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Talking through Reading and Writing

Author : Daniel Rose
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In this book you will read many examples of rich literacy conversations between a teacher and his 8th grade students that never would have occurred face to face in the classroom. These conversations take place online when 8th graders write to their teacher about the books they’re interested in reading and choosing to read independently. Students write about what happens when they read or don’t read, how they feel about reading, how they’re connecting with characters and ideas, why they don’t have enough time to read, and what their reading goals are. And their teacher writes back to them. Every week. After each conversation you will read some “meta-talk” that shines a light on what the conversation has taught us about this language learner and how this “data”is informing our beliefs and practices. Embedded within the chapters are suggested resources (articles, book recommendations, links, websites, blogs, etc.) you can follow should you want to read more in that chapter. What these students reveal about their own literacy development- their successes, their challenges, their lives- and how their teacher nudges them along socially, emotionally and academically, teach us the value and power of one practical, authentic literacy tool- the Reading Conversation Journal.

Teaching ESL Composition

Author : Dana R. Ferris
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Presents pedagogical approaches to the teaching of ESL composition in the framework of current theoretical perspectives on second language writing processes, practises and writers.

Planning for Successful Reading and Writing Instruction in K 2

Author : Antoinette Cerulli Fornshell
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In this one-of-a-kind resource, a seasoned educator guides primary teachers through planning and managing a cohesive, balanced literacy program. She begins by asking them to consider district requirements, national standards, and our individual goals. From there, she demonstrates how to map out plans for each month, week, and day. Chocked full of organizational tips, sample plans, and model lessons, this book will make teachers feel empowered and in control. For use with Grades K-2.

The Skills for Life Survey

Author : Joel Williams
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Basic skills tests (based on the National Standards for adult basic skills) were carried out between June 2002 and May 2003, on a sample of over eight thousand adults normally resident in England. The tests were combined with a background questionnaire (social survey). This report provides many detailed statistics but some of the the main findings are noted below. 44 per cent of the respondents achieved Level 2 or above in the literacy assessment, but 16 per cent were classified at Entry level 3. In the numeracy test, 25 per cent achieved Level 2 or above, but 47 per cent were classified at Entry level 3 or below. Overall, 47 per cent were classified at Entry level 3 or below, in either literacy or numeracy, and only 18 per cent achieved Level 2 or above for both literacy and numeracy.

Report of Her Majesty s Civil Service Commissioners

Author : Great Britain. Civil Service Commission
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Assessing Reading 2 Changing Practice in Classrooms

Author : Martin Coles
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This second book focuses directly on the classroom, on the challenges individual teachers face in classroom-based assessment, and how these challenges have been and are being met in a range of international contexts.

Reports from Commissioners

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Report of Her Majesty s Civil Service Commissioners

Author :
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Entry 2 Reading and Writing

Author : Mark Evans
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Entry 2 Reading and Writing is the definitive book for the Entry 2 Reading and Writing exam. It is packed with exercises to help learners pass the exam with confidence. This book includes spelling, punctuation, error correction, reading exercises and writing practice with set templates that are easy and crystal clear to use. This book can be used as a set textbook or as supplementary material, either for class use or self-study. This is the only book on the market which focuses specifically on the Entry 2 exam. However, it can also be used for intermediate students who wish to improve their literacy.

Writing Sense

Author : Juli Kendall
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The authors suggest a strategy of integrating writing and reading instruction to help their English language learners become stronger writers. The guide also outlines the classroom conditions necessary for successful writing instruction with English language learners, whether in writing workshop and/or small-group instruction. Kindergarten through grade 8.