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Escape from Intimacy

Author : Anne Wilson Schaef
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Schaef applies the addictions of sex, love, romance, and relationships to her broader addiction theory and clearly defines and contrasts the relationship addictions.

A Bio Spiritual Approach to Sexuality

Author : Edwin M. McMahon
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In A Bio-Spiritual Approach to Sexuality, Edwin M. McMahon, Ph.D and Peter A. Campbell Ph.D. examine the broad qualities and experiences that people share that increase intimacy as two people grow together.

A Kind of Intimacy

Author : Jenn Ashworth
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Annie is obese, lonely and hopeful. Armed with self-help books, her cat and a collection of cow-shaped milk jugs, she moves into her new home and sets about getting to know the neighbours, especially the man next door. She ignores her neighbour's inconvenient girlfriend, but it's not quite as easy for Annie to dismiss her own past. As Annie's murky history of violence, secrets and sexual mishaps catches up with her, she cannot see that she has done anything wrong. She's just doing what any good neighbour would do, after all...

An Awful Intimacy

Author : Elizabeth Von Vogt
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Mary Lou Liever is living on the Maine coast, has grieved obsessively over the death of her husband for almost two years. She is sixty-three now, but she retreats from most human contact-only a dinner here and there with her grown-up children. She is alone and begins to live through a newly awakened imagination. She is trying to escape the strange intimacy that had engulfed her thirty-two year marriage to a man twelve years older. She dreams of the lives she could have lived instead of the real one that is leaving so much misery in its wake. So many places she could have gone to and lived in, other men she could have married, even the divorce she could have had, the solitary life, the careers. But all fancied paths fail. How will she learn to live with the real, the loss?

The Search to Belong

Author : Joseph R. Myers
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A practical guide for those struggling to build a community of believers in a culture that wants to experience belonging over believingWho is my neighbor? Who belongs to me? To whom do I belong? These are timeless questions that guide the church to its fundamental calling. Today terms like neighbor, family, and congregation are being redefined. People are searching to belong in new places and experiences. The church needs to adapt its interpretations, definitions, and language to make sense in the changing culture.This book equips congregations and church leaders with tools to: • Discern the key ingredients people look for in community • Understand the use of space as a key element for experiencing belonging and community • Develop the “chemical compound” that produces an environment for community to spontaneously emerge • Discover how language promotes specific spatial belonging and then use this knowledge to build an effective vocabulary for community development • Create an assessment tool for evaluating organizational and personal community health

Law and Justice as Seen on TV

Author : Elayne Rapping
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What's going on with the rise of tv law programs - both fictional and documentary, and how does that affect our lives and real court rooms.

Intimacy and Developing Personal Relationships in the Virtual World

Author : Gopalan, Rejani Thudalikunnil
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Online communication has exploded in the past decade with the development of social networking sites like Facebook, as well as social media applications. As more people turn to the online world to connect with others, they must learn how to develop and maintain personal relationships with very little or no in-person interaction. Intimacy and Developing Personal Relationships in the Virtual World sheds light on the various issues that accompany online interactions. The book examines activities that have gone from occurring in reality to taking place in the online world such as cyberbullying, online social networking, and online dating. The publication also highlights the negative effects of spending a lot of time online such as mental health issues, internet addiction, and body image control. This book is a vital resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians, social workers, medical administrators, academicians, educators, and graduate-level students.

