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Environmental Pollution

Author : S.M. Shafi
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The Book Environmental Pollution, Is The Outcome Of Intensive Efforts Made By The Author For More Than Seven Years In Collection Of Materials, Their Recasting To Suit Own Scheme Of Requirement And Also Incorporating New Research Findings From Reputed Researchers On Environmental Pollution In The Book. The Book Has Been Styled To Cover The Requirements Of University Syllabus For The Graduate (Honours) And Postgraduate Students Of Various Universities.The Book Covers Major Aspects Of Environment: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil And Land Pollution, And Pollution By Physical Agents (Causing Radioactive Pollution, Thermal Pollution, Sound Pollution). Under The Umbrella Of These Four Major Aspects A Lot Of Valuable Information Has Been Given On Many Topics Including Particulate Pollutants, Problems Of Aerosol Accumulation, Role Of Aerosol In Photochemical Pollution, Phenomenon Of Acid Rain And Its Effects, Problem Of Ozone Depletion, Uses And Destructive Role Of Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfcs), Causes Of Global Warming, And Role Of Some Air-Borne Organisms As Biopollutants. These Items Represent Main Segments Of Atmospheric Pollution.Likewise, Matters On Industrial Pollution, Particularly Sewage And Some Other Biodegradable Wastes, Role Of Infectious Agents In Water To Spread Diseases, Production Of Excess Of Plant Nutrients In Water, Organic Chemicals Of Exotic Sources (Including Insecticides, Herbicides, Surfactant Chemicals In Detergents), Inorganic Chemicals In Water, Agricultural Solid Wastes, Sediments, Coastal Pollution/Oil Pollution, Etc., Represent Main Instances Of Water Pollution.Four Chapters On (I) Pollution Due To Deforestations (Ii) Mining Operation (Iii) Radioactive Isotopes As Pollutants, And (Iv) Genetic Disorders In Organisms By Pollutants Are Of Rare Importance, Liable To Give Some Starting Knowledge To Common Readers Of This Book And Provide Awareness Of How Unsafe They Are In This Universe. The Informations On Effect Of Pollutants, On Human Health, Animal Health, Plants, Materials And Properties Are Of General Public Interest And Introduction Of Legal Steps For Controlling Pollution Carry Additional Significance.


Author : Roy M. Harrison
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In this update of the 1996 edition, Harrison (U. of Birmingham, UK) and the other UK contributors to 21 chapters keep pace with developments in relevant fields. Additions include a chapter on clean technologies and industrial ecology; discussion of microbiological contamination and chemical pollution of water; and greater emphasis on local air quality management, spurred by the UK National Air Quality Strategy (1997). Illustrations include color satellite maps of pollutants. First published in 1983 as a reference for professionals, but also useful as a college text. Price is converted from 35 pounds sterling. c. Book News Inc.

Environmental Pollution Causes Impacts and Remediation

Author : Elliot Franco
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The contamination of an ecosystem and its surroundings through different types of pollutants is known as environmental pollution. The pollutant can be a substance existing as a solid, liquid or gas. It can also be a form of energy such as heat, sound or radioactivity. The different types of pollution are generally categorized according to the environment into air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. It typically has a negative impact on the wildlife as well as human health. There are numerous causes of environmental pollution such as oil spillage, smoke from industries and soil erosion. There are various techniques and methods which are used to remove the pollutants from the environment. These fall under the domain of environmental remediation. This book includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on various topics related to environmental pollution. Most of the topics introduced herein cover the causes, impacts and remediation techniques to counter this problem. Those in search of information to further their knowledge will be greatly assisted by this book.

Air Pollution and Plant Life

Author : J. N. B. Bell
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This standard textbook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the direct and indirect impacts of air pollution on plant life. Written by an international team of experts, the book covers the main historical aspects and sources of pollutants, atmospheric transport and transformations of pollutants, and issues of global change and the use of science in air pollution policy formulation. * covers all the main phytotoxic pollutants with due consideration given to impacts at all levels of plant organisation from molecular to ecological. * emphasises the effects of air pollutants in altering plant response to common stresses, both abiotic and biotic - fields in which considerable progress has been made since publication of the first edition. * includes coverage of how research leads to pollution control policy development. Essential reading for students in Environmental Science, Biological Science and Agriculture, as well as environmental consultants and professionals involved in air quality research and the application of air quality guidelines and advice.

Chemical Principles of Environmental Pollution Second Edition

Author : Brian Alloway
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An authoritative introduction to the scientific principles underlying environmental pollution, this book covers the transport, toxicity, and analysis of pollutants and discusses the major types of contaminant chemicals. Students will gain an understanding of the scientific principles of pollution at the chemical level and be able to approach the contentious issues in a rational way. Taking a pollution oriented approach, the authors discuss legislative limits, analysis of metals, oestrogenic chemicals, indoor and vehicular pollution, pesticides, dioxin-like substances, and more.

