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Envisioning Our Preferred Future

Author : Bradford Lee Eden
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Volume 8 of the series Creating the 21st-Century Academic Library is focused on new services, directions, job duties and responsibilities for librarians in academic libraries of the 21st century. Topics include research data management services, web services, improving web design for library interfaces, cooperative virtual reference services, directions on research in the 21st-century academic library, innovative uses of physical library spaces, uses of social media for disseminating scholarly research, information architecture and usability studies, the importance of special collections and archival collections, and lessons learned in digitization and digital projects planning and management. Data management services are highlighted in the context of a consortium of smaller liberal arts and regional institutions who share a common institutional repository. Survey research plays a role in a number of chapters. One provides insight into how academic libraries are currently approaching web services, web applications, and library websites. A second survey is used to explore the role of librarians as web designers, and provides detailed information related to job titles, job duties, time percentages related to duties, and other duties outside of web design. Comments of those surveyed are included and make interesting reading and a deeper understanding of this new function in libraries. More generally, is a survey study exploring how librarians feel about the changes that are currently happening within the profession, as well as how these changes have personally affected their job duties and their current job assignments. Case studies are include one that features QuestionPoint in the context of a cooperative virtual reference service; another shows how research and scholarship can be disseminated using social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, ResearchGate and Google Scholar, among others; a other studies explore the importance of user engagement and buy-in before moving forward on digitization; and one shows how information architecture and usability emerge from the redesign of a public library website and whose successful completion involves user surveying, focus groups, peer site reviews, needs analysis, and usability testing. Two chapters deal with the changing legal context: the importance and understanding of copyright and author rights in the 21st-century academic library, and the basics Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is hoped that this volume, and the series in general, will be a valuable and exciting addition to the discussions and planning surrounding the future directions, services, and careers in the 21st-century academic library.

Marketing and Outreach for the Academic Library

Author : Bradford Lee Eden
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Volume 7 of the series Creating the 21st-Century Academic Library is focused on new approaches and initiatives in marketing the academic library, as well as the importance of outreach through partnerships and collaborations both internal and external to the library.

Theological Studies

Author : William James McGarry
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La Lucha Continues

Author : Ada Maria Isasi-diaz
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A sequel to the popular Mujerista Theology that addresses themes relevant at the beginning of the 21st century.Mujerista theology begins with personal experience and moves toward a theology that advances the dignity and liberation of all Hispanic/Latino women. This collection of essays combining personal narratives and theological discourse brings together important insights into the concerns of Hispanic women, the ways in which they can help shape theology, and the roles they can take on in the church.Divided into two sections, Part 1, The Personal Is Political, presents three essays on the author?s religious-theological experiences, showing how they help form her theology. The eight essays in Part 2, In God?s Image--Latinas and Our Struggles, focus on theological understandings essential for justice.

The Food and Agriculture Workbook

Author : Patricia Cantrell
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Becoming Influential

Author : Eleanor J. Sullivan
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This groundbreaking book applies a practical approach toward becoming a professional nurse with exemplary influence skills. The emphasis on the importance of nurses' influence in the workplace, presented in this easy-to-read and timely volume, includes numerous examples of real-life situations. It provides techniques for enhancing influence-making skills and advice for using enhanced influence skills to solve common workplace problems. This volume addresses understanding and using influence including setting goals and making things happen, negotiating for what you want and dealing with difficult people and situations, as well as managing your career and preparing your successors. For nursing professionals including staff nurses and nurse managers.

Thank God It s Monday

Author : Tim Hoerr
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Why settle for feeling frustrated at work. This powerful book teaches "alignment", the art of coordinating career and personal life to work harmoniously with your life vision. This book offers practical, field-tested guidance in synchronizing your personal life vision with your company's purpose. Exercises and case histories show how to bring a sense of fulfillment to every area of your life simultaneously.

