one hundred entries containing descriptions, assessments and comprehensive bibliographical details of individual works.

Science and Technology in World History Volume 2

Author : David Deming
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Science is a living, organic activity, the meaning and understanding of which have evolved incrementally over human history. This book, the second in a roughly chronological series, explores the evolution of science from the advents of Christianity and Islam through the Middle Ages, focusing especially on the historical relationship between science and religion. Specific topics include technological innovations during the Middle Ages; Islamic science; the Crusades; Gothic cathedrals; and the founding of Western universities. Close attention is given to such figures as Paul the Apostle, Hippolytus, Lactantius, Cyril of Alexandria, Hypatia, Cosmas Indicopleustes, and the Prophet Mohammed.

Muslims Vol 2

Author : Andrew Rippin
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Looks at modern Muslim views on religious authority, including feminism's `new' Islam and shows how these views affect the perception of the Qur'an and the figure of Muhammad in the traditional practice of Islam.