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English in the World

Author : Rani Rubdy
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Examines different conceptions of English as an international language, looking at world Englishes, native-speakers and 'standard' English. This book also covers the pedagogical implications of English as an international language; and addresses key questions with regard to the teaching of English.

Teaching English to the World

Author : George Braine
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A collection of English language teaching (ELT) histories, curricula, and personal narratives from non-native speaker (NNS) English teachers worldwide. Each chapter describes first the history of English language teaching in a country, then the current ELT curriculum, followed by the biography of an English teacher of that country.

English For The World IELTS Writing Module Band 8

Author : James Martin
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English Around the World

Author : Jenny Cheshire
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The social development of English as a world language emerges from a comprehensive account of our current knowledge of it as well as the gaps in understanding which future research can remedy.

World Englishes in English Language Teaching

Author : Alex Baratta
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This book provides an in-depth exploration of World Englishes and their place in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom. It opens with a critical assessment of the research to date that includes analysis of competing and complementary terms such as English as an International Language (EIL), Global English, English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and 'Glocal English'. Here, and throughout the work, the author problematizes the terminologies used to define and describe Englishes, arguing for example for the need to distinguish between Chinglish and China English. The book then turns to an examination of three case study varieties of non-inner circle English: Konglish, Singlish and Indian English; before exploring the results of an original empirical study into language attitudes concerning several varieties of English among language teachers and learners. Finally, sample exercises for the classroom are provided. This book will be of particular interest to language teachers and teacher trainers, and to students and scholars of EFL and applied linguistics more broadly.

English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World

Author : Andrew Sewell
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This book explores the topics of English accents and pronunciation. It highlights their connections with several important issues in the study of English in the world, including intelligibility, identity, and globalization. The unifying strand is provided by English pronunciation models: what do these models consist of, and why? The focus on pronunciation teaching is combined with sociolinguistic perspectives on global English, and the wider question asked by the book is: what does it mean to teach English pronunciation in a globalized world? The book takes Hong Kong – ‘Asia’s World City’ – as a case study of how global and local influences interact, and of how decisions about teaching need to reflect this interaction. It critically examines existing approaches to global English, such as World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca, and considers their contributions as well as their limitations in the Hong Kong context. A data-based approach with quantitative and qualitative data anchors the discussion and assists in the development of criteria for the contents of pronunciation models. English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World: Accent, Acceptability and Hong Kong English discusses, among other issues: Global English: A socio-linguistic toolkit Accents and Communication: Intelligibility in global English Teaching English Pronunciation: The models debate Somewhere Between: Accent and pronunciation in Hong Kong Researchers and practitioners of English studies and applied linguistics will find this book an insightful resource.

Goethe and the English speaking World

Author : Nicholas Boyle
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New studies of both Goethe's relationship to the English-speaking world and its perception of Goethe and his works. Goethe's relations with the English-speaking world have been the subject of scholarly investigation ever since his lifetime. This volume brings together eighteen articles that provide new points of view, a broad range of approaches, and new and original findings on this relationship. These range from the discussion of applications of recent critical approaches such as chaos theory and Edward Said's Orientalism to Goethean texts, through other more empirical contributions that bring to light new material, some of it deriving from archives in Weimar relating to Goethe's contact with English culture. Other essays involve the reassessment of questions of influence, from both sides: inthe case of Cooper and Goethe some standard assumptions are revised, while in the case of Goethe and Edith Wharton and Goethe and George Eliot, new comparative ground is broken. Close readings of portions of well-known texts suchas Faust and Wilhelm Meister challenge standard assumptions. The analysis of selected recent translations of Goethe's poetry raises perennial questions of cultural transfer, while the survey of the role played by some of Goethe's texts in one corner of the English-speaking world, Dublin, is long overdue. Nicholas Boyle is Reader in German Literary and Intellectual History, Head of the Department of German in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College. John Guthrie is College Lecturer in German and Director of Studies in Modern Languages at New Hall, Cambridge.

Variation in English World wide

Author : Axel Bohmann
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Based on the author's dissertation (doctoral)--University of Texas, Austin, 2017.

World English Bible

Author : World English Bible
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Key features of the World English Bible: * The Majority Text used as the basis for the New Testament, * God’s Proper Name in the Old Testament translated as “Yahweh”, * Over 1,000 translation notes provided throughout the volume, offering important information concerning the translation of the Bible text (original wording, multiple possible readings, significant variants). This ebook edition offers a very intuitive and user-friendly navigation.

Making World English

Author : Michael G. Malouf
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Uncovering the role of literature, late imperialism, and the rise of new models of internationalism as integral to the invention of Global English, this book focuses on three key figures from the “Vocabulary Control Movement” - C.K. Ogden, Harold Palmer, and Michael West - who competed for market share for their respective language teaching systems - Basic English, the Palmer Method, and the New Method - through battles over word lists and teaching methods in the 1920s and 30s. Drawing on archives from the Carnegie Corporation and considering language teaching in eight global sites, this book analyzes how a series of conferences in New York and London resolved their conflicts and produced a consolidated, international standard form of English. As a postcolonial approach to the development of the field of English Language Teaching, it reveals how these language debates were proxy battles over an idealized global subject: an urban, secular, consumer moving seamlessly between the tribal and global, speaking both mother tongues and an international lingua franca, Global English. Featuring analysis of the primary texts of each of the three key figures in this book as well as close readings of their readers, which featured adaptations of well-known literary texts from writers like Poe, Dickens, Wordsworth, Milton and Wells, it recovers a neglected history of English as it was redefined as an international language through anti-colonial resistance in the peripheries and transatlantic power struggles in the metropole during the interwar period.