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Energy Futures

Author : John Elting Treat
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More than a dozen of the futures industry's leading authorities provide you with an even broader background in both the theory and practice of energy futures trading in this newly-updated text. They review the history of the futures markets and the fundamentals of trading, hedging, and technical analysis; then update you on the newest trends in energy futures trading - natural gas and electric futures, options, regulations, and new information services. What's New: New chapters specifically dedicated to the oil futures market, natural gas markets, and electricity markets A new chapter on market fundamentals with details on how to manage energy supply and trading groups A sample electricity contract. About the Author: John Elting Treat is Vice President of Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc., a firm responsible for management consulting to the energy industry. He also leads the firm's wargaming activities. His recent work includes assignments for national and international companies in both North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Mr Treat received degrees in International Economics from Princeton and from Johns Hopkins University.

Energy Futures

Author : Michael C. Thomsett
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An up-to-date primer on the energy markets: everything you must know before you trade. There is no singular energy market. There are many different versions and subsets of energy: Any trader who wants to invest has many choices. The best one depends on acceptable risk levels, perceptions of the markets, and the amount of available capital. Before deciding how to enter this market, you should be aware of....

Visions of Energy Futures

Author : Benjamin K. Sovacool
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This book examines the visions, fantasies, frames, discourses, imaginaries, and expectations associated with six state-of-the-art energy systems—nuclear power, hydrogen fuel cells, shale gas, clean coal, smart meters, and electric vehicles—playing a key role in current deliberations about low-carbon energy supply and use. Visions of Energy Futures: Imagining and Innovating Low-Carbon Transitions unveils what the future of energy systems could look like, and how their meanings are produced, often alongside moments of contestation. Theoretically, it analyzes these technological case studies with emerging concepts from various disciplines: utopianism (history of technology), symbolic convergence (communication studies), technological frames (social construction of technology), discursive coalitions (discourse analysis and linguistics), sociotechnical imaginaries (science and technology studies), and the sociology of expectations (innovation studies, future studies). It draws from these cases to create a synthetic set of dichotomies and frameworks for energy futures based on original data collected across two global epistemic communities— nuclear physicists and hydrogen engineers—and experts in Eastern Europe and the Nordic region, stakeholders in South Africa, and newspapers in the United Kingdom. This book is motivated by the premise that tackling climate change via low-carbon energy systems and practices is one of the most significant challenges of the twenty-first century, and that success will require not only new energy technologies, but also new ways of understanding language, visions, and discursive politics. The discursive creation of the energy systems of tomorrow are propagated in polity, hoping to be realized as the material fact of the future, but processed in conflicting ways with underlying tensions as to how contemporary societies ought to be ordered. This book will be essential reading for students and scholars of energy policy, energy and environment, and technology assessment.

European Energy Futures 2030

Author : Timon Wehnert
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This book summarizes the results of an international research project; the first Europe-wide Delphi study on future developments in the energy sector (EurEnDel). Nearly 700 energy experts from 48 countries participated in this two-round, web-based Delphi exercise. With a time horizon of 2030, this expert survey not only provides a useful perspective on long-term developments of energy technologies, but also evaluates these technologies against different sets of social values or "visions".

Low Energy Futures for the United States

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Alternative energy futures

Author :
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Cooperation in the Energy Futures of China and the United States

Author : Chinese Academy of Engineering
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Today we recognize the importance of the pending transition in energy resource utilization in the coming century. Two major players in this transition will be two of the world's superpowers - - China and the United States. Cooperation in the Energy Futures of China and the United States focuses on collaborative opportunities to provide affordable, clean energy for economic growth and social development, to minimize future energy concerns, environmental threats to our global society, and the health and economic impacts on energy production and use.

Cities for Smart Environmental and Energy Futures

Author : Stamatina Th. Rassia
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Cities for Smart Environmental and Energy Futures presents works written by eminent international experts from a variety of disciplines including architecture, engineering and related fields. Due to the ever-increasing focus on sustainable technologies, alternative energy sources, and global social and urban issues, interest in the energy systems for cities of the future has grown in a wealth of disciplines. Some of the special features of this book include new findings on the city of the future from the macro to the micro level. These range from urban sustainability to indoor urbanism, and from strategies for cities and global climate change to material properties. The book is intended for graduate students and researchers active in architecture, engineering, the social and computational sciences, building physics and related fields.

