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Essays on the Essay Film

Author : Nora M. Alter
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The essay—with its emphasis on the provisional and explorative rather than on definitive statements—has evolved from its literary beginnings and is now found in all mediums, including film. Today, the essay film is, arguably, one of the most widely acclaimed and critically discussed forms of filmmaking around the world, with practitioners such as Chris Marker, Hito Steyerl, Errol Morris, Trinh T. Minh-ha, and Rithy Panh. Characteristics of the essay film include the blending of fact and fiction, the mixing of art- and documentary-film styles, the foregrounding of subjective points of view, a concentration on public life, a tension between acoustic and visual discourses, and a dialogic encounter with audiences. This anthology of fundamental statements on the essay film offers a range of crucial historical and philosophical perspectives. It provides early critical articulations of the essay film as it evolved through the 1950s and 1960s, key contemporary scholarly essays, and a selection of writings by essay filmmakers. It features texts on the foundations of the essay film by writers such as Hans Richter and André Bazin; contemporary positions by, among others, Phillip Lopate and Michael Renov; and original essays by filmmakers themselves, including Laura Mulvey and Isaac Julien.

The Essay Film

Author : Timothy Corrigan
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Why have certain kinds of documentary and non-narrative films emerged as the most interesting, exciting, and provocative movies made in the last twenty years? Ranging from the films of Ross McElwee (Bright Leaves) and Agnes Varda (The Gleaners and I) to those of Abbas Kiarostami (Close Up) and Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir), such films have intrigued viewers who at the same time have struggled to categorize them. Sometimes described as personal documentaries or diary films, these eclectic works are, rather, best understood as cinematic variations on the essay. So argues Tim Corrigan in this stimulating and necessary new book. Since Michel de Montaigne, essays have been seen as a lively literary category, and yet--despite the work of pioneers like Chris Marker--seldom discussed as a cinematic tradition. The Essay Film, offering a thoughtful account of the long rapport between literature and film as well as novel interpretations and theoretical models, provides the ideas that will change this.

The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction

Author : Nora M. Alter
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Nora M. Alter reveals the essay film to be a hybrid genre that fuses the categories of feature, art, and documentary film. Like its literary predecessor, the essay film draws on a variety of forms and approaches; in the process, it fundamentally alters the shape of cinema. The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction locates the genre’s origins in early silent cinema and follows its transformation with the advent of sound, its legitimation in the postwar period, and its multifaceted development at the turn of the millennium. In addition to exploring the broader history of the essay film, Alter addresses the innovative ways contemporary artists such as Martha Rosler, Isaac Julien, Harun Farocki, John Akomfrah, and Hito Steyerl have taken up the essay film in their work.

How the Essay Film Thinks

Author : Laura Rascaroli
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This book offers a novel understanding of the epistemological strategies that are mobilized by the essay film, and of where and how such strategies operate. Against the backdrop of Adorno's discussion of the essay form's anachronistic, anti-systematic and disjunctive mode of resistance, and capitalizing on the centrality of the interstice in Deleuze's understanding of the cinema as image of thought, the book discusses the essay film as future philosophy-as a contrarian, political cinema whose argumentation engages with us in a space beyond the verbal. A diverse range of case studies discloses how the essay film can be a medium of thought on the basis of its dialectic use of audiovisual interstitiality. The book shows how the essay film's disjunctive method comes to be realized at the level of medium, montage, genre, temporality, sound, narration, and framing-all of these emerging as interstitial spaces of intelligence that illustrate how essayistic meaning can be sustained, often in contexts of political, historical or cultural extremity. The essayistic urge is not to be identified with a fixed generic form, but is rather situated within processes of filmic thinking that thrive in gaps.

World Cinema and the Essay Film

Author : Brenda Hollweg
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World Cinema and the Essay Filmexamines the ways in which essay film practices are deployed by non-Western filmmakers in specific local and national contexts, in an interconnected world. The book identifies the essay film as a political and ethical tool to reflect upon and potentially resist the multiple, often contradictory effects of globalization. With case studies of essayistic works by John Akomfrah, Nguyen Trinh Thi and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, amongst many others, and with a photo-essay by Trinh T. Min-ha and a discussion of Frances Calvert's work, it expands current research on the essay film beyond canonical filmmakers and frameworks, and presents transnational perspectives on what is becoming a global film practice.