Chained to the Desk Second Edition

Author : Bryan E. Robinson
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As seen on 20/20, The Early Show, and ABC World News Tonight Americans love a hard worker. The man or woman who works eighteen-hour days and eats his or her meals on the run between appointments is usually viewed with a combination of respect and awe. But for many, this lifestyle leads to family problems, a decline in work productivity, and ultimately to physical and mental collapse. Chained to the Desk, best-selling author and widely respected family therapist Bryan E. Robinson’s groundbreaking book, originally published in 1998, was the first comprehensive portrait of the workaholic. Thousands benefited from this innovative book, which profiles the myths behind this greatly misunderstood disorder and the inner psychological battle that work addicts wage against themselves. Intended for anyone touched by what Robinson calls “the best-dressed problem of the twenty-first century,” the author also provides an inside look into the impact on those who live and work with them —partners, spouses, children, and colleagues—as well as the appropriate techniques for clinicians who treat them. In this new and updated edition, Robinson portrays the many different kinds of workaholism, drawing on hundreds of case reports from his own original research and years of clinical practice. From California to the Carolinas, men and women tell of their agonizing bouts with workaholism and the devastations left in its wake, struggles made all the more challenging in a world where the computer, cell phone, and Blackberry allow twenty-four-hour access to the office, even on weekends and from vacation spots. Adult children of workaholics describe their childhood pain and the lifelong legacies they still carry, and the spouses or partners of workaholics reveal the isolation and loneliness of their vacant relationships. Employers and business colleagues discuss the cost to the company when workaholism dominates the workplace. Chained to the Desk both counsels and consoles. It provides a step-by-step guide to help readers spot workaholism, understand it, and recover. Robinson presents strategies for workaholics and their loved ones on how to cope, and for people in the workplace on how to distinguish between work efficiency and workaholism.

A Handbook of Play Therapy with Aggressive Children

Author : David A. Crenshaw
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This comprehensive compilation of specific and practical techniques is for child and play therapists to draw on in the treatment of aggressive children. The book is useful to new as well as seasoned child practitioners because of the broad range of the interventions and clear rationale that guides their use.

Caring for Our Generations

Author : John H. Patton
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How can Christians become more loving family members? How can they care for each other most effectively? Designed both for families and for counselors, Caring For Our Generations is a complete guide to family caregiving. John Patton and Brian H. Childs discuss common problems that arise in various types of families and show how these problems can be resolved successfully. Among the issues covered: The problems of singleness Preparing for marriage or remarriage Living as a couple in a one-generation household Living in a nuclear family of two or more generations Dealing with divorce Living in a blended family

Bloomsbury Modernism and the Reinvention of Intimacy

Author : Jesse Wolfe
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Bloomsbury, Modernism, and the Reinvention of Intimacy integrates studies of six members and associates of the Bloomsbury group into a rich narrative of early twentieth century culture, encompassing changes in the demographics of private and public life, and Freudian and sexological assaults on middle-class proprieties Jesse Wolfe shows how numerous modernist writers felt torn between the inherited institutions of monogamy and marriage and emerging theories of sexuality which challenged Victorian notions of maleness and femaleness. For Wolfe, this ambivalence was a primary source of the Bloomsbury writers' aesthetic strength: Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, and others brought the paradoxes of modern intimacy to thrilling life on the page. By combining literary criticism with forays into philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology, and the avant-garde art of Vienna, this book offers a fresh account of the reciprocal relations between culture and society in that key site for literary modernism known as Bloomsbury.

Love At Work

Author : Nigel Cutts
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At last, we can say the word love at work. We can acknowledge what has been true all along: love is what works at work. Love has been just outside the office door for centuries. We have heard its knock, but we have said, not here . Some enlightened leaders have recently moved to, not yet . But finally, Nigel Cutts has said, now . In this beautiful book he has opened the door. He has done this because love is what produces results. People perform best when they are loved: when they are respected, when they can soar because of who they are their experience, their talents, their capacity, their intelligence is cherished. We all know this. Now we can stop believing the nonsense. We can stop putting off putting love on the top of the list of required expertise in leaders.


Author : Stuart M. Kaminsky
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Lew Fonesca is a man who does things for people. He makes small problems go away and tries to keep the larger ones from landing his clients in jail. He finds deadbeats, errant spouses, and generally keeps the populace of Sarasota on the up and up. Now Lew is faced with one case that will try his patience...and another that may break his heart. The first involves an elderly woman who swears she's witnessed a murder in her old age home despite the fact that everyone she tells her story to: her family, the hospital staff, and finally the cops all tell her that it just couldn't have happened. The other has Lew trying to find out the identity of a hit and run driver who killed a 14 year old boy. This task dredges up old memories and a lot of pain, for Lew fled Chicago years ago, after a drunk driver killed his beloved wife. As Lew begins to dig deeper into both cases he finds that they are tied together in ways he can't hope to untangle. And when someone tries to run him down, Lew knows that he's getting close to some nasty home truths and he is going to have get the answers if he is to survive. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Mindful Path to Addiction Recovery

Author : Lawrence Peltz
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Introduces the practice of mindfulness while explaining how it can offer beneficial approaches to addiction recovery, drawing on the author's expertise as an addiction psychiatrist to outline mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques while sharing illustrative patient stories. Original.