Alternative Energy Futures The future of liquified natural gas imports

Author : United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment
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Water and Energy Futures in an Urbanized Asia

Author : Erik Roswell Peterson
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Urbanization is taking the world by storm. In the last 107 years, the proportion of humanity living in cities has skyrocketed from 13 to 50 percent. This trend can be expected to continue. The United Nations predicts that 60 percent of the global population will live in cities by 2030. This implies major shifts in how we govern, allocate natural resources, manage infrastructure, conduct business, and much more.Pacific Asia—the region encompassing China and its neighbors in East and Southeast Asia—is a key driver of this global urban transition. Within the next decades, the region will account for about one-third of the world's urban population growth, increasing by about 750 million people in absolute terms. By 2025, the world is expected to have an urban population of 5 billion people, of which 30 percent will reside in Pacific Asia's cities.Inherent tensions between economic development and poverty allevia¬tion on the one hand and environmental sustainability on the other are widely acknowledged. As we look to the future, how these issues intersect in China will have enormous significance for developments in that country as well as around the entire world. This report explores the complex simultaneous phenomena of rapid urbanization, resource manage¬ment, and the broader public policy challenges and opportunities in Asia. A number of compelling questions arise: What are the most promising technological innovations to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth? What factors are most significant in driving change? How are priorities assigned, and how are those priorities changing? How are the players changing? What kinds of policies, regulations, and other governance tools help identify trajectories that at once promote economic development and address envi¬ronmental degradation? To answer these and other related questions, CSIS sought out experts from nongovernmental organizations and academia to examine dynamics in the region and water and energy issues more broadly.

Chinese Energy Futures and Their Implications for the United States

Author : George G. Eberling
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Chinese Energy Futures and Their Implications for the United States, by George Eberling, shows how China will most likely address its growing oil energy dependence. Eberling's study uses scenario analysis and the PRINCE model to determine what will be the most likely U.S. foreign policy consequences, stemming from the most current literature available on energy security and foreign policy. Chinese Energy Futures also contributes to the literature on Chinese and United States energy security, foreign policy, political economy, and political risk analysis.

PRMIA Guide to the Energy Markets Energy Futures Today

Author : Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)
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Here is a chapter from The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to the Energy Market, a comprehensive reference for financial professionals affected by energy prices. Twenty experts from around the world discuss every aspect of energy trading and the risks associated with specific investment vehicles and energy sectors. It explores specific energy risk management tools including coverage of the use of technical analysis in energy markets, creation and transfer of price risk in European energy markets, and the use of energy options to hedge risk.

Transportation Energy Futures Series

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Considerable research has focused on energy efficiency and fuel substitution options for light-duty vehicles, while much less attention has been given to medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, aircraft, marine vessels, trains, pipeline, and off-road equipment. This report brings together the salient findings from an extensive review of literature on future energy efficiency options for these non-light-duty modes. Projected activity increases to 2050 are combined with forecasts of overall fuel efficiency improvement potential to estimate the future total petroleum and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions relative to current levels. This is one of a series of reports produced as a result of the Transportation Energy Futures (TEF) project, a Department of Energy-sponsored multi-agency project initiated to pinpoint underexplored strategies for abating GHGs and reducing petroleum dependence related to transportation.

Energy Futures and the Concerned Person

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This paper is essentially the same as CONF-790973--1. An abstract appears in EAPA 6:1200.

The Future of Energy Use

Author : Philip O'Keefe
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There is no description available at this time.

Energy Futures

Author : Australian Commission for the Future
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Research paper which analyses Australia's potential to reach the target of a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2005. It concludes that immediate action is vital and suggests a middle way. Includes a glossary and bibliography.

Michigan Energy Futures

Author : Michigan. Energy Administration
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California Energy Futures

Author : SRI International
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Global Energy Futures and CO2 induced Climate Change

Author : David J. Rose
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The Performance of the NYMEX Energy Futures Trade

Author : Ole Gjølberg
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