Feminist Ethics and the Catholic Moral Tradition

Author : Charles E. Curran
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Three of the most eminent Catholic moral theologians in this country have gathered together in one volume a valuable collection of 25 of the most important articles in th field of feminist ethics and the Catholic moral tradition.

Ohio Lawyer

Author :
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The Advanced Practice Nurse

Author : Joellen Watson Hawkins
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Normativity of the Future

Author : Reimund Bieringer
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One of the major issues of contemporary theology is the relationship between the past and the present. Many see the task of theology as the re-interpretation of past traditions for today. This focus pays scant attention to the future. In recent years theological inquiry into the future and eschatology is surfacing. In the past ten years we have developed an eschatological hermeneutics for the interpretation of biblical and other authoritative texts. This hermeneutical approach integrates the past, present and future dimensions of the interpretive process paying special attention to the future. The first part of this book consists of three foundational articles by Reimund Bieringer and Mary Elsbernd about the approach which we have come to call "normativity of the future". In this part we provide the theoretical foundations of this eschatological hermeneutics. The second part of this book contains contributions by Reimund Bieringer, Mary Elsbernd, Susan M. Garthwaite, Ma. Marilou S. Ibita, Didier Pollefeyt, Rolando Tuazon and Thomas A. Vollmer who practice this approach in the arenas of Biblical Exegesis, Ethics, and Religious Education.

Envisioning the Future of Doctoral Education

Author : Chris M. Golde
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This book contains essays on the topic of the importance of graduate education written by scholars from across all disciplines. It brings together new and invigorating ideas about the doctorate, some of which may be unique to their discipline, but equally applicable across the fields.

Scrutinizing the Signs of the Times in the Light of the Gospel

Author : Johan Verstraeten
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Gaudium et spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World) was promulgated on December 7, 1965. It mirrors a new spirit of openness of the Catholic Church to the world, as well as a new historical consciousness, based on a self-understanding of the Catholic Chuch as "linked with mankind and its history by the deepest bonds" (GS, 1). This historical consciousness resulted in a method of social discernment which, inspired by John XXIII, was articulated by Gaudium et spes in terms of 'scrutinizing the signs of the times' and of 'interpreting them in the light of the gospel' (GS, 4). Conscious of the need to revisit the pastoral constitution of Vatican II, the Centre for Catholic Social Thought at the Catholic University of Leuven, has organised two international expert seminars. The first expert seminar (6-7 September 2003) was rather explorative and focused on the relevance of catholic social thought in its actual context with special attention paid to the signs of the times in an era of globalisation. The discussion on the contemporary signs of the times revealed the necessity to clarify the theoretical and practical implications of the methodology of social discernment and particularly of a social hermeneutic in the light of the gospel. This became the theme of a second expert seminar (Leuven, Louvain-la-Neuve, 9-11 September 2004), the discussions of which are the background to this book.

First We Must Listen

Author : Anne Leo Ellis
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Computers in Libraries

Author :
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Michigan Municipal Review

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In the Struggle

Author : Ada María Isasi-Díaz
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De auteur, activiste en leidende figuur binnen de 'mujerista' theologie, legt uit wat deze feministische stroming binnen de theologie betekent en dat zij ontwikkeld is om de problematiek van onderdrukking van Latijns-Amerikaanse vrouwen en hun strijd tegen onrechtvaardigheid en sociale ongelijkheid onder de aandacht van de buitenwereld te brengen. Met samenvatting per hoofdstuk in het Spaans.

Choosing Your Career Finding Your Vocation

Author : Roy Lewis
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Expands the present models, methods and practice of career counseling to include the spiritual dimension. Among the topics covered are assumptions about work and the human potential, a theological understanding of work and vocation, the developmental stages adults pass through during a career, and issues facing a two-career family. Provides solid advice for career development with exercises for self-evaluation, choosing a career, and getter a job.

An Outlook for India s Future 2000 A D

Author : India. National Committee on Science and Technology
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Europe s Ageing Population

Author : Hugues De Jouvenel
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