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

Author : Patrick J. Carnes
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This is the first comprehensive volume of the clinical management of sex addiction. Collecting the work of 28 leaders in this emerging field, the editors provide a long-needed primary text about how to approach treatment with these challenging patients. The book serves as an excellent introduction for professionals new to the field as well as serving as a useful reference tool. The contributors are literally the pioneers of one of the last frontiers of addiction medicine and sex therapy. With a growing awareness of sex addiction as a problem, plus the advent of cybersex compulsion, professional clinicians are being confronted with sexual compulsion with little clinical or academic preparation. This is the first book distilling the experience of the leaders in this emerging field. With a focus on special populations, it also becomes a handy problem-solving tool. Readable, concise, and filled with useful interventions, it is a key text for a problem clinicians must be able to identify. It is destined to be a classic reference.

Writing was Everything

Author : Alfred Kazin
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The author recounts his exchanges with such literary figures as Hart Crane, Allen Ginsburg, and Flannery O'Connor

Demon Bound

Author : Meljean Brook
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Novice Guardian Jake Hawkins has a power that could help Alice Grey out of her deal with a demon. But in helping her, he never expects to fall in love. Now fleeing for their lives, they’re about to discover a secret that will change their universe forever.

Uncompromising Intimacy

Author : Alexandra Stockwell MD
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Have hot, passionate, and deeply satisfying sex with your partner, and fall in love all over again.Are you in a sexless marriage? Wanting more passion and intimacy and afraid that without it you'll end up divorced? Do you yearn to fall in love again...adored, cherished, and enjoying the feeling that comes with knowing your partner is deeply devoted to you?Evoking Brene Brown, Esther Perel, and a voice that is uniquely her own, Alexandra Stockwell's writing is part inspiration, part practical application, and part invitation to a new world view--one where you get to bring all of who you are into your relationship and be loved because of it.You know what you want, so get this book now and learn how to create it!

Privacy Intimacy and Isolation

Author : Julie C. Inness
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Privacy is a puzzling concept. From the backyard to the bedroom, everyday life gives rise to an abundance of privacy claims. In the legal sphere, privacy is invoked with respect to issues including abortion, marriage, and sexuality. Yet privacy is surrounded by a mire of theoretical debate. Certain philosophers argue that privacy is neither conceptually nor morally distinct from other interests, while numerous legal scholars point to the apparently disparate interests involved in constitutional and tort privacy law. By arguing that intimacy is the core of privacy, including privacy law, Inness undermines privacy skepticism, providing a strong theoretical foundation for many of our everyday and legal privacy claims, including the controversial constitutional right to privacy.

The Current of Romantic Passion

Author : Jeffrey Cane Robinson
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Deftly probing the ambivalence of Romantic writers on the subjects of “passion” and “beauty,” Robinson shows how this ambivalence is also central to the experience of the modern critic in Western society. Is the reader's experience of beauty in art an escape from troubling reality? Or does desire for beauty spur social criticism and reform? Does the representation of erotic passion, as a sign of social critique, exist to be transcended for disinterested spirituality? Or is such passion the very site of the struggle for individual and class rights? Robinson explores the problematic place of passion and beauty in Romanticism’s radical sentiments and reformist politics. Tracing the intertwining of desire and disturbance, of eros and subversion, his meditations encompass poems, novels, diaries; key terms (such as Rousseau’s “sentiment of existence”); writers’ characteristic forms of expression or habits of mind (Wordsworth’s “or”-grammar); figures in literary works (Goethe’s Werther, Byron’s Lambro); problems of genre (the relationship of the Romantic poem and the Romantic essay, the problem of closure, the nature of a “scene”); and larger political questions (feminism in Romantic literature, erotic passion and representations of radicalism). Evoking the original meaning of “essay” as experiment, Robinson has essayed a topography of the Romantic landscape. "This book is daring and it is brilliant. I also think it is right."—James R. Kincaid, University of Southern California