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England s Earliest Protestants 1520 1535

Author : William A. Clebsch
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The theory of sets of multiples, a subject that lies at the intersection of analytic and probabilistic number theory, has seen much development since the publication of "Sequences" by Halberstam and Roth nearly thirty years ago. The area is rich in problems, many of them still unsolved or arising from current work. In this book, the author gives a coherent, self-contained account of the existing theory, bringing the reader to the frontiers of research. One of the fascinations of the theory is the variety of methods applicable to it, which include Fourier analysis, group theory, high and ultra-low moments, probability and elementary inequalities, and several branches of number theory.

The Early Reformation in Europe

Author : Andrew Pettegree
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In the generation that followed Martin Luther's protest the evangelical movement in Europe attracted very different levels of support in different parts of the continent. Whereas in eastern and central Europe the new movement brought a swift transformation of the religious and political landscape, progress elsewhere was more halting: in the Mediterranean lands and western Europe initial enthusiasm for reform failed to bring about the wholesale renovation of society for which evangelicals had hoped. These fascinating contrasts are the main focus of this volume of specially commissioned essays, each of which charts the progress of reform in one country or region of Europe. Written in each case by a leading specialist in the field, they provide a survey based on primary research and a thorough grasp of the vernacular literature. For both scholars and students they will be an invaluable guide to recent debates and literature on the success or failure of the first generation of reform.

Charitable Hatred

Author : Alexandra Walsham
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Charitable Hatred offers a challenging new perspective on religious tolerance and intolerance in early modern England. Setting aside traditional models charting a linear progress from persecution to toleration, it emphasizes instead the complex interplay between these two impulses in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Religion and the Book in Early Modern England

Author : Elizabeth Evenden
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Explores the production of John Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs', a milestone in the history of the English book.

English Chantries

Author : Alan Kreider
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The chantries of medieval England were founded in the belief that intercessory masses shortened the period spent by souls in purgatory. They played a greater role in the daily life of sixteenth-century Englishmen than did monasteries, yet up to now the dissolution of the chantries has not been a popular subject of study. Alan Kreider rectifies this, establishing the importance of the chantries in the story of late medieval and Reformation England. He discusses their social and religious significance. He explains the role of purgatory in the founding of chantries and in the theological debates, popular preaching and political struggles unleashed by the Reformation that led to their confiscation. He explores the forces that led the governments of Henry VIII and Edward VI to jettison traditional practices, and he underlines the pain of state-fostered religious change.

Religious Identities in Henry VIII s England

Author : Peter Marshall
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Henry VIII's decision to declare himself supreme head of the church in England, and thereby set himself in opposition to the authority of the papacy, had momentous consequences for the country and his subjects. At a stroke people were forced to reconsider assumptions about their identity and loyalties, in rapidly shifting political and theological circumstances. Whilst many studies have investigated Catholic and Protestant identities during the reigns of Elizabeth and Mary, much less is understood about the processes of religious identity-formation during Henry's reign.

Commerce and Print in the Early Reformation

Author : John Fudge
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Focusing on print culture and links between propagandists, typographers, and northern Europe's merchant milieu, this book investigates dispersal and suppression of religious innovation in the 1520s and expands the interpretative scope for Reformation studies beyond national, political, or religious contexts.

Reformation Hermeneutics and Literary Language in Early Modern England

Author : Jamie H. Ferguson
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The expressive and literary capacities of post-Reformation English were largely shaped in response to the Bible. Faith in the Language examines the convergence of biblical interpretation and English literature, from William Tyndale to John Donne, and argues that the groundwork for a newly authoritative literary tradition in early modern England is laid in the discourse of biblical hermeneutics. The period 1525-1611 witnessed a proliferation of English biblical versions, provoking a century-long debate about how and whether the Bible should be rendered in English. These public, indeed institutional accounts of biblical English changed the language: questions about the relation between Scripture and exegetical tradition that shaped post-Reformation hermeneutics bore strange fruit in secular literature that defined itself through varying forms of autonomy vis-a-vis prior tradition.

The Varieties of British Political Thought 1500 1800

Author : J. G. A. Pocock
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A history of political debate and theory in England (later Britain) between the English Reformation and French Revolution.

Scriptural Perspicuity in the Early English Reformation in Historical Theology

Author : Richard M. Edwards
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A consistent, indigenous English doctrine of scriptural perspicuity correlates with a commitment to the availability of the vernacular scriptures in English and supports the English roots of the Early English Reformation (EER). Although political events and figures dominate the EER, its religious component springing from John Wyclif and streaming throughout the tradition must be recognized more widely. This book critically surveys the doctrine of scriptural perspicuity from the beginning of the Church in the first century (noted as early as John Chrysostom) through the seventeenth century, examining its impact on the current debates concerning competing hermeneutical systems, reader response hermeneutics, and the debates in conservative American Presbyterianism and Reformed theology on subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the length of «creation days», and other issues.