Water Pollution

Author : P.K. Goel
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Water Pollution: Causes, Effects And Control Is A Book Providing Comprehensive Information On The Fundamentals And Latest Developments In The Field Of Water Pollution.The Book Is Divided Into 28 Chapters Covering Almost All The Aspect Of Water Pollution Including Water Resources And General Properties Of Water; History Of Water Pollution And Legislation; Origin, Sources And Effects Of Pollutants; Bioaccumulation And Biomagnification; Toxicity Testing And Interaction Of Toxicities In Combination; Water Quality Standards; Biomonitoring Of Water Pollution; Bacteriological Examination And Purification Of Drinking Water; Monitoring And Control Of Pollution In Lakes, Rivers, Estuaries And Coastal Waters; Physical And Biological Structure Of Aquatic Systems; And Structure, Properties And Uses Of Water.Some Important Topics Like Eutrophication, Organic Pollution, Oil Pollution And Thermal Pollution Have Been Discussed In Detail. The Water Pollution Caused By Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Radio Nuclides And Toxic Organics And Inorganic Along With The Water Quality Problems Associated With Water-Borne Pathogens And Nuisance Algae Have Also Been Dealt With Extensively.The Book Covers In Detail The Flow Measurement And Characterization Of Waste Waters In Industries, And Control Of Water Pollution By Employing Various Techniques For Treatment Of Biological And Nonbiological Wastes. The Considerations For Recycling And Utilization Of Waste Waters Have Also Found A Place In The Book. Special Topic Has Also Been Given On Water Pollution Scenario And Water Related Policies And Programmes In India.The Book Shall Be Of Immediate Interest To The Students Of Environmental Science, Life Science And Social Sciences Both At Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels. People From A Wide Variety Of Other Disciplines Like Civil, Chemical And Environmental Engineering; Pollution Control Authorities; Industries; And Practicing Engineers, Consultants And Researchers Will Also Find The Book Of Great Interest.

Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Pollution

Author : Des W. Connell
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Pollution and its control are now one of the most serious problems in environmental management, affecting localized areas, regions, and, increasingly, the entire ecosphere. Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Pollution provides a basic understanding of the chemical, toxicological, and ecological factors involved when major classes of pollutants act on natural systems. The nature and effects of these pollutants are examined from the primary level of their sources and chemical properties, through their interactions in the environment, to their ultimate ecological effects on organisms and ecosystems. Pollutants are divided into groups, with similar properties, and then the chemistry and ecotoxicology of each group is defined. More importantly, in collating and evaluating available information on pollution processes, the book develops unifying theories on the fundamental chemical and ecological nature of pollution processes. The book uses a conceptual framework to evaluate the impact of pollutants on the components and functions of natural ecosystems. It is based on the chemical and physical properties of a pollutant, its environmental behavior and fate, exposure to and toxic effects on organisms, their populations, communities, and responses of affected ecosystems. This sequence can be applied to known, potential, and emerging pollutants of concern. As government initiatives for the control of chemicals take greater effects, pollution research, particularly in ecotoxicology, will be further developed. Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Pollution helps play an important role in determining the future direction of research activities in environmental management and pollution control on a worldwide scale. It is a basic resource for students (e.g. environmental chemistry, ecology, land and water management, environmental or public health, environmental engineering, and sustainability science), scientists, researchers, policy makers, and professionals in need of a clear understanding of the nature and effects of environmental pollution from an ecological perspective.

The Effects of Air Pollution on Cultural Heritage

Author : John Watt
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This book reviews the sources of the air pollutants responsible for building damage and the mechanisms involved. Studies investigating the relationships between pollution concentration (dose) and the resulting damage (response) are described and the latest research findings for dose-response functions are presented. Trends in pollutant emissions, ambient concentrations and building damage over time are described and future predictions are presented. Methodologies for assessing the extent of the potential problem in a region – the stock at risk – are presented. Procedures for estimating the economic implications are described and the consequences are discussed in detail, because economic factors are important for reaching policy and management decisions at local, national and international scales. Damage to cultural heritage buildings is an important additional effect which needs to be considered as the standards are revised and the factors which will need to be brought into the assessment are presented.

Controlling Environmental Pollution

Author : P. Aarne Vesilind
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New introductory textbook designed for a one-semester course in environmental technology. Created to appeal to a range of students, it combines lucid presentations of environmental technologies with fascinating stories and biographies illustrating milestones in environmental science and engineering.

Environment Pollution Hazards And Control

Author : R.D. Gupta
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