Beyond Document

Author : Charles Warren
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Critics and writers consider nonfiction film both as document and as creative work with strong artistic, political, and moral implications.

Fields of Vision

Author : Leslie Devereaux
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Filmed images dominate our time, from the movies and TV that entertain us to the news and documentary that inform us and shape our cultural vocabulary. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, Fields of Vision is a path-breaking collection that inquires into the power (and limits) of film and photography to make sense of ourselves and others. As critics, social scientists, filmmakers, and literary scholars, the contributors converge on the issues of representation and the construction of visual meaning across cultures. From the dismembered bodies of horror film to the exotic bodies of ethnographic film and the gorgeous bodies of romantic cinema, Fields of Vision moves through eras, genres, and societies. Always asking how images work to produce meaning, the essays address the way the "real" on film creates fantasy, news, as well as "science," and considers this problematic process as cultural boundaries are crossed. One essay discusses the effects of Hollywood's high-capital, world-wide commercial hegemony on local and non-Western cinemas, while another explores the response of indigenous people in central Australia to the forces of mass media and video. Other essays uncover the work of the unconscious in cinema, the shaping of "female spectatorship" by the "women's film" genre of the 1920s, and the effects of the personal and subjective in documentary films and the photographs of war reportage. In illuminating dark, elided, or wilfully neglected areas of representation, these essays uncover new fields of vision.

Godard and Others Essays on Film Form

Author : Louis D. Giannetti
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Studies cinematic devices employed to convey artistic ideas in Goddard's Masculine-Feminine, Hitchcock's Psycho, Bergman's Persona, and Penn's Alice's Restaurant

Essays on Quebec Cinema

Author : Joseph I. Donohoe
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Essays on Quebec Cinema weaves together the reflections of filmmakers and scholars from Canada, the United States, and Great Britain as they move to a fresh assessment of one of the most dynamic film industries in the Western Hemisphere.

Reviewing Orpheus

Author : Cornelia A. Tsakiridou
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Dealing primarily with the Orphic cinema of Jean Cocteau and the theme of Orpheus in his life and in his art, this volume reveals Cocteau's relevance to current aesthetic and critical discussion. It also reveals the complexity and elusiveness of an artist who idealized classicism, embraced modernist forms, and anticipated postmodernist dilemmas without losing sight of his own creative identity and of art's unique ability to inform and enhance human life. Postmodernism's dedication to the rehabilitation of "lesser" artists and its revision of modernist history have not affected Cocteau studies even in areas of self-evident relevance like sexuality, myth, and gender. In the very few instances where these subjects have been addressed, the focus has been mainly on Cocteau's cinema, and no attempt has been made to link his cinematography to his theater, his poetry, and the many autobiographical and critical texts that reflect on his aesthetics and sensibility. The essays in this volume take the first steps in this direction with topics that include illusion, magic, and reality in the theater and film of Cocteau; the narcissistic character of his Orphism; the phenomenology of Cocteau video in hyperreal contexts; the psychoanalysis of his textual and visual language; his deconstruction of the Orphic myth; the baroque and neobaroque nature of his cinematograph; and the influence on his aesthetics and rhetoric of Italian quattrocento painting and theory. Among the works considered are, in film, The Blood of a Poet, Orpheus, The Testament of Orpheus, Beauty and the Beast, and The Eternal Return; in theater, The Wedding on the Eiffel Tower and Knights of the Round Table; in diaries and other texts, Diary of an Unknown, Letters to His Mother, the 1946 poem Crucifixion, and the 1943 essay "The Myth of El Greco."

Theoretical Essays

Author : Colin MacCabe
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Memory in World Cinema

Author : Nancy J. Membrez
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Film itself is an artifact of memory. A blend of all the other fine arts, film portrays and preserves human memory, someone's memory, faulty or not, dramatically or comically, in a documentary, feature film or short. Hollywood may dominate 80 percent of cinema production but it is not the only voice. World cinema is about those other voices. Drawn initially from presentations from a series of film conferences held at the University of Texas at San Antonio, this collection of essays covers multiple geographical, linguistic, and cultural areas worldwide, emphasizing the historical and cultural interpretation of films. Appendices list films focusing on memory and invite readers to explore the films and issues raised.

