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Equadiff 82

Author : H. W. Knobloch
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Equadiff 91 International Conference On Differential Equations In 2 Volumes

Author : Perello C
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Equadiff 95 Proceedings Of The International Conference On Differential Equations

Author : Magalhaes L
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In this volume, leading experts on differential equations address recent advances in the fields of ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems, partial differential equations and calculus of variations, and their related applications.

Bifurcation Analysis Algorithms Applications

Author : KÜPPER
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The conference on BIFURCATIONS: ANALYSIS, ALGORITHMS, APPLICATIONS took place in Dortmund in August 18 - 22, 1986. More then 150 Scientists from 16 countries participated in the meeting, among them mathematicians, engi neers, and physicists. A broad spectrum of new results on bifurcation was covered by 49 talks. The diversity of the range of treated topics and of involved fields inspired fruitful discussions. 36 refereed papers are contained in these proceedings. The subjects covered treat bifurcation problems, ranging from theoretical investigations to numerical results, with emphasis placed upon applications. The more theoreti cal papers include the topics symmetry breaking, delay differential equations, Cornu spirals, homoclinic orbits, and selfsimilarity. Different kinds of bifurcations are treated: Hopf bifurcation, bifurcation from continuous spec trum, complex bifurcation, and bifurcation near tori. Several numerical as pects are discussed, among them continuation, block elimination, and spectral methods. Algorithms are proposed for approximating manifolds, calculating pe riodic solutions and handling multi-parameter problems. Ample space is devoted to· applications. Classical phenomena from fluid mechanics (such as convection rolls and th~ Taylor vortex problem), buckling, and reaction-diffusion pro blems are considered. Other applications of bifurcations include railway vehicle dynamics, computer graphics, semiconductors, drilling processes, simu lation of oil reservoirs, and rotor dynamics. The proceedings reflect current research in bifurcation. They are an attempt to bring together researchers from differ~nt disciplines to stimulate common effort towards a better understanding and handling of bifurcation pro blems.

Six Lectures on Dynamical Systems

Author : Bernd Aulbach
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This volume consists of six articles covering different facets of the mathematical theory of dynamical systems. The topics range from topological foundations through invariant manifolds, decoupling, perturbations and computations to control theory. All contributions are based on a sound mathematical analysis. Some of them provide detailed proofs while others are of a survey character. In any case, emphasis is put on motivation and guiding ideas. Many examples are included.The papers of this volume grew out of a tutorial workshop for graduate students in mathematics held at the University of Augsburg. Each of the contributions is self-contained and provides an in-depth insight into some topic of current interest in the mathematical theory of dynamical systems. The text is suitable for courses and seminars on a graduate student level.

Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis

Author :
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Proceedings of the Conference Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis

Author : Wolfgang Freudenberg
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This volume consists of 18 research papers reflecting the impressive progress made in the field. It includes new results on quantum stochastic integration, the stochastic limit, quantum teleportation and other areas. Contents: Markov Property -- Recent Developments on the Quantum Markov Property (L Accardi & F Fidaleo); Stationary Quantum Stochastic Processes from the Cohomological Point of View (G G Amosov); The Feller Property of a Class of Quantum Markov Semigroups II (R Carbone & F Fagnola); Recognition and Teleportation (K-H Fichtner et al.); Prediction Errors and Completely Positive Maps (R Gohm); Multiplicative Properties of Double Stochastic Product Integrals (R L Hudson); Isometric Cocycles Related to Beam Splittings (V Liebscher); Multiplicativity via a Hat Trick (J M Lindsay & S J Wills); Dilation Theory and Continuous Tensor Product Systems of Hilbert Modules (M Skeide); Quasi-Free Fermion Planar Quantum Stochastic Integrals (W J Spring & I F Wilde); and other papers.

Handbook of Differential Equations Ordinary Differential Equations

Author : Flaviano Battelli
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This handbook is the fourth volume in a series of volumes devoted to self-contained and up-to-date surveys in the theory of ordinary differential equations, with an additional effort to achieve readability for mathematicians and scientists from other related fields so that the chapters have been made accessible to a wider audience. * Covers a variety of problems in ordinary differential equations * Pure mathematical and real-world applications * Written for mathematicians and scientists of many related fields

Global Bifurcation of Periodic Solutions with Symmetry

Author : Bernold Fiedler
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This largely self-contained research monograph addresses the following type of questions. Suppose one encounters a continuous time dynamical system with some built-in symmetry. Should one expect periodic motions which somehow reflect this symmetry? And how would periodicity harmonize with symmetry? Probing into these questions leads from dynamics to topology, algebra, singularity theory, and to many applications. Within a global approach, the emphasis is on periodic motions far from equilibrium. Mathematical methods include bifurcation theory, transversality theory, and generic approximations. A new homotopy invariant is designed to study the global interdependence of symmetric periodic motions. Besides mathematical techniques, the book contains 5 largely nontechnical chapters. The first three outline the main questions, results and methods. A detailed discussion pursues theoretical consequences and open problems. Results are illustrated by a variety of applications including coupled oscillators and rotating waves: these links to such disciplines as theoretical biology, chemistry, fluid dynamics, physics and their engineering counterparts make the book directly accessible to a wider audience.

Oscillation Bifurcation and Chaos

Author : American Mathematical Society
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The year 1986 marked the sesquicentennial of the publication in 1836 of J. Sturm's classic memoir on boundary value problems for second order equations. In July 1986, the Canadian Mathematical Society sponsored the International Conference on Oscillation, Bifurcation, and Chaos, held at the University of Toronto. This volume contains the proceedings of this conference. Requiring a basic knowledge of the qualitative theory of differential equations, this book is aimed at mathematicians and students working in any area of differential equations, as well as researchers interested in applying recent results in oscillation and bifurcation theory to other disciplines. Readers will gain a broad perspective on current research in this area from both the Sturmian and dynamical systems points of view, as well as an understanding of new results useful for application and of directions for future research.