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Building A Nation Essays on India

Author : Yogesh Atal
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Susan s Tiger Essays from India

Author : Gunwant Malik
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This collection of essays is influenced by those written by Montaigne in the 16th Century. He was the first author to describe his work as essays. He used the term to describe his attempts, or 'essais', to express his thoughts in writing. The topics of the essays range from the 1929 Floods in Sind, to Socialism in Chile during President Allende's Presidency in the 1970's and later travels through Ancient Greece. Gunwantsingh Jaswantsingh Malik (Gunwant) was born in Karachi and studied in India and in Europe, before joining the Royal Air Force in Britain during WWII, after which he entered the Indian Foreign Service. His postings took him around the world before he retired from diplomatic service. He then returned to his home in New Delhi from where he has pursued his love of travel, reading in several languages, and writing. The essays are a sequel to his autobiography 'A Sikh Diplomat'.

Essays on Legal Systems in India

Author : Raj Kumar
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In a civilized world human being created some rules and regulations for a peaceful, happy and prosperous living. In order to understand the above topic in proper historical perspectives an attempt has been made to collect important works on the subject of the study. Today the legal system is at cross roads. How can this study stimulate original Indian thought process on the subject is the aim of this exercise. Contents: Introduction, Judicial System in Ancient India, Nature and Perspective of Law in Ancient India, Judicial System in Medieval India, Social Justice in Medieval India, Culture and Law, Growth of the Judiciary, India and International Law, Law, Lawyers and Judges, Inter-State Relations, Independence of Judiciary and Access to Justice.

Essay on India Political Economy

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This monograph is an attempt to understand the symbiotic relationship between politics and economy in India since independence. A few essays are presented to delineate this relationship in simple, non-technical language. But a discerning reader could easily decipher a specific interpretation throughout the text: the process of economic transformation is viewed as a function of the decision makers’ changing calculus of political pay-offs. Indian Political Economy is divided into three phases: (1) Nationalist Political Economy (1947-68); (2) Populist Political Economy (1969-1990) and (3) Competitive Political Economy (1991- ). The grand coalition in the first phase enabled the state to play an interventionist role and to estimate payoffs for the entire country; the minimum-winning coalition in the polarised politics of the second phase played a redistributive game and carefully calculated payoffs of its own supporters only and the uncertainty resulting from a fragmented politics in the third phase did not allow any party to be assured of a winning coalition and, therefore, made it difficult for any political party to predict political payoffs. Economic reforms of the 1990s were the result of this political uncertainty. The radical changes in economic policy transformed contemporary politics. A running theme in these essays is that while political actors face uncertainty in a competitive political economy, the citizens, as consumers of public policies, are further empowered to question, accept or reject any policy initiative. Citizens and groups are able to assert their rights and, if necessary, throw out the non-performers. Rights dominate over welfare in this new policy regime.

Essays on Modern India Historiography

Author : Sumir Sharma
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The book contains five essays on historiography of Modern India. The essays are written for the students of the postgraduate classes. It will also benefit the students preparing for the NET/UGC test. It will help them to learn about the established historians about whom the questions are generally asked. It will also help the students for the course work required for the PhD. The headings of the chapters are as follows: 1.Chapter 1: Historiography of Modern India – An Introduction 2.Chapter 2: Imperialist Historians of Modern India 3.Chapter 3: Nationalist Historians of Modern India 4.Chapter 4: Marxists Historians of Modern India 5.Chapter 5: Historiography of Colonialism in India 6.Bibliography The Hindi version of this book is available in eBook format. The Book is available on with ASIN: B07WD4T2K3

Essays on Modern India

Author : Raj Kumar
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Contents: Introduction, India s Agony, Rammohun Roy, Macaulay s Educational Minutes, Swami Dayanand Saraswati his Life and Works, The Mysore-Maratha Relations, Annie Besant s Political Ideology in India, The Rowlatt Satyagraha of 1919, England and India, The Gurukul Kangri as an Experiment in National Education, Working Class Consciousness in Colonial India, Colonialism and Nationalists.

Essays on Ancient India

Author : Raj Kumar
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Contents: Introduction, The Geographical Background, How Nehru Discovered Ancient India-I, How Nehru Discovered Ancient India-II, The Economic History of Ancient India, Trade and Commerce in Ancient India, Town- Planning and House-Building in Ancient According to Silpasastras, Art and Architecture, Ancient House-Planning, Naming A Child or A Person, Mantra, Yantra and Tantra.

Essays on Medieval India

Author : Raj Kumar
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In this short collection of Essays attempt has been made to present a panoramic view of Medieval India. The essays which our readers could read with interest and enthusiasm. The essays which could give some important information on the period under study. And the essays which can both inform and inspire for reconstructing India of twenty first century. Contents: Introduction, India at the Opening of the Sixteenth Century, Resistance to Islam, Some Chronicles and Chronicles of Medieval India, The Sultanate and the Caliphate, Economic Condition of Medieval India, History, Society and Culture in Medieval India, Medieval Hindu Devotionalism, Medieval Hindu India, The Deccan Policy of Alauddin Khalji, Interaction of Bhakti and Sufi Movements, Tukaram, Ramdas and Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Akbar s Eclecticism and Parliament of Religions, Organisation of Nobility, The Muslim Ruling Dynasties.

Essays on North east India

Author : Milton S. Sangma
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Commemoration volume, comprises contributed articles, sponsored by the Department of History, North Eastern Hill University.

India On Our Minds Essays By Tharman Shanmugaratnam And 50 Singaporean Friends Of India

Author : Tommy Koh
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Singapore and India established diplomatic relations in August 1965. However, their ties date as far back as the 10th century. The last half century has seen a blossoming of their relationship. The two countries' warm and substantive friendship is based upon history, economics, defense cooperation and a high degree of mutual trust. The relationship is quite unique because a significant portion of Singapore's population consists of ethnic Indians and an Indian language, Tamil, is one of Singapore's official languages.The book brings together 52 of Singapore's thought leaders. They come from different sectors of the Singapore's society. Each of them has written an essay on India's past or present or future. Each essay is short, easy to read and full of insight and humour. One of the writers is Singapore's Senior Minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, a person who is admired both in Singapore and in India. The book includes essays on Nalanda University, Amaravati, India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. On the lighter side, the book contains two charming essays by Ambassador Karen Tan and Eirliani Abdul Rahman on their time in India.The book's foreword is written by Mr Goh Chok Tong, Singapore's second Prime Minister. It was Mr Goh who overcame prejudice and inertia and launched a new beginning in Singapore-India relations.This publication is a candid reflection of India and India-Singapore relations by Singaporeans who carry the hope that India will rise above its challenges to join the ranks of the great nations of the world. It will be of interest to Singaporeans who are interested in India and Indians who are interested in Singapore.