Planks of Reason

Author : Barry Keith Grant
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The original edition of Planks of Reason was the first academic critical anthology on horror. In retrospect, it appeared as a kind of homage to the "golden age" of the American horror film, as this genre played an increasing role in film culture and American life. This revised edition retains the spirit of the original, but also offers new takes on rediscovered classics and recent developments in the genre.

Film Essays and a Lecture

Author : Sergei Eisenstein
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Sergei Eisenstein's greatness lies not only in his films, such as Potemkin or Ivan the Terrible, or his contributions to the technique and art of the cinema but also in his contributions as a theoretician and philosopher of the art. This edition includes a new translation of Eisenstein's essay on Orozco. Originally published in 1982. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Tim Burton

Author : Johnson Cheu
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Since his early days at Disney, Tim Burton has shown a unique talent and vision. His writing and directing credits range from big-budget features such as Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), to the comically grisly The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Corpse Bride (2005), to the twisted fairy tale Edward Scissorhands (1990), to literary adaptations like Big Fish (2003), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and Sweeney Todd (2007). Though his name has become synonymous with the macabre and the odd, Burton's films often reveal and champion the flawed human in us all. This collection of new essays brings together scholarship on many of his popular films, adaptations, and innovations in stop-motion animation and his collaborative relationship with actor Johnny Depp, providing an in-depth exploration of one of the most prominent figures on the pop culture landscape in recent decades.

Soundtrack Available

Author : Professor Arthur Knight
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DIVEssays on film soundtracks composed of popular music (rather than the composed film score) both in relation to the films, and circulating separately on record./div

Latin American Cinema

Author : Lisa Shaw
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Renewed interest in Latin American film industries has opened a host of paths of scholarly exploration. Productions from different countries reflect particular social attitudes, political climates and self-conceptions, and must be considered separately and as a whole. The search for national identity is a key component of Latin American films in a time of decreasing cultural diversity and pressures to westernize. Globalization and falling government support have fueled cross-border collaborations, calling into question the idea of a movie's "nationality," and leaving some nations' film industries on the brink of collapse. Whether thriving or barely surviving, struggling to remain distinct or embracing globalization on its own terms, addressing the government or society, Latin American cinema remains vibrant, offering a wealth of material to scholars of all stripes. These collected essays explore important elements of Latin American cinema and its associated national film industries. The first section of essays examines the impact of modernization on both Latin American screen images and the industry itself, offering modern and historical perspectives. The second section focuses on filmmakers who deal with issues of gender and sexuality, whether sexual transgression, the role of female characters, or societal attitudes towards sex and nudity. The final section of essays discusses the relationship between national identity and Latin American film industries: how movies are used to create a sense of self; Uruguay's ongoing identity crisis; and Brazil's use of Hollywood's stereotypical depiction of the country to depict itself. Photographs and an annotated bibliography accompany each essay, and an index supplements the text.

Uncharted Territory

Author : Daan Hertogs
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Author : Kirby Dick
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The full transcript of the award-winning film DERRIDA, along with essays by the filmmakers and Nicholas Royle, as well a Q and A session with the philosopher, in a lavishly designed and illustrated full colour large format volume

Adventures of Perception

Author : Scott MacDonald
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"These essays are among Scott MacDonald's best. An added bonus among all this new work is one updated vintage essay from 1981—still the very best essay ever written about the uses of pornography. All the essays are intellectually, personally and viscerally vibrant, coupling substantive recent essays with his trademark, probing interviews with key filmmakers. Each interview is beautifully paired with the essays. Scott MacDonald is a monument to thoughtful knowledge of, and pleasure in, avant-garde cinema."—Linda Williams, author of Screening Sex "More than any other critic, Scott MacDonald truly explores contemporary experimental cinema, seeking out new works and new artists, reconsidering classics and broadening out our sense of film history from the images on screen to the social, political and economic contexts and debates surrounding them. And yet if MacDonald surveys a complex landscapes, his books never carry the claustrophobia of the archive or academia. This criticism answers the call of the open road, with conversations and companionship with vivid personalities guiding the way, and the sense of high adventure waiting just around the bend."—Tom Gunning, Chair, Committee on Cinema and Media, University of Chicago