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The Development of English Theology in the Nineteenth Century 1800 1860

Author : Vernon Faithfull Storr
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English for Students in Theology

Author : Monica Oancă
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Exploring Theological English

Author : Cheri Pierson
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This guide provides instructors with the kind of help they need in order to teach 'theological English' more effectively. The book helps instructors plan and implement instruction that is appropriate for their students' needs and gives chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions.

Theology Second hand Books English and Foreign

Author : B.H. Blackwell Ltd
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Scriptural Perspicuity in the Early English Reformation in Historical Theology

Author : Richard M. Edwards
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A consistent, indigenous English doctrine of scriptural perspicuity correlates with a commitment to the availability of the vernacular scriptures in English and supports the English roots of the Early English Reformation (EER). Although political events and figures dominate the EER, its religious component springing from John Wyclif and streaming throughout the tradition must be recognized more widely. This book critically surveys the doctrine of scriptural perspicuity from the beginning of the Church in the first century (noted as early as John Chrysostom) through the seventeenth century, examining its impact on the current debates concerning competing hermeneutical systems, reader response hermeneutics, and the debates in conservative American Presbyterianism and Reformed theology on subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the length of «creation days», and other issues.

Masters in English Theology

Author : Alfred Barry
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New Book List

Author : General Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.)
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The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology

Author : Paul Cefalu
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The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology argues that the Fourth Gospel and First Epistle of Saint John the Evangelist were so influential during the early modern period in England as to share with Pauline theology pride of place as leading apostolic texts on matters Christological, sacramental, pneumatological, and political. The book argues further that, in several instances, Johannine theology is more central than both Pauline theology and the Synoptic theology of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, particularly with regard to early modern polemicizing on the Trinity, distinctions between agape and eros, and the ideologies of radical dissent, especially the seventeenth-century antinomian challenge of free grace to traditional Puritan Pietism. In particular, early modern religious poetry, including works by Robert Southwell, George Herbert, John Donne, Richard Crashaw, Thomas Traherne, and Anna Trapnel, embraces a distinctive form of Johannine devotion that emphasizes the divine rather than human nature of Christ; the belief that salvation is achieved more through revelation than objective atonement and expiatory sin; a realized eschatology; a robust doctrine of assurance and comfort; and a stylistic and rhetorical approach to representing these theological features that often emulates John's mode of discipleship misunderstanding and dramatic irony. Early modern Johannine devotion assumes that religious lyrics often express a revelatory poetics that aims to clarify, typically through the use of dramatic irony, some of the deepest mysteries of the Fourth Gospel and First Epistle.

A Catalogue of English and Foreign Theology

Author : John Leslie
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A Catalogue of English and Foreign Theology Sermons c Comprising Hebrew Greek Latin English and Other Bibles Catholic Controversies c in which are Interspersed Literary Notices the Whole in Very Fine Condition and Warranted Perfect Now on Sale at the Exceedingly Low Prices Affixed

Author : William Strong
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