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Environmental Management for Aquaculture

Author : A. Midlen
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In recent years the subject of pollution of natural waters by aquaculture has received considerable attention. With increasingly stringent regulation of wastewater quality from fish farms around the world, those involved in the industry need to be aware of the causes of pollution from fish and shellfish farms and of methods by which this pollution may be prevented. This book aims to bring the principles of wastewater treatment and other pollution control techniques for fish and shellfish farming to a wide audience of farmers, students, scientists and engineers; in fact anyone who works in aquaculture or pollution control. For this reason, the authors who have between them much experience in this area have written this important book with both the specialist and those new to the area in mind. As part of the growing Aquaculture Series, this title gives a comprehensive insight into this topic of vital importance to the aquaculture industry. This book should be on the shelves of all those involved in fish and shellfish farming and connected environmental issues, and available in universities and research establishments for students and professionals alike.

Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculture

Author : Craig S. Tucker
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Published in Cooperation with THE UNITED STATES AQUACULTURESOCIETY The rapid growth of aquaculture worldwide and domestically hascaused concerns over social and environmental impacts.Environmental advocacy groups and government regulatory agencieshave called for better management to address potentially negativeimpacts and assure sustainable aquaculture development. BestManagement Practices (BMPs) combine sound science, common sense,economics, and site-specific management to mitigate or preventadverse environmental impacts. Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculturewill provide technical guidance to improve the environmentalperformance of aquaculture. This book will be the onlycomprehensive guide to BMPs for mitigation of environmental impactsof aquaculture in the United States. The book addresses developmentand implementation of BMPs, BMPs for specific aquacultureproduction systems, and the economics of implementing bestmanagement practices. Written by internationally recognized expertsin environmental management and aquaculture from academia,government, and non-governmental organizations, this book will be avaluable reference for innovative producers, policy makers,regulators, research scientists, and students.

Guidelines for the Promotion of Environmental Management of Coastal Aquaculture Development

Author : Uwe C. Barg
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This document is directed to aquaculture development specialists, coastal resource use planners and government officials involved and interested in the planning and management of coastal aquaculture development within the wider context of resource use in coastal areas. It is intended to serve in the promotion of environmental management of coastal aquaculture. Guidelines are given for improved environmental management of coastal aquaculture based on an overview of selected published experiences and concepts. Potential adverse environmental effects of and on coastal aquaculture practices are addressed with consideration of main socio-economic and bio-physical factors. Methodologies are presented for the assessment and monitoring of environmental hazards and impacts of coastal aquaculture. Selected environmental management options are described for application both at policy-level and farm-level.

Environmental Management in Pond Aquaculture

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Environmental Management in Aquaculture

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Environmental Management of Aquaculture Effluent

Author : Adrian B. Jones
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Environmental Management and Governance

Author : Charles W. Finkl
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This book deals with recent advances in coastal marine environmental management and governance. Various chapters consider new aspects of conservation, assessment of ecosystem health status, environmental survey and protection, frameworks of ocean service and governance, new applications of geo processing and GIS technology, beach management, aquaculture site selection, assessment of water quality (brine disposal and temperature dispersion from nuclear power plants), exploration and management of coastal karst, changing perceptions of dune management, advances in interpretation of sea-level indicators and real time environmental monitoring. New advances in both environmental management and governance are of the utmost importance for sustaining critical coastal marine areas. Offering such a diverse collection of works from coastal scientists around the world, who discuss many techniques and methods at the forefront of management and governance, this publication will be of interest to coastal researchers, coastal zone managers and regulatory agency personnel.

Coastal Environmental Management for Aquaculture Sustainable

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Development and Application of Dynamic Models for Environmental Management of Aquaculture in South East Asia

Author : Lynn I. Munro
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Pollution control and environmental management for aqua culture TT chg

Author : Alex Midlen
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