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Energy Culture

Author : Imre Szeman
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Energy Culture is a provocative book about oil's firm grip on our politics and everyday lives. It brings together essays and artwork produced in a collaborative environment to stimulate new ways of thinking and to achieve a more just and sustainable world. The original work collected in Energy Culture creatively engages energy as a social form through lively arguments and artistic research organized around three vectors of inquiry. The first maps how fossil fuels became, and continue to be, embedded in North American society, from the ideology of tar sands reclamation projects to dreams of fiber optic cables running through the Northwest Passage. The second comprises creative and artistic responses to the dominance of fossil fuels in everyday life and to the challenge of realizing new energy cultures. The final section addresses the conceptual and political challenges posed by energy transition and calls into question established views on energy. Its contributions caution against solar capitalism, explore the politics of sabotage, and imagine an energy efficient transportation system called "the switch." Imbued with a sense of urgency and hope, Energy Culture exposes the deep imbrications of energy and culture while pointing provocatively to ways of thinking and living otherwise.

Energy and water development appropriations for 1989

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development
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Sex and Culture

Author : Joseph Daniel Unwin
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The Fruits of Culture

Author : graf Leo Tolstoy
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The play satirizes the persistence of unenlightened attitudes towards the peasants amongst the Russian landed aristocracy.

Department of Energy Critical Technologies of 1991

Author : United States
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Essays on Nature and Culture

Author : Hamilton Wright Mabie
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Cultures of Energy

Author : Sarah Strauss
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This path-breaking volume explores cultures of energy, the underlying but under-appreciated dimensions of both crisis and innovation in resource use around the globe. Theoretical chapters situate pressing energy issues in larger conceptual frames, and ethnographic case studies reveal energy as it is imagined, used, and contested in a variety of cultural contexts. Contributors address issues including the connection between resource flows and social relationships in energy systems; cultural transformation and notions of progress and collapse; the blurring of technology and magic; social tensions that accompany energy contraction; and sociocultural changes required in affluent societies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Each of five thematic sections concludes with an integrative and provocative conversation among the authors. The volume is an ideal tool for teaching unique, contemporary, and comparative perspectives on social theories of science and technology in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Self Culture

Author :
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Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis

Author :
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The Culture of Energy

Author : Mogens Rüdiger
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The culture of the modern world involves a sizeable and continuous use of energy. The story of energy as a part of modernity begins in the early 19th Century with hard work, experiments and the establishment of local energy systems. The natural conditions made certain by the alternation between light and dark, between warmth and cold, was gradually suspended by the introduction of electric lighting and heating into the home. The welfare state has significantly hastened this development to the degree that notions such as wellness and individual well-being have become natural elements of our consumer culture and our daily life. In most parts of the world we have light whenever we desire it, and the homes maintain a comfortable temperature of 21 degrees Celsius by use of either heating or of air-conditioning. In The Culture of Energy historians, social scientists and architects focus on various aspects of the energy culture in Western Europe, the United States, India and former Soviet Union, and examine subjects such as the history of lighting, street lighting, heating and central heating, household uses of energy, the debate on nuclear power, energy conservation and environmental perspectives on energy.

Energy Research Development Demonstration and Commercial Application Act of 2005

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science
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Energy Research Development Demonstration and Commercial Application Act of 2005 109 1 House Report No 109 216 Part 1

Author :
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Modern Culture

Author : Edward Cornelius Toune
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Enhancing Army Energy Culture with Behavioral Approaches

Author : Eileen T. Westervelt
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Pennsylvania Journal of Dental Science

Author :
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Life and Sermons of Jonathan Allen

Author : Abigail Ann Allen
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Energy and Culture

Author : Brendan Maurice Dooley
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Bringing together the insights of an interdisciplinary collection of experts from the physical and social sciences, this volume considers the past and possible future consequences of energy policy.

Annual Meeting

Author : Pennsylvania State Dental Society
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1891-92 contain also: Proceedings of the union meeting of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state dental societies.


Author : Frank Niele
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Energy: Engine of Evolution is a book about evolution, energy and sustainable development. Since the origin of life, five energy revolutions have passed and Earth is again at the threshold of a new era. This highly practical book paves the way in the search for efficient techniques. In it, the author argues that a sixth energy revolution is required to support the new way of life, and explores possible energy pathways to a more endurable future. Packed with inspiring insights, and examples of new approaches to technological and evolutionary developments, Energy: Engine of Evolution is exceptional reading for business professionals, politicians and scientists. * Provides evolutionary insight * Introduces an Energy Time Scale that shows key relationships between energy and the history of planet Earth * Contains exciting examples of new approaches to technological and evolutionary developments

Art Energy

Author : Barry Lord
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In Art & Energy, Barry Lord argues that human creativity is deeply linked to the resources available on earth for our survival. By analyzing art, artists, and museums across eras and continents, Lord demonstrates how our cultural values and artistic expression are formed by our efforts to access and control the energy sources that make these cultures possible.